Entangled Destinies 15

As they came to an abrupt stop at the edge of the lake, Arthur turned to his beloved scout and asked, "And there is NO way around it?"

"No, we have to cross the lake."

Arthur turned to Willow and said, "Now would be a good time for any magic, don't you think?"

Willow crossed her arms and said sarcastically, "Yeah, I could, if I wanted to die!"

Galahad placed and hand on her shoulder and said, "Calm down, you might hurt yourself and…"

She smiled and nodded as she took a deep breath and explained, "Arthur, messin' with nature isn't something ANYONE should do, no matter how powerful a Wicca can be."

"But…but…Dagonet…" stuttered Bors as he and Dagonet dismounted and joined the others.

Willow smiled at the father of eleven and said, "Nothing will happen to him. I'll make sure of that."

With that she turned to Dagonet, placed her hands on his tall shoulders, and intoned,

"Hercules, Great Son of Zeus,

Half God, half human, please unloose,

Your great strength and lend it to,

This Knight in this action that he must do.

Grant him now your nerves of steel,

And your physical strength for this ideal,

So he can complete successfully,

This task that's set in front of him."

As she finished her spell, Dagonet's body was surrounded in a golden light. When it vanished, Dawn, who was waiting patiently for the spell to be completed, shouted as she picked up a heavy chest that would normally need two strong men to even lift it a few feet, and threw it easily at the large healer, "Hey Dag! Catch!"

The gathered people, gasped as Dawn easily threw the chest at the Knight and many of the peasants had to sit down in shock as the Knights caught it as easily as if it was a throwing knife. Dagonet himself blinked in shock as he stared at the chest in his arms.

Willow smiled prettily and said, "See, now all he'll need to do is hit the ice once and make a run for it while I divert the arrows."

Arthur forced his jaw closed and said as she nodded, "Uh, yeah, tell the people to spread out."

As they walked cautiously across the ice, Guinevere turned to Willow and said, "Your of the magi, like my father, Merlin, is, correct?"

Willow nodded as Guinevere smiled and said, "Excellent! We could use another magi during the battle with the Saxons."

Willow smiled and said, "We'll see."

When they reached the center of the lake, the drums reverberated loudly in the valley, Arthur turned back to his Knights and asked, "Knights…"

Bors sighed and said with a careless shrug, "Well, these Saxons are so close behind that my ass is hurtin'."

Tristan shrugged as he looked to Dawn and Willow once again and said, "I never liked lookin' over my shoulder anyways."

Gawain squeezed Willow's hand and added, "It'll be nice to put an end to this racket…"

Galahad ended, "…and get a good look at the bastards!"

Dagonet nodded and said confidently as he flexed his muscles, "Here, now."

Arthur turned to the lithe man and said, "Ganis, I need you to lead the people. The main Saxon army is inland, so if you track the coastline till you're well south of the wall, you'll be safe."

Ganis protested, "But you're seven against two hundred!"

"Ah…make that nine." Corrected Dawn with her pointer finger pointing up. Galahad stared at her with wide eyes. She knew he didn't want her or Willow there because they were pregnant, but they weren't going to let Dagonet face the Saxons alone.

Guinevere, with a bow in hand, cut in, "Ten, you could use another bow."

Arthur didn't bother to tell her otherwise as Ganis added purposely, dutifully, "I'd rather stay and fight."

Arthur patted his shoulder and said positively, "You'll get your chance soon enough."

He turned towards the mercenaries and ordered, "This man is now your captain. You do as he says. Am I understood?"

The leader nodded and said promptly, "Yes, sir."

Dagonet watched with a heavy heart as his son-to-be left with Fulucina and smiled lightly as Alecto stated bravely, "I am able. I can fight."

Willow place a hand on his cheek and said with a shake of her head, "No, you must bear witness to all you have seen. There's one thing you must do, and that's get back to Rome."

As they lined up, Arthur said, "Hold until I give the command."

Lancelot smirked at Guinevere, who stood between him and Arthur and said, "You look frightened. There are a large number of lonely men out there."

