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Your heart is cold, and broken

you used to keep away from us,

but now you open up to me and only me

Why do you do that?

do you love me or do you hate me?

why did you kiss me, why did you smile at me?

Why did you open up to me all of a sudden?


A seventeen year-old ANBU was laying awake, silently crying tears of sorrow.

I hate you Naruto! You're always there to mess things up.

Her thoughts drifted towards the Uchiha who was being heavily guarded by two well-known ANBU's who were on the same genin team as Tenten.

Why did he do that, why! We'll have to kill him tomorrow!

By this time, it was getting harder and harder to hold back her tears. They were flowing freely down her rosy-tinted cheeks.


Whoa! Calm down sister! Some of us are trying to sleep here!

Just go away! Your making everything worse.

It's not Naruto's fault that he turned himself in...

Yes it is! Everything is his fucking fault!

You can't blame everything on him. You should just give up on him like I gave up on him.

How can I when he kissed me?

I don't know, but you'll have to give up on him sooner or later.

I can't! I love him! What will I do? He'll be killed tomorrow and I'll have to watch!

That's your problem.

The next day was a very depressing day for the pink-haired kunoichi. Her eyes held a mournful look and had lost its usual gleam. She took her usual morning stroll through the forest, trying to remember the times she had shared with the Uchiha during their genin days. Her tears were no longer present as a dark look took over her once beautiful, shining face. She'd been thinking about him all night. The thought kept her awake and when she tried to sleep and thought that she had forgotten about it, an image of him would always take its place.

I want to see him.

Then go!

I can't! Neji and Lee wouldn't allow it.

Neji and Lee would be sleeping this early in the morning. Hinata and Tenten are guarding him.

At that thought, Sakura's face lit up again. She dashed back towards camp.

"Sakura-chan, what are you doing here?" Hinata and Tenten asked in unison.

"Didn't Naruto say not to let Sakura near him?" Tenten asked the Byakugan user. Hinata nodded.


"Even though your out best friend, doesn't mean that we're going to let you off that easy." Tenten said blocking Sakura's path with her arm.

"Naruto said t-to check up on him and tend to any wounds that he has." Sakura said hopefully trying her best to do a puppy dog pout.

"Fine! But you better hurry up. I know that Naruto didn't tell you to heal his wounds, but seeing as this is his last day alive, i'll let you go." Tenten sighed dropping her arm to her side allowing her to pass.

"Sasuke!" Sakura ran towards him, not bothering to add the "kun" at the end.

Sasuke looked up from his spot. Sakura gasped looking at his bruised face, taking note of his tattered clothing.

"What happened?"

Sasuke managed a small smile as Sakura tended to his wounds.

"Neji beat me up."

"Why didn't you do anything about it?"

"Because it would make everything worse."

Sakura bandaged him up and lay him on his back supporting his head while she lay his body on the cold, rocky ground of the earth.

"You should rest." Sakura said getting up from her kneeling position, but something held her back, and before she knew it, she was laying beside Sasuke.

"Can you stay with me?" Sasuke asked turning her so she was now staring into his obsidian eyes.

"If that's what you want."

Sasuke quickly drifted off to sleep out of exhaustion after her reply. His lips were slightly curved up creating a soft peaceful smile.

No matter where you go, no matter what you do, you will always remain in my heart, Sasuke-kun.

The End

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