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Ron and Hermione had both noticed the tension between Harry and Draco, and were at a loss of what to do.

"Maybe we should talk to them?" Hermione suggested, absently stroking Crookshanks, who was situated in her lap, purring.

"And say what?" Ron asked. "I'd have no idea what to say."

"I wouldn't know either. I'm scared I'd say something wrong and make it worse. But we cant just watch it happen! You saw them tonight." Hermione had never been this confused before.

"Yes, I saw them, I think it's getting pretty bad. Maybe we should-"

"Talk to them tomorrow? I was thinking the same thing." Hermione interrupted.

"Well, actually, I was thinking we should talk to them tonight. They looked just about ready to kill each other, tomorrow might be to late." Hermione thought for a moment, and got meowed at by Crookshanks, as she had stopped stroking.

"Yeah, I think we should. Should we go now?" Crookshanks grew mad at the lack of attention, and stalked off.

"Yeah, just let me get my wand." Ron said, removing himself from the couch.

"You wont need your wand. We're only going to Harry's house." Hermione said, laughing slightly.

"Something tells me I'm going to need it though." Ron said, wondering where he put his wand.

"Where's your wand?" Hermione asked, as she watched her boyfriend run back and forth.

"Uh, I don't actually know."


Harry and Draco barely made it back to their house. They had shed their clothes all through the front hall, and wouldn't have been surprised if some of their clothes were found outside in the morning.

As Draco shut the bedroom door, Harry pulled him onto their bed. The only thing Draco was thinking was 'I love you,' and he wanted desperately to tell Harry.

By the time Harry had Draco down to only his boxers, Draco decided he had to say it. Now. Harry's hands were fiddling with the elastic of the boxers on the man in front of him when Draco finally worked up the courage to say it.


"Yeah?" Harry replied, somewhat muffled as his mouth was buried in Draco's neck, his tongue drawing circles and licking everywhere it could reach.

"I love you." The tongue on his neck stopped.

"What?" Harry sat up, his legs draped either side of Draco's waist, and placed his hands on the chest beneath him.

"I love you." Draco whispered, not able to look Harry in the eye.

Harry stared. What! Sure, he loved Draco, but he hadn't said it in a long time.

"What?" Harry asked again. Draco's temper instantly rose.

"What do you mean 'what'?" He pushed Harry off his waist and crawled off of the bed. Harry fell gracefully to the floor. He glared at Draco and picked himself up.

"What the hell is your problem?" Harry asked, wiping his bare chest with his hands, anger quickly taking over any passion he had felt moments before.

"You didn't say it back!" Draco yelled. He really did sound hurt. "You didn't say it back." He said for the second time, more to himself than Harry.

"I meant to Draco, I just-"

"Just what?" Draco snarled back.

"I, you, you just caught me off guard! I wasn't expecting it, what did you expect me to do!" Harry yelled, his temper getting the best of him.

"What do you mean what did I expect you to do!" Draco yelled, stepping closer to Harry. "Why don't you try saying it back!"

"I meant to, Draco, alright! I just, well, I don't know."

"What is wrong with you! I tell you that I love you and you freak out and start yelling at me!" Draco was getting upset now, and could feel the corners of his eyes prickling.

"You pushed me to the floor!" Harry yelled, not sensing that Draco was getting upset, and continuing to yell at him. "And you yelled first!"

"Why didn't you say it back?" Draco asked, quietly this time, the hurt showing in his voice.

"I don't know!" Harry yelled, ignoring the painful expression Draco was wearing.

"You did want to say it, didn't you?" Draco asked, suddenly thinking that maybe Harry didn't want to say that he loved Draco.

Harry was completely offended. Of course he wanted to say it back! He loved Draco, but right now all he wanted to do was make him angry.

"What if I didn't want to say it back." Harry's voice was filled with hate. Draco's expression turned from angry to sad the second after Harry spoke.

Once Harry realised what he had said, he clamped his hand over his mouth eyes wide with dread.

"Oh, Draco I didn't mean-"

"Get out." Draco's voice was completely different from the sad look on his face. It was cold, cruel. Harry had never heard him sound like that before.

"But I'm sorry, I really didn't mean-"

"Get. Out." Draco said again, his voice still filled with hate, but his eyes were glazing over with tears.

"No, Draco please." Harry pleaded with Draco, and reached out to touch his boyfriends arm, but Draco stepped back.

"Get out, or I'm leaving." Tears spilled out of Draco's eyes now, streaking his face.

"Draco, please." Harry again reached out, but Draco recoiled.

"Don't touch me." Draco turned, bent down, and picked up Harry's discarded shirt, turned back to Harry and threw it at him. "Now get out, or I'm leaving and you'll never see me again."

Normally Harry would have laughed at something like that, telling Draco that it would be half an hour before he would come running back. But not now, Draco looked angry enough to actually walk out on Harry.

Draco had silent tears cascading down his face, but made no attempt to stop them. Harry pulled his shirt on and walked to the door. He glanced back at Draco, who was staring at nothing, and Harry felt tears fall.

He opened his bedroom door, and walked through it. Before he closed it again he whispered back to Draco.

"I'm sorry." He shut the door and walked slowly through the front hall, picking up his jacket and pants as he went.

He made it to the front door, fully dressed, and wiped his face, which was pointless, as he was still crying. He sniffed, turned the handle, opened the door, and came face to face with Ron and Hermione. They were in a position that obviously suggested they were about to knock.

"Harry?" Hermione asked when she saw he was crying. "Are you alright?" He didn't feel like explaining, so he just pushed past.

"Harry!" Ron yelled a second before Harry apparated away. Ron and Hermione shared a glance and ran into the house. They heard sobs coming from the bedroom. They reached it and opened the door to find Draco curled in a ball on the floor, crying uncontrollably.

While they were looking, he stood up, doing nothing to say he knew the two of them were there and nothing to halt his crying. He reached under the bed and pulled out a suitcase.

"Shit…" Was all Ron said before he ran back out the front door after Harry, while Hermione rushed into the bedroom to help Draco.


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