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My Life As An Anti-Social Teenager

-A Journal of Allison Cameron-

MERRY CHRISTMAS! And a Happy New Year. Sorry I haven't written in so long, Journal, but you know how busy Allison Cameron's life is! Actually, it hasn't been ALL that busy, but I'm just lazy…

Anywho, I just want to report that I'm completely over David. COMPLETELY, I swear. He was a mere 'timed- out love' sort of thing. Like, I was in love with him for a week and then, if he were to pass by me, I wouldn't even be phased.

I know this because, you see, the day before break (we had our last day on the 22nd) my French class went caroling (French carols) around to different classes my 5th period, and by accident we combined with the Latin class (because all the languages were caroling that day. Alright, I'm really done with parentheses now.) And Rose (gosh darn it, here they are again. She's my friend from like, birth and she's in my French class) saw David and flagged him down to come sing with us, and he looked right at me and said, 'hi,' and I just said, 'hi,' like he was my sister or something! I was very proud of myself.

And if you want to know, Journal, which I'm sure you don't really give a damn, seeing as you don't have a brain, but my play went up two weeks ago. We played a house of 360 two nights in a row! On Wednesday, basically the whole school came, or at least all my geeky arts friends did. Evan, David, Billy, Laura and Emily were all there. They saw me after the show and gave me roses and praise, and I hugged them all, even Billy, because he was acknowledging me and I was trying to be nice.

I just realized that I am the Queen of Run-On sentences. Bow and worship me, minions.

So what now? What do I do, now that it's Holiday (not Christmas, not Kwanzaa, not Hanukkah, but HOLIDAY) Break, and I have nothing to do until New Years, and even then…

For Christmas I got a lot of jackets. I guess my mom feels like I need jackets. Amd shirts. No underwear though, even though I really need some. I went shopping with my mom two days before Christmas Eve and we dropped into American Eagle, and we found some underwear that had lace on it.

…Which, to my surprise, I found that I really wanted! It was so pretty. But we didn't get any, I got some jeans that my mom wrapped and told me to act surprised on Christmas.

My sister got me a really nice bracelet and a necklace. It has a heart on it, which makes it sound horrible, but it looked like the one that Reese Witherspoon has on in the opening scene of Legally Blonde.

And Aunt Lynda sent me a journal that had flowers on it that opened when you spoke into this little microphone thingy, but I put it in my bottom drawer and plan to re-gift it and give it to Caitlyn, my cousin, because she's really into flowers AND talking. (No journal could replace you, Journal.) Maybe she got our presents mixed up and accidentally sent Caitlyn a cell phone…

WHAT AM I DOING? I'm so sorry, Journal, I didn't mean to do that. Ramble, you know. No one wants ramblings, unless there's a good, solid point to them.

But I'm so galdarn bored!

Oh, but the coolest thing happened a few days ago. The day we got out of school, I was talking to Tom (he sits next to me in Social Studies. He's dual-citizen; he lives in Australia AND in the U.S., because his Mom's from there). Anyways, I was talking to him outside, waiting for my dad to pull up, and a white car drove up and parked on the circle drive. And, inside the car, was the most beautiful male I had ever seen.

"Yo, Robert!" Tom said. I gawked.

"You know him?" I said.

"Yeah, he's my cousin!"

"You're cousin…" I said, kind of trailing off. Robert had gotten out of the car. I remember what he was wearing like it was yesterday, when has actually been a week ago.

"Hey, Tom," Robert said. I then realized that Robert was 100 Australian, because he had the accent and I just about fainted. The Beautiful Robert turned to me. "Hi, I'm Robert." He extended a hand. I sort of stared at it for a millisecond before I realized that maybe I should shake it. The hand, I mean.

"Hi…I'm Alli…son," I added dumbly at the end. "Allison."

"You're name's Allison?" Tom asked. He only knows me by Alli.

I smiled. "Yes, Tom. That's my name."

"Well, Bobby, this is Allison. He's my cousin," Tom said.

"You're from Australian," I said to him.

"The accent?"

"Dead giveaway."

He smiled and looked around, trying to get his bearings. A group of girls to the left that I knew vaguely from my PE class were staring at him. A brunette's mouth was open slightly and I think she was drooling. My chest swelled and I smiled even more.

"You visiting for Christmas?" I asked.

"Yeah," Robert said. I noticed his cheeks were very red from the cold. I could make them warmer, I thought. Then I gave myself a mental slap.

"TOM!" We heard another voice. "ROBERT! It's cold, and the motor's running!"

Robert blushed. "That's my mother. I guess we'd better go." He started moving to the car and Tom followed suit.

"See ya, Allison," Robert said, with perfect manners. Tom laughed when I just kind of smiled and waved back, because he had me in a sort of a trance. "Bye," I said, just as Tom slammed the door and the car sped off.

Man, I mean, that kid was gorgeous.


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