The Return of Tenshi


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Summary: Fruits Basket Sailor Moon We all know there is fourteen members of the zodiac, all twelve animals, the cat and the god, but what if there is one more? And she's coming back after leaving for six years. Tohru seems to be confused as to why everyone is excited to meet this one member of the zodiac, including Akito (Akito's a male in this one).

It was a clear and beautiful day. There wasn't a single cloud in sight. On days like this, people can't help but feel relaxed in this calm silence.


Then again, people not in the surrounding area could relax. A quaint Japanese style house lay peacefully in the middle of a forest. But despite, the serene appearance nature reveals to us, in that very house, there is nothing serene going on.

Kyo Sohma jumped off from the porch and glared angrily at his cousin with red eyes. Frustration began to fill his seventeen-year-old body when he realized that he was ignoring him.

"Can't you be quiet, baka neko(2)? It's noisy enough without you opening your mouth," Yuki stated, completely disregarding the angry ranting coming from the orange-haired teen.

Yuki Sohma calmly stepped off the porch as his gray eyes looked at Kyo with a bored expression on his face. Running a pale hand through the silverfish-gray strands of hair, he turned around and wisely chose to continue to ignore his cousin.

"Yuki-kun! Kyo-kun!"

The two Sohmas turned to look up and see Tohru Honda standing in front of them. Her long brown hair flew gently from the breeze as she looked at them with her brown eyes and a soft smile on her face.

Yuki's gray eyes softened a bit when they landed on the girl. "Is there something you want, Honda-san?" he asked politely.

"If it's about lunch, Tohru, you already asked us what we wanted," Kyo said harshly yet softly as well.

Tohru shook her head and said, "Iie(3), I'm just telling you that Shigure-san had asked the rest of the Junnishi(4) to come over today."

Yuki and Kyo froze in their place when Tohru broke up the news to them. The brunette went back into the kitchen to finish making lunch, leaving the two in their thoughts, "Oh great, just when I thought things couldn't get worse."

1 hour later

"Tohru, I missed you so much!"

"Baka usagi(5)! Why do you have to be such a brat?" BANG!

"Waah…Kyo hit me!"

"Every time you open your mouth, I just want to clobber you, ya know that."



"Oh jeez, do you have to act like that, ya stupid woman?"

"Hiro, don't be rude to Tohru!"

"Don't tell me what to do, baka neko!"

"What did you call me, runt?"

"Kyo, let's fight."

"Huh? Later, kuso oushi(7). Can't you see that I'm busy?"

"I said, 'let's fight.' So we're fighting now." POW!

"You just have to wake up Black Haru, did you, baka neko?"

"Well then, do something about it, kuso nezumi!"

"Why don't you do something about it?"

"Kyo, my love, I want you to sit beside me."

"Gah! Kagura, get the hell away from me, onna(8)!"

"NANI(9)! How dare you curse at me? Me, your future wife!" BANG! POW! CRASH!

"Kagura, would you mind stop beating Kyo-kun and my house up?"

"But Shii-chan!"

"You can, however, take it outside, you know?"

"Arigato(10), Shii-chan!"

"Shigure, you bas…ack! Get away from me, you crazy boar!"

"Yuki, my dear otouto-kun(11). It's so wonderful to see you again."

"Nii-san(12), if you know what is good for you, you'll stay far away from me."

"Gure-san, Yuki's being cruel to me again!"

"Fear not, Aaya. I'll be by your side when Yuki-kun doesn't want to be."

"Would the two of you please grow up?"

"Haa-san, you should really try to lighten up a bit."

"And you should really act your age, Shigure."

"That hurts, Haa-san. You don't have to be mean about it."

"Sometimes I wonder who I put up with you and Ayame for all these years."

"Shigure, what's the big idea, inviting everyone up here?"

"Don't look at me, Kyo-kun, Haa-san's the one who decided to call all of us together."

"Nani! Hatori, explain."

"GOMEN NASAI(13)!" Sobbing "I don't know what I'm apologizing for, but gomen nasai!"

"Shut up, Ritsu, I can't hear what Hatori's saying."

"I would be glad to explain it to you, Kyo, if everyone here would just…BE QUIET!"

Everyone stared at the twenty-seven-year-old man with wide eyes. All the members of the Juunishi were present, some freaked out from Hatori's shouting and some actually pleased with the achieved silence. The doctor closed his light brown eyes as he ran his hand through the long black strands of hair, covering his left eye.

When he sure that nobody was talking, he turned to the only blonde in the room. "Momiji, why don't you explain why you wanted everyone to meet here?"

Everyone turned to the sixteen-year-old, who was hopping with joy. A smile, even bigger than before, blossomed on his face as he thought about the news he has for them. His wide brown eyes sparkled as he giggled at the thought of their expressions when they find about their soon to be visitor.

"Guess what I have in mind," he shouted happily, still jumping up and down.

Kyo glared at Momiji as Kagura remained holding him tightly in her arms. Her dark brown hair swayed from side to side as Kyo tried to get her off his back. Her dark brown eyes showed complete happiness as she wrapped her arms tightly around his neck. Kisa waited patiently as she stared at her older cousin with curious beige eyes. Hiro, on the other hand, grew more and more impatient as the rabbit decided to have everyone play the guessing game. Shigure and Ayame talked animatedly between themselves as they tried to figure out what Momiji had to say. Hatori sighted in complete boredom as he leisurely fished out a cigarette and lit it, knowing full well that he'll need it for the headache when everyone starts jumping for joy form the news the blonde has. Ritsu tried to keep quiet, but kept on thinking that something bad had happened and it was his fault. He flung himself over the table with his long light brown hair spread out, apologizing like crazy. Kureno completely blanked everything out of his mind and stared out into the sky. Rin sat quietly beside Hatsuharu as she combed her hand through the long black strands. Hatsuharu started off into space as he listened to the useless chatter of the two adults nearby. He turned his gray eyes to Yuki, who looked more and more annoyed when his brother began questioning him and then answering his own questions in that boasting voice of his.

While some of the Juunishi were waiting patiently and some weren't, Tohru was handing out cups of tea to everyone. Minutes went by as Momiji refused totell anyone what he had in min until someone managed to guess correctly. Of course, with only Shigure and Ayame guessing and the millions of possibilities he has in mind, the probability of someone actually hitting the bulls-eye is very low.

As the anger and annoyance continued to pile up in his body, Kyo stomped over to Momiji and slammed a closed fist on the top of his head. "Hurry up and tell us, baka! We don't have forever to play this stupid game."

The minute Kyo's fist made a connection to his head, Momiji's brown eyes began to tear up. Whenever Kyo would hit him, the result was always the same, no matter what the situation they were in was. He started to cry, sobbing like a little child being deprived of his candy.

"Ah! Momiji-kun, it's okay, don't cry," Tohru said, trying to calm the child-like teenager. "What is it that you wanted to tell us?"

"Oh yeah!" Momiji exclaimed, all the tears gone. "Guess what I have in mind!"

"Oh hell no. We're not doing that again, runt. Just tell us straight out, or I'll pound you to the ground," shouted Kyo.


(1) Damn Rat

(2) Stupid Cat

(3) No

(4) Zodiac

(5) Stupid Rabbit

(6) Older Sister

(7) Damn Cow

(8) Woman

(9) What

(10) Thank you

(11) Little brother

(12) Older brother

(13) Sorry