Dawn whacked him playfully from her place on his other side and said in stereo with Guinevere, "Don't worry, I won't let them rape you."

The leader on the Saxons shouted, "Archer!"

The line of defenders watched as the arrow soared through the air and landed half way across the lake and then skidded a few more feet and came to a stop.

Arthur asked, "Willow…?"

She shook her head and said, "It wasn't me."

They saw two Saxons arguing and Arthur suggested, "I believe they're waiting for an invitation, Bors, Tristan."

Guinevere protested the waist of arrows, "They're far out of range."

Arthur smirked superiorly as Bors and Tristan's six arrows took down six different Saxons. Guinevere grudgingly nodded as Arthur added to his orders, "Aim for the wings of the ranks. Make them cluster."

As they shot arrow after arrow, and fell Saxon and Saxons, all they could hear was the leader shouting at his men to hold ranks. When Arthur knelt down to retrieve more arrows, he felt the thickness of the ice, closed his eyes, and shouted, "It's not gonna break. Back. Fall back! Prepare for combat."

This was the moment Dagonet was waiting for. As he knelt to unsheathe his sword, he, instead, pulled out his axe and rushed onto the lake's center and therefore the weakest point.

When he skidded to a stop, he swung his axe up and over his head, momentarily marveling at his newfound strength, and slammed it down onto the ice. With a loud groan and silenced everyone in the valley, the ice cracked into hundreds of pieces-taking Dagonet and the Saxons under.

Bors shouted in alarm, "DAG!"

Willow swore and said, "That wasn't supposed to happen!"

Dawn cried out, "Pull him up!"

Willow tilted her head back and as her eyes bled into gold, Gawain and the others scrambled backwards as the ice cracked farther back; closer to them.

"Dag!" shouted Bors again as a lightly glowing gold Dagonet was magically floated to safety.

As his body was set down on the ground, Bors lunged and gave his best friend and great big hug. Dagonet ooffed and said as he returned the hug gratefully, "I'm fine Bors…not even a scratch on me. Willow's spell did the trick."

Galahad asked perplexed, "Why isn't he under the spell now? Shouldn't he be squeezing the life out of Bors?"

Dawn giggled and said as Willow cast a spell to dry and warm Dagonet up, "The spell said 'Your great strength and lend it to,

This Knight in this action that he must do.'- 'So he can complete successfully, This task that's set in front of him."

Galahad blushed and said, "Ah…that makes sense."

Gawain wrapped his lover in his arms and said as he kissed her neck once again, "My ladylove is a wonderful lady, she'd never place Dag in harm."

Willow snuggled into Gawain's chest and said huskily in his ear, "I can't wait to get back home. Then I can have a nice warm bath, and you can treat me to another night of love."

Gawain's smile was grand as they mounted their horses and chased after the caravan.

After a few hours they reached the wall once more and a roman commander, Christoph Alexani said flakily, "Ah, God! Christ be praised. Against all the odds Satan could muster. Alecto let me see you."

Alecto frowned and said as he tried to move AROUND the commander and join Arthur and his Knights, whom had gathered in a small group near the gate that separated Vanora and the bastards from Bors, "Kindly get out of my way!"

Alexani ignored him and continued, "You have triumphed! Young Alecto let me see you. You are here."

Lucan, who had been in the travel wagon with his new mother-to-be, jumped out and rushed to his father's side, "Daddy! You're alive!"

Dagonet laughed as Lucan jumped easily into his arms, and he swung them around laughing out loud in happiness. It was their first hug as father and son as a freeman.

Fulucina joined them as she cried out happily and picked the six-year-old boy up and into her arms, "Lucan!"

Alecto joined the hug and the new family of four smiled happily as Alexani started, "Our great knights. You are free now! Give me the papers. Come, come…"

As a soldier opened the case that held their freedom, Lancelot placed a kiss upon Dawn's golden brown crown, and snatched the parchments out as quickly as he possibly could.

