This is my first Gravitation fan fiction! Awesome! Before I start I have to state a few things about the story. First, it is an Alternate Universe. Second, the ages of the characters has changed drastically. Third, there are some OC's but they are older then the others.

Summary: Uesugi Eiri thought he knew what love was from his past relationship, but when he meets the lead singer for the famous band, Bad Luck, will he learn what love REALLY is? Eiri/Shuichi, Ryuichi/Tatsuha, Hiro/Suguru, Tohma/Mika

Disclaimer: I wish I owned Gravitation but unfortunately, some wishes don't always come true….


At times like these, Uesugi Tatsuha wished he was adopted. Of course that was impossible since he was the spitting image of his father but one can only hope, right? The boy sighed dramatically when he heard his older brother's voice catch a tinge of angst to it.

He knew exactly what was going to happen before it happened.

First, his mother, Sakura, would tell his brother that he doesn't have all the time in the world to find that special someone. Second, his brother would harshly reply that he was only sixteen-years-old and that he did not need anyone at the time. Third, his father, Shinji, would come stomping down the stairs from taking a nap to tell the two of them to shut up. Fourth, his mother would shake her pretty head, chestnut hair swaying as she did so, and kiss his father on the cheek. Fifth, his father would blush and all would be settled until the next argument, which would happen next week at the same time.

How did the fifteen-year-old know this? Well, it's been happening since his brother was thirteen.

Tatsuha muted the television when his brother walked into the living room and lay down on the couch, arm resting over his eyes. Though most people considered his brother's looks to be foreign, Tatsuha didn't think anything was wrong with having golden blonde hair and gold eyes. "You okay, aniki?"

Eiri groaned at the question and turned over to his side as he removed his arm to see his sibling. "Yeah."

Before Tatsuha could tell him that he didn't believe the answer, their mother walked in, smiling brightly with their older sister in tow. Uesugi Mikarin, or Mika by close friends, was by far the most obedient one of the three children. She never once questioned their parent's rules, she did everything she was told to do, and she was dating a Seguchi. She was absolutely perfect in their parent's eyes.

But her brother's knew better.

They knew all the times the eldest came back from clubbing intoxicated to the point of passing out, they knew that she used to smoke when she was fifteen, but gave it up to participate on the high school's basketball team, and they knew that she certainly wasn't the virgin their parent's thought her to be.

Sakura's smile never left her face when she started speaking, "Oh, Eiri, you'll never guess what your sister did for you!" She waited for him to respond and frowned when he didn't after a few seconds. "You're suppo…."


Tatsuha grabbed the remote control and un-muted the television just as the intro to the hit song "The Rage Beat" started. His older brother had jumped to the ground to sit next to him as the camera zoomed in on the lead vocalist. Tatsuha smirked inwardly. It was no secret to the Uesugi family and anyone close to them that Uesugi Eiri, most sought out boy in their high school, had the hugest obsession with the hit JPOP band, Bad Luck; especially with the vocalist, Shindou Shuichi. Eiri had told his brother that he felt a connection to the singer when he first saw him perform on one of the music stations.

The song ended and the newscaster came back on. "Bad Luck has just finished their European tour yesterday and arrived back in Tokyo this morning." As the woman was speaking, the camera showed footage of the Tokyo National Airport with hundreds of screaming fans as the band made their way to the limousine waiting in the front. "They are to release a new single some time this week, so Bad Luck fans start listening to the radio!"

Eiri watched as the camera focused on a pink-haired teenager waving to the crowd before being ushered into the car. His heart pumped loudly in his chest as he listened to the ending music for the news show. He is so amazing, it's crazy, he thought, closing his eyes. Eiri opened his eyes when he heard a cough and was face to face with his smirking older sister. He jumped back and lay sprawled out on the floor, staring at the other occupants. "What?"

His mother smiled fondly at him before holding out a hand, which he gladly accepted. She led him to the couch and sat down beside him. "As I was saying before I was interrupted, your sister has some great news for you." She looked at her daughter and nodded. "Mikarin."

Mika crossed her arms over her chest as she stood in front of the two. "You, dear brother of mine, have a date this Friday."

"What!" Eiri shook his head. "No, dearest sister who can go to hell, I do not!"

Sakura stood up, anger evident in her eyes. "Uesugi Eiri! What have I told you about that language!"

As their mother chastised his elder brother, Tatsuha tugged on his sister's pant leg. She bended down to her knees to sit next to him on the floor and raised an eyebrow. "Who does he have a date with?"

Eiri's hearing caught the question and he snorted. "Absolutely no one, Tatsuha."

His sister allowed a full-blown smirk to form on her face as she answered, "Someone he wants so badly it hurts."

"I wouldn't count on that." Eiri stood and started walking towards the stairs. "I'm going to my room to study."

"Hm?" Mika's gaze followed him. "Oh, well, I guess I'll have to tell Tohma to tell Shindou Shuichi that my stubborn brother didn't want to go on a date with him." Her eyes held amusement when her brother's steps faltered and he turned around gaping. "I guess Tatsuha could always go in your place…."

"NO!" Eiri ran back to his sister and grabbed her shoulders. "I'll go!"

She smiled up at him. "I knew you would."


Shindou Shuichi growled darkly as the light above him was flipped on and interrupted his sleeping. He raised his head from the pillow and looked over at his desk where his elder brother sat smiling. He thought his brother would understand the need for sleep after touring since he was Sakuma Ryuichi of the JROCK band, Nittle Grasper, but apparently the eighteen-year-old forgot that important fact. "What?"

"You remember when I told you that you needed to get out more?" At Shuichi's nod, the teen continued, "Well, Tohma's girlfriend has a younger brother who adores you and add those two things together and you'll get the answer to the question you asked."

Shuichi raised himself to a sitting position on his bed, the covers pooling to sit on his lap. "You set me up on a date with that evil man's girlfriend's brother?"


The pink-haired teen removed the covers and slid his legs to the edge of the bed and stood. "Well, aniki, there's only one thing for me to do."

Ryuichi gulped as his brother looked at him with a scary look on his face. "And what's that, chibi?" he asked, using the nickname that always calmed his younger brother down when he was angry.

"TO KISS YOU!" With that, the teen pounced on his brother, which caused the elder to fall on the floor and hit the ground with a loud 'Smack' with the younger on top. Shuichi began kissing his brother's forehead lightly. "So, which one?"

Ryuichi stopped chuckling. "Huh?"

"What brother do I have the pleasure of having a date with?"

"Oh, the…. Wait a minute, shouldn't you all ready know that?" Ryuichi sat up, pushing his brother off him to land on his butt. "The youngest one is mine, Shuichi!"

Shuichi giggled as he clutched a stuffed gorilla to his body. "I know, but it's so funny hearing you be all possessive over the kid and you haven't even met him."

His brother stood up and crossed his arms over his chest and turned away. "Hmpth!"

"Aw, come on, aniki! You know I was kidding." Shuichi crawled to his brother's legs, and wrapped his arms around the ankles as he nuzzled a leg. "I'm sorry," he said, looking at Ryuichi with puppy eyes. "Do you forgive me?"

Ryuichi looked down and his façade fell. He nodded numbly. "Like I could never forgive you, Shu."

"YAY!" The teen jumped up and hugged him tightly before letting go. "So, when is date of mine?"


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