This is a Sailormoon/Harry Potter crossover. The Sailormoon characters are taken from the end of Stars, after the final battle with Galaxia. Because of the situation I have set them in, there are minor spoilers, mostly implied, for you poor people who have never seen Stars. Also slightly AU, as in the anime Uranus and Neptune made up with the rest of the team for their astonishingly horrible blooper, instead of being ostracized and cast out, as they were in this story.

This fic focuses on Haruka for the most part, although several other characters gain increasing importance as the fic continues. In the spirit of Haruka and Michiru, I must warn people that yes, they are quite definitely a couple. Yuri, people. Or perhaps shoujo ai comes closer. Either way, it boils down to homosexual relationships. Nothing will happen, but that's because I don't like lemons, I don't write lemons, and anyway they're so underage (now) it's not even funny!

So if the idea of two girls being in love with each other really hurts your feelings, please do me a favor and hit the back button right now.

Yes, I have implied that Haruka has abusive parents. I read that, in another story, but I have no idea whether or not that is true. Likewise, I know that Michiru's parents are rich, but I have no idea whether or not they disinherited her. The North American anime of Sailormoon is distressingly lacking in information of any sort about their parents, as is the English "translation" of the manga (*please* don't tell me they messed it up as badly as they did the anime!), so (I admit it!) I made it all up. If you have any concrete information, please drop me a line (dragonmarquise ). I'll try to fit it into the story, but more importantly, I'm just incredibly curious!


To all my readers, especially those of you who have been with me since nearly the beginning, my sincerest apologies.

Many of you have probably noticed by now that I have not updated my story since May of 2002, more than six months ago. I am not dead or dying; I have not sustained any major injuries, gotten a new job, or done much of anything that would be an adequate excuse from being kept away from this story for so long.

Last year, I decided that, while I was happy with where the story was going, I was deeply unhappy with many of the earlier chapters, and then made the decision to revise this story more-or-less completely. The process has proven to be more time-consuming than I expected-when, that is, I take the opportunity to work on this story at all. An increasingly infrequent happening, as my muse has almost completely died on both versions.

I have so far revised the first six, and most of the seventh, chapters, and have reposted them here. The last of this story, until I get back to the point I was at previously, will be a compilation of all thirty-five original chapters, plus what I had written of thirty-six before I began my revisions.

Again, I am truly sorry for both my long disappearance and the fact that I am unlikely to get much faster in the near future.