Alexani continued, "Your papers of safe conduct throughout the Roman Empire."

As Arthur watched his Knights and their lovers celebrate their new freedom, he silently left the courtyard and came to a stop at his father grave. When the sound of light footsteps registered in his mind, Guinevere knelt down and said, "A grave with no sword."

Arthur offered up as a conversational starter, "It was my father's wish that if he died on this island, he would be buried with his knights."


Guinevere asked gently, "He died in battle?"

Arthur snorted and said wryly, "It's a family tradition."

The daughter of Merlin looked about her and said as she tried to imagine all the men who had lost their lives because Rome ordered them to fight against her own people, the Woads, "I can see why you believe that you have nothing left here. Except what you and your knights have done."

She added in an attempt to instill hope in him, "You have your deeds."

Arthur explained passionately as he stared at her willing her to understand what he was thinking at the exact moment, "Deeds in themselves are meaningless unless they're for some higher purpose. We have waged a war to protect a Rome that does not exist. Is that the deed I am to be judged by?"

Guinevere replied gently but with force, "You stayed and fought when you didn't have to. You bloodied evil men when you could have run. You did all that for no reason?"

She reached up and held his face in her hands as she said softly, lovingly, "These are your people."

Jols interrupted them by shouting, "Arthur, come to the wall now."

As Arthur rushed to the top of the Wall's battlements, he saw Lancelot and Dawn looking over the stonewalls with wide eyes. Both sets of eyes were wide with horror.

A roman wall guard said unneeded as Arthur rushed by him with Guinevere following behind him, "The Saxons are here."

Another guard shouted, "Make way! Make way!"

As he and Guinevere gazed at the thousands of Saxons lining up at the wall, Arthur turned around and met each of his Knights eyes. They were filled with dread and hope. He knew they wanted to go home. In fact, HE wanted them to go home too! He also knew that Willow and Dawn were to fight for HIM, and no matter what they felt for his Knights, they would stay here to fight.

He sighed as he gazed out at the poor serfs that made a living at the wall-he ha to protect them, he couldn't run. Which meant, that Dawn and Willow would stay and his First Knight and Green Knight would be heartbroken.

He gazed deeply into Lancelot's eyes and said sadly, "Knights, my journey with you must end here. May God go with you."

Dawn, who was still holding her stomach lovingly, watched with sadden eyes as Lancelot shook his head and chased after Arthur, "Arthur, this is not Rome's fight. It is not your fight. Stand fast!"

Arthur froze and turned back to Lancelot as his friend continued, "All these long years we've been together, the trials we've faced, the blood we've shed. What was it all for, if not for the reward of freedom? And now when we are so close, when it is finally within our grasp..."

Arthur couldn't bare to see the pain in Lancelot's eyes so he turned to walk away, but Lancelot knew him to well.

His First Knight gripped his shoulder and spun him around as he continued with wet eyes and a pleading face, "Look at me!"

He added helplessly, "Does it all count for nothing?"

Arthur looked at hi with wounded eyes and asked softly, "You ask me that? You who know me best of all?"

Lancelot sighed and pleaded again as he stared deeply into Arthur eye's, into Arthur's pure soul, "Then do not do this. Only certain death awaits you here. Arthur, I beg you! For our friendship's sake, I beg you!"

Arthur shook his head, placed his hand around Lancelot's neck and said passionately as an idea came to him, "You be my friend now and do not dissuade me. Seize the freedom you have earned and live it for the both of us."

He glanced behind Lancelot and saw a beautiful woman cradling her stomach and added, "Live and have many children with Dawn! I cannot follow you, Lancelot. I now know that all the blood I have shed, all the lives I have taken have led me to this moment."

Spike and Anya were still watching the movie with rapt attention, and Anya swore as Gawain and Willow started to fight about what they should and shouldn't do.

"Gawain! We've come this far! Why can't you stay and fight this last battle! You already know, you'll live! And with my magic, Lancelot and Tristan will lice too!"

