Tales of a Pumpkin King

The Old Pumpkin King had decided he was far too old for Halloween seeing as he had been in charge of it since Halloween began and had left for another world no-one knew where not even the mayor of Halloweentown. But before he left he had a vision and told it to the mayor, it was "Only few of the dead come to our world of Halloween but the one with the true spirit of Halloween will outshine all".

Till this day the mayor still didn't know what the king's vision meant, all he could see in his nightmares was a tall thin figure that suddenly appeared and disappeared in a blinding white light as the mayor woke up in a cold sweat, not for the first time in all his years as mayor of Halloween town

As a child, Jack Skellington had always been ashamed of his height and how skinny he was. When he was at school Jack had always been picked on, being tall, thin as a rail and with a last name like Skellington wasn't what you called lucky.

But on Halloween, Jack held his head up high. This was not difficult considering his height. For you see on that sacred holiday Jack Skellington was no more, and in his place could stand a gruesome corpse or a murderous cut -throat pirate. Jack could truly lose himself in his costume and become a different person, if only for one night in a year, he also had a record for being the scariest person in town.

This year when Jack Skellington, a young man of twenty was not working at his family's business of tailoring, he was concentrating on his Halloween costume. Sat at an old wooden desk in his room, Jack began to draw his latest idea. Next to him in a wicker basket slept his dog Zero a white dachshund short-hair.

He had been found by Jack when he was walking home from school some of the kids that picked on Jack were chasing the little white dog, (apparently it had bit one of them) they had called it a zero. The dog had bounded into an unsuspecting Jack, knocking him clean off his feet. On seeing this, the children stopped chasing the poor dog and started laughing at Jack who was sprawled on the floor with a small dog sat on top of him.

"Look" snorted the kids "Skellington Jack has got a little friend"

"It's the only one he'll ever have" they cackled and ran off

Jack sat up gently as not to startle the dog that was lying quite comfortably on top of him. "Well Zero, how would you like to live with me?" He asked the small dog that barked in response "I guess that's a yes, come on then Zero lets go home"

"Finished" Jack cried out tearing the paper off its notepad and holding it in front of his old companion's muzzle "Since I used to be called a skeleton that's just what I'll be, so what do you think?" Zero just yawned as an answer to jack's question