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My name is InuYasha and my life has been a living hell. When I was a child the only person whoever cared for me was my mother. The other boys would push me around and call me names. I barely remember those times seeing as she died of a disease when I was 5. after that I had no one. Memories of my father are very faint since he died a long time ago and when I first met my older brother, Shesshoumaru it was clear he hated my guts and only wanted me dead. Ever since that horrible night when mother died I've lived alone. I remember that first week alone, I was so young all demons tried to hunt me down calling me a worthless half breed. I was unusualy fast so I could easily escape. Humans would flee at the sight of me. Recently a stupid monk passed by and decided to purify me, I took care of him but left him alive. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't kill humans, it felt wrong.

Unknown to me, my life was to soon take a dramatic turn for the better. I'm no genius but I think it all started with what I suppose was a nightmare, seeing as I died. It started off with me fighting this disgusting creature made of discarded demon parts. I was wielding this gigantic sword, at the same time as I sent the final blow the creature sent a tentacle in my direction. I killed the creature at the same time he killed me. Next thing I know I'm floating up out of my body and this voice is saing that it was meant to end in happyness, not the horrible misery it has become. As I looked down, I thought I saw someone kneeling over my body but I'm not sure.

Kagome had managed to get ready with half an hour to spare. She had completely forgotten the strange dream. She was wearing an orange kimono bedecked with red flowers and a large red ribbon holding it at the middle. She was wandering around the shrine when she noticed her granfather disapear into the shack that contained the hidden well. She followed since she was bored. As she entered she coughed since it was very dusty.

"Kagome, you shouldn't be here you know," said her grandpa.

"Well I'm just anxious for the date that's coming up so I'm looking for something to ocupy my time" she replied.

Kagome then went down the steps and sat down on the closedlid ofthe well.

"No! Don't sit there you'll-" but it was to late, whith an loud crack he well's covering broke and Kagome fell through. As she fell, she was suddenly engulfed in a strange blue light. she soon landed gently on the bottom.

"Grandpa! Graandpa," she called out."Where did he go?" She then noticed some vines hanging from the side of the well.

"Where did those come from?" she wondered. She shrugged and began climbing them. When she got to the top she gasped in surprise. For the scene had changed completely. Instead of the wooden shack she had been in there was a beautiful forest with chirping birds. She sat on the rim of the well and tried to see something she recongnised. She soon spotted the sacred tree. She started toward it when.

"Lady Kikyo, lady Kikyo, I've been looking all over for you" Kagome turned around surprised, the voice belonged to a middle aged man dressed in ancient clothes.

"But my name's not Kikyo"Kagome replied, startled.

"If you are not her then why do you look like her?" He said, alarmed.

"I don't even know who Kikyo is" Kagome replied.

"What seems to be the problem here?" The voice belonged to a woman who looked almost exactly like Kagome.

"my lady, I mistook you for this person over here, she is almost your duplicate" the man said. Kikyo turned to look at Kagome.

"I do not sense any evil in her, she means us no harm" Kikyo replied cooly. Kagome looked looked at Kikyo surprised.

"You should leave, you are different and the vilagers do not welome difference" Kikyo stated coldly.

"But I don't know where to go" Kagomepleaded desperatly.

"That is not my problem" she and the strange man then left.

"How rude! Hmph" Kagome said and continued on to the tree. When she got there, nothing happened, she was still in the strange forest. She sat on the roots and wondered what to do, When suddenly:

"Well well, a tasty looking human girl all alone and powerless." What luck!

Kagome jumped up and let out a sream, for there was some king of monster: it had a long poisonous snakelike body with purple scaly wings. Kagome did the first thing that came to mind, she ran.

"Oooooh, what fun, a chase!" the monster cried out joyfully. For some reason the creature didn't catch her right away, then it hit her, "it's toying with me". She turned of the path andran through the underbrush getting plenty of scratches until shecrashed into something red, she looked up and saw a pair of ashtonishingly golden eyes...

"Kagome, Kagome!" shouted her frantic grandfather. But theteenager had disapeared. He then went out of the shack to raise the alarm andas he passed the sacred tree he spared it the meerest of glances, but hurriedly did a doubletake, for the large missing slab of bark with the stange hole at the top right had been filled...
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