Gawain sighed and said, "It's not the same! I'm free now! I don't have to do battle anymore! Fifteen years is enough! I've had it with bloodshed and violence."

Willow felt tears fall from her eyes as she cradled her stomach and said tearfully, "Then this is goodbye…my love…"

Gawain watched in disbelief as Willow simply vanished into the winds.

Spike winced as Dawn and Lancelot's argument escalated even louder and angrier than Gawain and Willow's.

As the sun started to rise over the green hills of Badon Hill, the Knights of Sarmatia slowly left the future battlefield. Each man felt as if their hearts were bring ripped from their chests and then trampled under their horses' hooves.

Lancelot studiously ignores his friend's standard and body on top of his war steed and his lover, Dawn, standing beside him with Willow supporting them from behind.

He wanted to see his homeland and family again, but he didn't want to leave Arthur and Dawn to do it. He also didn't want to leave them here to their fate either.

Bors wasn't through with Arthur though.

He trotted out of the caravan's line, raised his sword into the air, and yelled, "Artorius! Ruuuuuusssssssssssss!"

As he grew silent, the other Knights, Lancelot included, turned back around and stared at Arthur.

After a moment, Arthur, Dawn, and Willow raised their own weapons and cried back, "Rrrruuuuuuuuuussssssssssssss!"

Dawn smiled down at the father of her baby and whipped a tear from her cheek. She knew she couldn't influence his decision, on whether to leave or stay, but she prayed to the Goddess that he'd return.

The winds started to blow lightly around Willow as her eyes started to bled to gold-a sure sign that her magic was about to be used.

Upon the hill, Arthur saw a man waving a white flag in his direction. He knew that the Saxons did not want peace, but he was curious as to what their leader wanted, so he said, "Shall we go see what he wants Dawn?"

Dawn nodded and together they galloped down to the black-hared man and the long, muddy, blond-hared man.

He began as he eyed the armored man in a red cape, "Hmm… Wherever I go on this wretched island I hear your name. Always half-whispered, as if you were a...god."

He sneered at Dawn and continued as he eyed the Roman man upon his warhorse, "All I see is flesh, blood. No more god than the creature you're sitting on."

Arthur cut in harshly, "Speak your terms, Saxon."

Cerdic blinked but stated in a hoarse voice, "The Romans have left you. Whom are you fighting for?"

Arthur glanced at the brown-hared woman beside him and glanced into the woods where another beauty awaited his signal and said righteously, "I fight for a cause beyond Rome's or your understanding."

Cerdic was silent for a moment before he smiled evilly and stated as he pointed towards the ground with his sword, "Ah, you come to beg a truce. You should be on your knees."

Arthur placed the tip of Excalibur under Cerdic's neck and said dangerously, "I came to see your face, so that I alone may find you on the battlefield. And it would be good for you to mark my face, Saxon, for the next time you see it, it will be the last thing you see on this earth."

With that he and Dawn, who had remained remarkably silent during the whole meeting, turned and galloped back into the wall's protective boundaries.

Cerdic sighed and said as he pounded his chest proudly, "Ah, ah, finally…A man worth killing."

When he reached his men, he shouted his orders, "Ah! Prepare the men for battle!"

As the drums reverberated throughout the valley, the horses the Knights rode upon started to jump and toss their heads as they turned to face the on coming battle.

Each Knight gripped their reigns in shock as they tried to calm their war steeds, "Whoa." (Bors)

"Easy." (Gawain)

"Whoa." (Galahad)

"Whoa." (Tristan)

"Ssshhhh…" (Dagonet)

"Ssshhhh..." (Lancelot)

In that moment, each Knight remembered just who and what they were. They were men of honor. They have fought to protect this land for fifteen years. This land that they thought they hated, they had unknowingly grown to love. In that moment, they realized that they couldn't leave it or Arthur and Lancelot and Gawain couldn't leave their lovers-or bride-to-be, in Lancelot's case. Lancelot grinned and the others followed suit.

