King Arthur nor Buffy the Vampire Slayer belong to me. This is just a story for my enjoyment and the enjoyment of my readers.

Entangled Destinies

Dawn Nella Summers and Willow Anne Rosenberg were sitting cross-legged in the living room watching the new DVD that the older witch brought. The movie's name-King Arthur.

"You know, this is a different spin on the old tale of Arthur and his knights. I mean, they brought in Rome and the Roman Empire."

"You're right Dawn, that's why I like it so much. Also, can you believe how handsome they all are…even Bors!"

Dawn laughed heartily. She was the only one other than Spike to known that Willow had once again changed her sexual orientation. She was no longer a lesbian but Bi. But Dawn had to agree. The knights were very handsome.

"You know, they are aren't they? I like Lancelot. Even if he's a charmer, I like him. I like how he's so loyal to Arthur and even though they clash a lot, he's always by Arthur's side."

Willow grinned and said, "That could be said for all of the Knights. But Lancelot is a bit of a flirt, isn't he…by that time frame anyway. He wouldn't be much here in our time. But, he'd definitely get points for being so ruggedly handsome and noble."

Dawn glanced at her friend and asked, "I told you which one I liked, who do you like more?"

Willow looked thoughtful and said, "You know, I think I like Gawain the most. I don't know, something about his long dirty blond hair and hazel-nut eyes entrances me."

Dawn giggled and said, "Look at us! We really need to find a guy! We're lusting after story characters!"

Willow frowned mockingly and said, "Well, there IS historical proof that Arthur and his Knights were real! So, we're not totally pathetic! We're just sad because we lust after guys who are beyond bones in the ground now."

They burst into giggles and felt the air around them simmer.


"That's not me, I thought it was you!" exclaimed Willow as they both clamed down and looked about cautiously.

Then right in front of their eyes, a man painted blue and carrying a wood staff with a crescent moon at the top appeared before them and said, "Craig-na lack nere lass'o'no mann! (The past needs you daughter of Man)"

A white light blinded the two and forced them to their knees. When the light vanished, the girls found themselves not in their living room, but in a forest.

"Will…where are we? Where did that blue freak send us?" asked a cautious Dawn. She wasn't as scared as she thought she'd be. After all, she survived six years on the Hell Mouth as had seen some freaky stuff, but this was on a different level completely! She had expected to feel nervous and scared, but instead, she felt calm and acceptance. Willow looked to feel the same way she did. Which wasn't all that surprising because she has cast some spells in the past that dealt with other realities and time.

"I'm not totally sure Dawn. I do remember something about past, girls, and needed. I'm not sure when we are, but we're definitely in the past."

"How do you know?" asked Dawn curiously.

Willow shrugged, pointed to the side, and said, "Oh that's why."

Dawn turned to look in the direction her friend had pointed and saw four rough looking men, armed with either a sword or a bow, and chuckling evilly at each other. They were pointing at her and Willow and licking their lips hungrily. It didn't take a rocket-scientist to know what they were thinking.

Dawn looked at Willow and saw her fall into a relaxed, but defensive stance. She followed. She was now eternally grateful to Spike for convincing Willow and her to take up defensive lessons from him. Compared to a Master Vampire, these four would be a piece of cake!

"Ah look 'ere boys! We've got ah'selves some pretty ones! They think they can fight! AHAHAHAHA!"

The other three joined in and the women felt their ire grow. It was one thing to like gentleman and their attempts to protect you, it was quite another to have men laugh at you thinking you are weak when you are not.

The man, who was obviously the leader, dismounted his horse and sauntered up to Willow and tried to grab her breast.

Willow grabbed his hand and twisted it up and around.

The man shrieked in pain.

Willow said loudly, "If you even try that again on me, I'll rip off your reason for being proud to be a man!"

The men growled and dismounted their horses. Quickly two of them surrounded Dawn. She punched one in the nose, and the other managed to grab her arms and keep them lodged against her sides. The third went to help his leader. Dawn looked around pretending to be scared when she saw three men in the bushes. They were dressed in some type of armor. The one that caught her attention the most was a man with dark black curly hair and deep pools of brown. She gulped. He smiled lightly at her and motioned her to be quiet. She lowered her head and pretended to give up. The men laughed and the one behind her pushed her hair to the side. As his head lowered to her neck, she swung her head back and smiled when a satisfying crunch sound was heard. The man released her. Dawn spun around to keep an eye on the two men while watching out for Willow too.

A tall blond hared man said, "Woman! Release him now!"

Willow looked at him while still holding the first in her grasp and asked smugly, "And if I don't?"

The man raised his bow and said, "I'll kill you here and now and violate your dying body so your last memories will be of how dirty you are when you reach God."

Willow smiled charmingly and said, "Not if you go first."

The man didn't even have time to look confused before an arrow pierced his heart from behind. The other two men, who had attempted to rape Dawn, found themselves on the ground with Dawn standing above them with her hands in fists. They didn't even remember her moving! Dawn smirked and knife kicked them in the guts. They moaned in pain.

Dawn said, "That is for trying to rape me, bastards!"

