Well, I betcha your all wondering if I'm dead or not, its been that long since I updated. I've started something new (surprise, surprise) and this is just a sneak preview. I would really appreciate any feedback, beta's, or flames telling me that I shouldn't give up my day job



Name: Black Ops

Rating: Teen

Disclaimer: You know who owns them, sure as hell isn't me now is it.

Date Archived: 27/10/05

A young man, aged about sixteen, tall, black hair, bright, luminescent green eyes was the last man on a flight that landed in Colorado Springs, in the United States of America. His name, Harry Potter and he had just left everything he'd ever known in the UK as well as whatever friends and family he had remaining and moved away. He was starting a new life in a new country. Really, in a new world. The reason for this sudden move?

A horrible betrayal by someone he had told himself that he could trust implicitly. Harry Potter had been horribly betrayed by the people that he had trusted most in the first place. What happened? The end of his sixth year, he faced a horrible enemy that had been plaguing his world for as long as he'd been alive, and Harry triumphed over this enemy. Murdered him along with numerous numbers of his followers. He was once again the saviour of his world. Unfortunately for him, the majority of the major powers in control over this world neglected to see it the same light, and all of a sudden, Harry was seen as an enemy instead of a saviour. And in the eyes of people that he once trusted most, it was the final nail in a coffin that had been steadily lowered into the ground ever since Harry Potter had been introduced into the Wizarding World.