Disclaimer: I don't own InuYasha, but I own this completely made up story that I'm currently working on.

Joy to the world, this story isn't forgotten! Dodges random stuff. There has been some confusion, InuYasha is going to meet Kikyo but he's not going to think any romantic thoughts of her whatsoever, I detest InuYasha/Kikyo pairings, but sesshomaru/Kikyo is alright.

"Come out you filthy half-breed! I know you're in there!"

Kagome and InuYasha's heads snapped up in surprise.

"Who's that?" Kagome asked alarmingly.

"I don't know but stay in here" InuYasha growled as he ran out of the waterfall.

Naturaly Kagome didn't listen and followed after him and she saw the most hideous thing yet, it was a three story high ogre demon. (A\N: You people thought it was Kikyo, lol.)

"I thought I told you to stay inside" InuYasha yelled.

"Who are you to tell me what to do!" Kagome said.

InuYasha was about to reply when...

"Well, well, well, I came only expecting a half breed but there's a nice human wench for dessert" The ogre rumbled.

It wasn't the fact that the ogre had threatened him that got InuYasha pissed off, it was the fact that the ogre had threatened Kagome. For obvious reasons, he was gonna protect her no matter what.

"Well you came to the wrong place" InuYasha yelled as he jumped up, raising his hand.

"So you intend to fight me half-breed? How pathetic." The demon sneered raising his arm.

But the demon reacted to slowly, with a cry of Iron Reaver Soul Stealer InuYasha sliced through the demons arm and deep into his neck, killing it instantly. InuYasha landed next to kagome. Just as Kagome was about to say something, a couple of roars were heard rather close by.

"Now what?" Kagome asked.

"More of them" InuYasha said.

"What do you mean more of them!" Kagome yelled.

"What do you thin-


"WE'LL RIP YOU APART LIMB FROM LIMB!" shouted the other ugly ogre.

"Damn it all" InuYsha cursed and jumped to attack. But while preocupied with one ogre the other one grabbed Kagome. Unfortunately InuYasha turned around giving the ogre he was fighting a chance to slash him in the back, InuYasha cried out in pain and fell to the ground barely concious. The ogre that had Kagome was about to squeeze her to death but something snapped in her and she began to glow blue when the light suddenly exploded from her body destroying both the ogres and when it passed over InuYasha it healed his wounds. Kagome then landed gently on the ground.

I know this is an evil place to end it and this was short, but I have a writers block. I know what's going to happen but I can't figure out how to get to next big point in the story, I promise I'll probably have the chapter up and running by next week okay? Again I'm sorry on how short this is, I'm really mad at myself, it's not even 500 words, but it's better than nothing.