Galahad smiled proudly at his brother-n-arms, as he thought thankfully to the Goddess, Willow's Lady, thank you! Now those babes will have father who love them!

Tristan tapped his hawk under his beak and said as Dagonet, lifted the canvas from their weapons wagon, "Hey, you're free."

Then he pulled out his bow and stretched the string as the others quickly armored up.

Cerdic tapped the bread he was eating against his open palm as he said, "He's got a plan, this Roman."

He leaned towards his son and ordered, "Send what's left of your infantry."

Cynric gripped his sword and asked in shock, "Do you want to kill my men?"

Cerdic roared, "They're my men!"

As Cynric made to move with his men, Cerdic said, "No. You stay here with me."

Arthur was sick with worry. They were seriously outnumbered, and for the first time in his life, he was riding out into battle without Lancelot's familiar presence beside him. He wasn't sure he could so this. He had been truthful when he had told Lancelot earlier that with Lancelot by his side he could defeat anyone and thing.

Just as he prayed for Lancelot to once more grace him with his presence, Dawn gasped out, "Lancelot!"

Arthur spun around in his saddle as Lancelot came to a stop beside him and gave him a wondrous smile that was all his. Arthur returned the smile wholeheartedly and said, "I'm so glad you came back!"

He shrugged and said, "Ah, I couldn't let you go into battle alone…you'd probably end up dead, and then where would I be? If I'm not mistaken, you are the only one I trust implicitly, besides my wife, to knock some sense into me when I'm on an…how did Wills say it… 'an ego case'?"

Arthur burst out laughing as he and the girls heard more rumbles in the earth underneath their horses' hooves. Arthur and the girls looked at him in hope. He grinned and tilted his head to look behind him.

"Galahad!" (Willow)

"Gawain!" (Dawn)

"Dagonet! Bors!" (Willow)

"Tristan!" (Dawn)

Arthur looked at his Knights and said to them proudly as they awaited his orders one last time, "Knights, the gift of freedom is yours by right. But the home we seek resides not in some distant land. It's in us and in our actions on this day. If this be our destiny, then so be it."

He pulled out Excalibur and ended delightfully, "But let history remember that as free men we chose to make it so."

Before they started their end of the war, Galahad leaned over and hissed, "That spell had better be in place or I'm yelling that your both pregnant!"

Willow pecked his cheek and said, "Don't worry big brother of ours, our children are perfectly fine and protected. My spell of protection won't end until I tell it too."

Galahad didn't look to convinced, but he kept his moth shut as he joined the others in their charge.

"Rrruuuussssssss!" cried his men as they thrusted their pendants into the soft emerald grass.

"Hah!" they cried out as they raced through the battlefield and smoke that made them invisible to human eyes.

Dawn gasped as a Saxon sword cut deeply into her upper arm. She twirled around and out of the range of the sword, and caught her breath. As she gathered her remaining strength, she saw Guinevere battle the man from the lake and knew that this was the moment she was waiting for. With a mighty heave, she thrusted her swords into the Saxon's belly and viciously ripped them out.

As he lay dying, Dawn flew to Guinevere's aid. As she passed by Lancelot she said, "Go! Tristan needs you!"

Lancelot's head snapped up and he spun around to see what his lover was talking about. There in the breaking smoke, he spied Tristan warily circling the Saxon-King, Cerdic. He unconsciously blocked a few clumsy strokes from a young and inexperienced Saxons warrior, and searched for Arthur. He found Arthur beheading a Saxon who had come up on Gawain from behind.

From the corner of his eye, he saw five Saxon's as they were covered in a golden light. When the light vanished, five mice were left behind. With a laugh, he watched as surrounding Saxon warriors and lithe battle ready Woads stomped on the Saxon-rats.

With a nod, he ran through the fires and reached Tristan's side just as he fell to the ground weakly. Very quickly he checked Tristan over. He had many slashes that were deep, but not life threatening on their own. Unfortunately, he had a lot and the blood loss was what was the most dangerous to him right now. Luckily, Willow's spell prevented most of the worst wounds from being fatal in themselves; meaning, Willow's spell limited the fatality of the wounds and made them minor wounds instead.

