Song-fic #2: For you I will

Song: 'For you I will (confidence)' by Teddy Geiger

Genre: Romance/General

Rating: K+

I'm wandering the streets in a world

Underneath it all

Nothing seems to be

Nothing tastes as sweet as what

I can't have

Like you and the was you're

Twisting your hair round you're finger

Tonight I'm not afraid to tell

What I feel about you

His soft blond hair blew against the wind, as he walked along the streets. He looked up at sun, which was beginning to descend behind the clouds and sighed. Was this the right thing to do? He loved her very much, although it was secretly. Her pink hair, her mahogany colored eyes, her smile…everything about her was perfect. But was this a really wise choice? He continued on walking, his hands inside the pocket, and began thinking about his previous conversation he had had with his friend, who he considered a father.

I'm gonna muster every ounce of

Confidence I have

And cannonball into the water

I'm gonna muster every ounce of

Confidence I have

For you I will, for you I will

- - - Flashback - - -

"You do know that this weekend is the Christmas ball, don't you, Ryou?" said Keiichiro, as he placed the cake mix in the oven.

Ryou sat in table nearby, typing on his laptop. When he heard his name being called out, he lifted his head and rested his chin on his fist. "Yes, I know. What of it?" he asked.

Keiichiro cleaned his hands on a towel and looked at the young man he considered to be his own blood. Giving him a smile, he spoke. "Well, since the girls are going to be reunited, I was wondering, if…"

"If what?" wondered Ryou, as he lifted the cup filled with coffee over to his lips, whilst raising his eyebrows.

"If you would be kind enough to got to Ichigo's house and bring her the invitation."

Ryou nearly choked on his drink and tried hard not to spit it out. "What!" he shouted. "Can't you mail it?"

"No, I prefer that it gets hand out personally." said Keiichiro, then smiling warmly added. "After all, it would be a good thing for the two of you to have a nice conversation. It's been a long time since you've seen each other"

The blond in front of him didn't know what to say, so he just managed a nod. Keiichiro was right, as always. It had been quite a longtime since he had seen the strawberry. Five years to be exact, since the Mew Mew project.

"Um, and Ryou?"


Keiichiro smirked, while managing a wink. "Try and be nice to her."

Ryou returned him the smirk. "That I'd do" he thought.

- - - End Flashback - - -

Forgive me if I st-stutter

From all the clutter in my head

Cause I could fall asleep in those eyes

Like a water bed

Do I seem familiar

I crossed you in hallways a

Thousand times

No more camouflage

I want to be exposed

And not be afraid to fall

Ryou stood in front of the Momomiya residence. He gulped down the anxiety he had. He shouldn't get worried or nervous, it was so unlike him. He stepped forward and knocked on the door, once…twice…and a third time, before the door opened.



A girl with pink waist-length hair held by a ponytail, stood before him. To his surprise it was the same girl he so deeply wanted to see, yet so deeply did not find the courage to do so. He could see what five years had done to her, and it amazed him, she even looked to have matured. Still, he could see that her eyes held the same childish sparkle.

He shrugged off the continues thought about how much better she looked now and spoke once again. "Hello, baka strawberry"

To his surprise she just smiled and said softly. "Same, old blonde jerk."

They both looked at each other, before the silence was broken by Ichigo. "What, may I ask, is the reason for you your visit?"

"Why? Can't I come to visit?" he joked.

Her eyes soften and a frown appeared on her lips. "Of course you can, I was just wondering. After all neither of you guys came to visit me before for the past five years."

"Sorry, I-I was…"


Ryou nodded and frowned. So, nobody had come to visit her, not even her friends…and still, she missed them. Remembering the reason for her visit, he took his hand out of his pocket, to hand her the invitation.

"Keiichiro, wanted to do this ball to reunite you girls. So, you coming?" said Ryou, as she took the envelope.

"Of course I' am" she chirped happily, practically hugging the card.

Same old Ichigo! They both looked at each other, not knowing what to do, as another wave of silence surrounded them.



"Well, bye…"Spoke Ryou, uncertain.

She nodded, letting her bangs cover her face. She made to shut the door, when Ryou intervened.

"Um, Ichigo?"


Ryou gulped. What was it that he was going to say? Oh, yes…

"I-I know you left Masaya and…" he began, but did not finish.

"How did you know?" she asked with raised eyebrows.

"I have my sources" Ryou answered with a smirk. And that was true, after all it was Keiichiro who told him. "Anyway," he continued. "I-I was…um…" Whoa this was hard! He passed his fingers through his hair. "I-I was wondering if…if…"

"If what?" bursted out Ichigo, a bit frustrated.

God, How can something so simple be so hard to do? This was ridiculous! He should not feel so damn nervous. He had to muster his confidence.

"If…If you would go as my date." Finally he said it!

Ichigo's eyes opened wide as time seemed to have stop. She placed a stray hair behind her ear, revealing her pinkish glow on her cheeks. She wonder if Ryou was joking and looked in his eyes to see if there was a hint of a lie. She found none. Without warning her stomach was filled with happy butterflies fluttering around.