Willow released the man she was holding, and punched him squarely in the face. He howled in pain and pulled out his sword. Willow dropped back a bit and watched him warily. As he swung the blade towards her awkwardly, she caught the sword by its tongs and twisted it so she could pull it away. Before she or Dawn could finish them off, three more arrows flew through the air and seven men appeared from the greenery. Three of the men had bows raised while the other four were staring harshly at the fallen men. Then one, dressed in armor reminisce of the Roman Empire approached them. Both Dawn and Willow drew back a bit and watched him with wary eyes.

The man held up his empty hands and said, "Peace ladies, we're not here to harm you. I am Arthur Castus of the Roman Empire and these are my Sarmatian Knights. We were finishing our patrol, when we heard sounds of a fight. We came to investigate and discovered the two of you in your situation. Please, tell us your names and where you are from. Perhaps, we can escort you back home?"

Willow and Dawn looked at one another with wide eyes. They were in the MOVIE! But, this never happened in the movie! It obviously must be before the events of the movie since all seven Knights are alive and well.

Willow took a step forward, offered her hand to the one she now knows to be Arthur, and said, "I am Willow Anne Rosen this is my friend Dawn Neela Summers. We do not have homes as Saxons to the far North burned them down. We just escaped them to head south. We had two horses but Woads stole them from us, and we've been traveling on foot since then. We thank you for coming to our aide, help would be very much appreciated."

Arthur and a few other Knights looked sympathetic at them, but none held pity. Both Dawn and Willow were happy about that. Arthur took her hand and gave it a polite kiss on the back and did the same to Dawn. Both of them blushed slightly. They had never felt so lady-like before. Both decided it must be the time frames making them blush like little schoolgirls with their first crushes. The other Knights came forward at Arthur's silent command.

Arthur continued, "This is my second in command, Lancelet, followed by the others Gawain, Galahad, Bors, Tristan, and Dagonet."

All the Knights bowed and kissed their hands politely. When Lancelot looked into her eyes, Dawn felt as if her entire defense had fallen down and that he could see into her very soul. Willow faced the very same feeling when Gawain looked into her eyes so deeply. Both felt their blood infuse their pale cheeks vividly. All the Knights, including the ever blank faced Tristan, smiled at them. There was something about these two women that just made them want to protect them beyond their normal codes of honor to protect the weak and helpless. Although, by the look of how things were going before hand, they just might not be as helpless as they look.

Lancelot said, "Arthur, the night grows near, we should be getting back to the Milestone. Woads grow more confident as the shadows become larger."

Arthur took back the look of command he naturally wore and said, "Yes, we must be getting back. Will you ladies care to join us?"

Willow and Dawn knew this wasn't an invitation but an actual order. Neither one wanted to make a fuss at this point because they suddenly felt tired.

As they watched the Knights pull their horses from the shadows, Dawn asked, "How will we follow? We have no horses, remember?"

Arthur turned back to them on top his horse and said with a small smile, "Yes, I do remember, do not worry ladies, you shall ride with one of us. Since their horses have the less weight upon them, Lancelot and Gawain shall be your partners this evening."

Willow and Dawn blushed even more as they stared at the two men they had not even an hour earlier been lusting after through the videotape and gulped. As they reached the men's side, Lancelot offered his hand to Dawn and effortlessly pulled her in front of him. She peeped slightly and sighed when two wonderfully strong graceful arms surrounded her waist to keep her steady.

She heard him whisper in her ear softly and huskily, "Do not fear My Lady, I shall not let you fall. Sleep, it is still another two hours to Hadrian's Wall. I will protect you."

Dawn blushed whispered a small thanks and leaned back into his strong hard chest. Just before she fell asleep, she thought that their bodies fit together amazingly well, because he was still wearing his armor.

Willow smirked at them and when she felt a strong yet gently hand upon her lower back, she jumped.

"Do not fear My Lady, I shall cause you no harm. I am my steering you towards my horse, Melliange."

Willow blushed slightly because his breath was warm against her chilled skin. When they got close enough, Gawain put his hands on her waist and effortlessly lifted her to sit side-straddle on his light brown horse. She blushed again at that. He was strong- very strong. Suddenly she got visions of those strong arms surrounding her at night and doing naughty things to her. She moaned softly as she felt him straddle the horse behind her. Her already naturally sensitive skin was put into hyper-drive because he was so close. He was so close she could smell his personal scent. She was surprised to realize that she wasn't disgusted with the scent because it wasn't simply a dirty sweaty scent most guys in the future have after workout so hard. His scent was that of sweat, pine, and a manly scent all his own. She loved it. When his arms went around her to pull on the reins, and sighed and rested her head upon his armored chest. She felt his tense slightly before he relaxed and shifted to make her more comfortable.

"Fear not, I will not let you fell Lady Willow."

She smiled and murmured into his neck, "I know you won't Sir Knight."

Gawain's eyes widened at the SIR part, but he smiled. It was amazing that a woman of her age trusted him so easily. Most would not.

Bors chuckled softly and said, "Careful Lads, or you could end up like me with a load full of little bastards."

Lancelot and Gawain glared at the eldest of their group but said nothing in fear of causing the women in their care to wake up.

Arthur smiled and said, "Let's go."