"Have a good day, sweetheart," Victoria Harrison called out to her daughter, Jude Harrison.

Jude glanced over her shoulder and smiled at her mom. They both took a moment to take a good look at each other, then Victoria continued unwrapping her dishes and placing them in the cabinets. Jude slowly turned back around and muttered sarcastically under her breath, "I'm just sure I'll have a great day."

Grabbing her backpack off of a random chair, Jude made her way past crowds of stacked cardboard boxes. Each box was stuffed full, forcing the cardboard out of shape. Even trying her hardest to find a safe way through all the boxes, Jude managed to brush up against each one. When she finally made her way to the front door, Jude found herself out of breath. She exhaled deeply as she opened the door to find Tom Quincy at her doorstep.

Tommy smiled and chuckled lightly to himself. "Need a ride?"

Nodding, Jude smile at Tommy and closed the door behind her. The made their way to Tommy's Viper and he kindly opened the door for her. She took a seat, looking up at Tommy with the sun brightly shining behind him. It just reminded Jude how hot Tommy was, and that very special day in her life.

Jude wiggled her way through the tight aisles of the airplane. It was crowded, and a little uncomfortable, but she thought about how much more uncomfortable she'd be in first class. If flying didn't make her nervous enough already, feeling any more uncomfortable just made it worse.

She finally reached her seat about halfway back the plane and reached for the overhead bin. Jude let her backpack fall off of her shoulders. As she was about to lift the bag over her head and into the bin, she heard a familiar voice say, "Let me help you with that."

Watching hands grab her bag, Jude glanced up to see the man helping her. To her surprise, Tom Quincy stood in front of her with the blazing sun brightly shining from the window behind him. He lifted her bag with ease and stored her bag in the overhead compartment. Jude couldn't help but be stunned when she saw him. To saw the least, Jude was lost for words. However, that didn't last long. Almost hitting her like a ton of bricks, Jude blurted out, "What are you doing here? Should you be on your way to Europe with my sister? Is Sadie here?"

"Whoa, whoa. One question at a time." Tommy glance over Jude and saw a long line of people starting to build. "Window or aisle?"

Jude crawled over the seat to reach hers at the window, never taking her eyes off of Tommy. After she sat, Tommy did also. The both got comfortable as Jude only gave Tommy a curious look. "So?" Jude asked, ready to explode.

"Sadie is not here, because I'm not going to Europe with her. And… Well, I'm here to be with you."

Closing the door for her, Tommy brought Jude back to today. He ran around the car and got in his own seat, quickly putting the keys in the ignition. Jude put her hand on his and giggled at his actions. "What's the hurry, turbo? I didn't even get a proper hello."

Tommy took Jude's hand and kissed it gently, then pulled her in to kiss her tenderly on the lips. "Hello."

"That's better," Jude commented blissfully. She stared into his eyes, but he pulled his hand away from hers to start the car. Feeling a little offended, Jude asked, "Do you have somewhere else to be?"

Letting his hand fall back to Jude's, he leaned back in his seat. "You know I'd like to sit here with you forever, but you can't be late for your first day of school." Tommy used his other hand to brush her cheek and pull her in for another kiss before he started the car and pulled into the street.

Jude watched the houses the passed, still trying to figure out her new neighborhood. She fidgeted with the straps of her backpack and quietly hummed the melody to "Pick Up the Pieces" to herself. Biting her bottom lip, she continued humming, a little muffled now.

"A little nervous?" Tommy asked as he observed Jude's awkward behavior.

Jude looked over at Tommy with a concerned look on his face. "No, of course not." Jude lied obviously as Tommy stopped his car in front of the red light. He placed his hand on Jude's knee and pleaded her to tell him the truth with his eyes. "Fine. I'm nervous."

Tommy gripped her knee a little tighter, massaging it. "It's okay to be nervous, girl. It's not like you haven't had a first day of school before. Plus, who wouldn't love you?" Tommy knew a compliment would make her feel a little better, but including a warm smile.

Unfortunately, Jude was too flustered to smile back, or even take in Tommy's comment. She quickly threw at him, "You almost chose my sister over me. Not to mention it's not just the first day of school. It's not everyone's first day. It's just my first day. Mine only."

With the light turning green, Tommy returned his focus to the road. "Ok, so you're the new kid. Be the cool new kid that everyone wants to be friends with."

Jude tapped her thumb against the hard binder in her backpack. Her nerves were unwilling to die down. "Tommy, I've never been the cool kid." Jude ran her fingers through her hair, exhaling deeply. "At least I used to have Jamie and Kat. Now I have no one in that school."

Tommy pulled up in front of a large staircase. Both Jude and Tommy looked up at the building over the stairs. Tommy couldn't help but turn a little more to his right watch Jude's face turn even paler. He used his fingertips to gently turn Jude's face towards his. "You'll be fine. You'll have a great first day, and you'll make some friends, and at the end of the day, I'll be right here to pick you up."

Still a little upset, Jude nodded her head. She leaned forward and gave Tommy a light peck on the lips and sat back in her seat. Jude took a deep breath and put on a brave face. She turned her attention back to the school building at mumbled quietly, "Degrassi Community School… Here I come."

Tommy watched Jude climb up the steps as he replied quietly to himself, "That's my girl," and pulled out into the street.