Chapter 5

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Italic is when jack is thinking.

Jack woke up just in time to see the Jack-o-lantern sun rise. After getting dressed and making his way down the stairs his thoughts concentrating on breakfast, toast with raspberry jam. He nearly jumped out of his bones when he heard a scream at the door; racing to the door Jack wondered who'd be screaming at this hour and more importantly why. But when he opened the door though he just saw, the mayor smiling up at him.

"Good morning Jack so, how's our newest member of Halloweentown doing?"

"I'm fine" Jack said looking around confused "Who screamed?"

"What, no-one screamed Jack it's just your doorbell" The mayor chuckled

"Oh, that's some doorbell" Jack said once again confused and if not a little embarrassed

"I don't mean to rush you but I've decided on a job for you" the mayor said proudly because for once he'd been able to do something for himself.

If not for the plans the old pumpkin king had left for the mayor he doubted whether there would have been any more Halloweens after the king had gone to another world.


"Yes, you'll be in-charge of everyone you know making sure their doing their job's right and helping them with any problems that might occur… Ow..."

Something pelted the mayor on the head who gave an exasperated sigh his head spinning once again to his unhappy face it seemed to do this a lot.

"Lock, Shock and Barrel, not boogie's boys not now" he groaned as the same something hit him again this time narrowly missing Jack

"Don't you mean Lock, Stock and Barrel?" Jack ducked one of the missiles "What does that have to do with us being bombarded with what are these?"

"I don't know and no I don't mean Lock, Stock and Barrel, I mean Lock, Shock and Barrel the newest terrors of Halloween town and henchmen to Oogie Boogie the boogieman"

The mayor gave a frightened yelp and dived for cover as the last of the ammo was fired all at once. Helping the mayor up Jack noticed something, picking it up for a closer look "This must of been what they were firing" he realized. The projectile was a petrified eyeball, as he turned to the mayor, who was muttering under his breath he saw three small children running into an alley cackling.

Jack gave a sly smirk as little voice whispered in his head. Go on scare them, someone needs to teach them a lesson and you're the perfect teacher, a little scare won't hurt.

Jack concocted a plan.

Lock, Shock and Barrel stopped running and caught their breath in the middle of the alleyway.

"Did you see the mayor's face?" Lock said smugly

"Yeah that was priceless" Barrel added

"But who was that guy he was with?" Shock questioned

"Don't know" Barrel shrugged

"Don't care" Lock finished and started laughing on remembering the mayors' reaction.

Jack crept up behind them but in his hurry he knocked over a trashcan which alerted the attention of the three. Jack quickly scrambled up the wall just before they turned round to inspect the noise.

"What was that?" Barrel asked curiously

"I don't know stupid, go and have a look" Lock shouted

Barrel edged towards the trashcan and fell down laughing when a black cat popped out from behind the trashcan obviously shaken and confused as to why it's trashcan bed was knocked over.

"You, ha you were scared of a cat ha ha" Barrel chuckled

"Was not"

"Was too"

"Was not"

"Shut up both of you" Shock bellowed silencing them both.

A loud screech bounced off the alley walls filling every corner with the eerie sound.

"W-what was that?" Lock and Barrel said hugging one another baking up against the wall.

"Are you two chickens scared?" Shock joked but baked against the wall as well.

"You should be" said a sinister voice that came from nowhere

"Where are you, show yourself" Shock demanded of the voice

The three didn't see the dismembered head of Jack lowered between them, just above Shock.

"Ok" the voice answered "I'm right above you" he whispered into her ear.

After hearing this Lock, Shock and Barrel slowly looked at each other, and then they looked up.

Jack smirked "Hello there I'm Jack and you are?"

Jack never got the answer to his question because the 'terrors' of Halloweentown ran out of the alley like their lives depended on it.

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