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A nightmare

The ghosts haunted her. Every night. Were it ghosts? Shadows? Kirika ran faster. Cold, white fingers grabbed her."Demon! Demon! Gotcha!", they screamed. Suddenly they let her go. She looked at the long corridor in front opf her. It was dark, she couldn't see anything, but she went through it. After a few metres she saw a small shadow in front of her. As she aprroached, the shadow turned itself around so that it faced her. She snapped back as she saw it's face – it was Mireille! Ane she was all over with blood... Kirika screamed as loud as she could.

1. The night

Mireille woke up with a start. She turned to Kirika who shouted as if the devil himself was after her. Mireille sat up, put her hands onto Kirikas shoulders and shook her awake. Kirika shivered and opened her eyes. Her breathing raced. "Kirika, what's wrong?" Mireille asked, afraid of the answer. Kirika only looked at her, then started to cry so that her whole body was shaking. Mireille embraced her immediately. "Shhhhh... what is it, my love?" Kirika nuzzled against her. "I...I was so scared... there were... so many hands...", Kirika stuttered and buried her face in Mireille's neck. "Fear..."; she whispered and began to sob. Her body shivered violently. "Shhhhhh... it's alright...", Mireille said softly," I'm with you... no need to be afraid. I protect you." She stroke Kirika's back to calm her down. Kirika clinged to Mireilles nightshirt. Mireille gently kissed her on the forehead, then she layed down again, with Kirika still in her arms. "Mireille?" Kirika asked softly. "Hm?",was the answer. "Don't ever leave, okay? I could not bear that..." "Of course I won't. You know I never will. I love you, Kirika." Mireille had never realised it before, but now she knew it was true, She loved Kirika with all her heart and soul. Kirika suddenly trembled. The ghost came into her mind again. "Help me, Mireille! MAKE THEM GO AWAY!Please...", she screamed.

Mireille felt so useless. She hold Kirika closer to herself. "Kirika, what did you see? What haunted you?" "It... it was you... Were you dead? I don't know... all this blood... so terrible..." Kirika cried harder. "Nothing's so empty like a world without you..." Mireille hugged her so that she could protect her body from any perils. She crashed her against her. "Shhhhhh... calm down. Nothing will happen to me.", she tried to encourage Kirika. Kirika whimpered. Mireille's shirt was all wet from Kirikas tears, but she didn't care. Slowly Kirika calmed down. Mireille gently stroke her face. Kirika pressed her face in Mireilles neck. Mireille reached out behind her and turned on the small lamp. She held Kirika so tight it almost hurt her. "Look, there's nobody in here. Just you and me. You know, I'll never cause you pain or take anything away from you. I love you, Kirika." Kirika kept her eyes shut, afraid to see any of those horrible pictures of her dream again. Mireille caressed her wet cheek, then shyly touched Kirikas lips with her own. Kirika relaxed a bit, Mireille breathed quietly. "Alright now...?", she asked finally. Kirika nodded. "Really?" "Yes..." It was barely a whisper, but Mireille understood. She turned the light off and closed her eyes. She kissed Kirika on the forehead and said softly:"I'll alway be here... Don't be afraid." She let her fingers run through Krikas hair until they both fell asleep.

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