"I would love to!" she said, almost singing.

Ryou almost jumped in joy, but held himself in the ground. "Great! I'll pick you at seven o' clock"

I'm gonna muster every ounce of

Confidence I have

And cannonball into the water

I'm gonna muster every ounce of

Confidence I have

For you I will

Always want what you can't have

But I got to try

I'm gonna muster every ounce of

Confidence I have

For you I will, for you I will, for you I will

The day of the ball came and Ryou found himself driving his convertible to Ichigo's house. It was such a wonderful feeling to feel that he would have her a whole night only for himself. At seven o' clock with a only a second more, Ryou got to her house. Stepping outside the car, he adjusted his blue tie, passed a hand through his hair, gulped, and knocked on her front door.

The door swan open, as soon as he did so, it seemed as if she was against the door waiting for his arrival. He opened his eyes wide, when he saw Ichigo. She was more than breathtaking. She wore a strapless pink dress, that showed all her perfect curves and light make-up. Her hair gently cascaded over her bare shoulders, while only a light pink flower held her hair back.

"You look…beautiful" he whispered extending his hand.

She grabbed it and gave him a kiss on the cheek, "Thank you" she whispered blushing madly, as they got to the car.

The ride went silently, but they discovered that they enjoyed each other companies. When they got to where the party was held, they walked in unconsciously holding hands. Everyone, including the mew mew's, stared at them. Ichigo smiled and went to greet them, when Ryou pulled her towards him.

"Want to dance?" he whispered in her ear, smiling.

"I would love too" she blushed.

If I dim the lights in the mall

And create a mood, I would

And shout out your name so it

Echoes in every room

I would

They danced closed to each other. Ichigo's head resting on his chest, while her hand rested behind his neck, and Ryou's hand wrapped closely around her waist protectively. To tell the truth, Ryou made her feel awfully safe, secure…and happy. Something Masaya could not do. She lifted her head and gazed dreamily at his aquamarine eyes.

Sighing, she grabed his hand. "Ryou," she whispered. "can we go outside?"

He nodded and the pair went outside, unaware to them that several people where watching them.

"Ichigo and Ryou are in love! No na da!" chirped Pudding.

"Finally, after all this years!" groaned Mint.

"Yes, they look so kawaii together!" smiled Lettuce.

"I guess, that arranging the party was not such a bad idea." Winked Keiichiro.

Zakuro nodded besides him, a smile grazing her lips. "Yes, it was a good idea. I guess, that it is a gift for not keeping contact with her. I hope that it makes her happy."

Meanwhile, Ichigo and Ryou sat at a beautiful, vine covered, English style, white gazebo. Both sat very close to each other, enjoying the cold breeze of the night.

"So…" said Ryou. "What was it you wanted?"

Ichigo blushed and looked down, finding her fingers awfully interesting. "I was wondering, what…" she murmured, her face at the verge of catching fire. "What do you think of me?"

Ryou's eyes opened wide, this was something he hadn't expected. "Well…what do you think of me?" he asked her.

She continued fiddling with her fingers, but nevertheless answered. "I-I…you are person who is special to me…even-even if we fought a lot in the past."

I was Ryou's turn to blush. So she thought that about him. "I-I think the same, but…a little bit more." He whispered.

"A little bit more?" she wondered.

"Ichigo, I…"

That's what I'd do

That's what I'd do

To get through to you

"Ichigo, I love you" he bursted out, blushing like madly. But he knew it was time to tell her. "I loved you since we first met."

Ryou noticed that her mahogany eyes were suddenly filled with tears. But she smiled, as the tears rolled down her cheeks. Looking up, she suddenly blushed. "What…?" But his question was soon answered, when he looked up and saw a mistletoe.

He gulped, and looked back down, only to blush an even darker red shade. Ichigo's face was awfully close to his and her eyes held a dreamy look.


"Ryou," she whispered. "I love you too."

And by that their lips collided, making, both of them, feel what love really is. Love. The feeling of happiness and hope. Ryou knew by this action that they were simply meant to be. And that from now on, he wouldn't have to worry about his confidence, because he had her now. He would love her forever, and that's a promise he'd do!

I'm gonna muster every ounce of

Confidence I have

And cannonball into the water

I'm gonna muster every ounce of

Confidence I have

For you I will

Always want what you can't have

But I got to try

I'm gonna muster every ounce of

Confidence I have

For you I will, for you I will, for you I will

Authors note: FINALLY AN UPDATE! I hope that you guys liked this. After all it is dedicated to those who asked me to write some more. I really like this song from Teddy Geiger; it's really romantic, though I'm not so found about the plot of this one-shot. What do you think? BTW, this is a different one-shot. It has nothing to do with the previous one! It would be nice to get some more reviews like I did for 'The Reason'. Just so you know, maybe I won't be updating so frequently, if I don't have any ideas. The next one-shot or song-fic that I'll be doing will be with a song that I truly love from Jesse McCartney. A song that really resembles what would Ryou do if Ichigo was heartbroken. So, enough chit-chat! Press the button below and REVIEW! Pretty please with sugar on top. –pouts-

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