As Cerdic swung down to wound Tristan even more, Lancelot lunged the final few feet and intercepted the sword stroke and said, "Uh, un, that's my friend you mean to kill. I can't let that happen."

Dawn sighed in relief as she saw from the corner of her eye, as Guinevere rolled out from under the three swords that were hopelessly locked above her.

Cynric sneered at her and said, "I remember you…you were at the lake with the Knights!"

Dawn smiled cockily, reminiscent of her lover, and said, "So, what of it? Are you afraid to fight little old me?"

Cynric roared and swung his sword viciously at Dawn. She blocked each stroke masterfully and said as she made a few bloody marks upon his body herself, "You won't win."

"My father's army WILL win! We have never lost a battle!"

Dawn snorted and said as she slammed her swords against his one and watched it fly through the air and land ten feet away from them both, "Take a look boyo…this battle is over!"

As Cynric gazed about him, he swore and turned back to the woman he had been battling.

She was the last thing he saw on this earth.

Cerdic met each of Lancelot's swings evenly and said, "You came to your friend's aid, why? You should have left him to die. He is weak. You are strong. Why wait your time with him?"

Lancelot didn't bother to answer as he, instead said, "You know, you really shouldn't have challenged Tristan to begin with…it makes Arthur angry when someone hurts his most favored Knights…"

Cerdic roared with anger, but his powerful strikes never gave him purchase.

Lancelot was tiring though. He was evenly matched to this Saxon-King, but he was tiring out faster than normal. He supposed it was because he had gotten little to no sleep in the last three days, but he also knew the Arthur was close by.

As he tripped over a protruding bloody arm, he looked up into the victorious eyes of Cerdic, the Saxon King. As Lancelot readied himself to role to the left, he spotted Arthur's red armor from the corner of his eyes.

Lancelot sighed in relief as he rolled to the side, and Arthur took his place.

He did it. He saved Tristan's life.

Now, all he had to do was get himself AND Tristan back to the Healing Chambers-safety.

He shuddered as he hoisted Tristan over his back-Dawn and Willow were SCARY when they were mad-more so now than in the past.

Arthur gazed around him and felt a huge weight lift from his soul as Cerdic's body collapsed at his feet. The battle was done. The Britons had won. Now, all that was left was cleaning up.

As he looked through the wispy smoke, he saw Dawn kneeling next to a weakly sitting body. It looked familiar to him too-GUINEVERE!

As he rushed to her side, he threw off his helmet, and wrapped his arms around the lithe figure of the woman he JUST realized he loved.

Dawn looked at them and said as Guinevere wrapped her arms around him too, "She's alive Arthur…we all are."


The day was bright and beautiful. Arthur, who was dressed in his finest Roman Regalia, was standing in the center of the Ring of Stones with Guinevere, who was dressed in a beautiful white dress and veil, Lancelot, who was standing to his left beside him, was dressed in his best armor, and Gawain beside him in his best attire. Standing next to Guinevere was Dawn, who was standing to Guinevere's right, was dressed in a beautiful violet gown that nearly matched Guinevere's wedding dress and Willow who was dressed in a pretty green gown too.

Merlin handed Arthur a golden chalice.

As he and Guinevere both drank from it, Merlin took it back, place it on the alter, and said proudly, " Arthur, Guinevere, our people are one. As you are."

The people cheered happily as the new couple had their first kiss as husband and wife. No one was happier for them than the two inside the circle with them-Lancelot and Dawn. They smiled lovingly at one another and both dreamt of their own wedding-to-be in two weeks.

Bors, who was celebrating with everyone else, looked upon the contented face of his commander and king, looked at Vanora, and then said to his eleventh child, whom he was currently holding, "Now I'm really gonna have to marry your mother."

Vanora, who was hugging Romana, her best friend, happily, snorted and said sarcastically as she took eleven from him, "Who said I'd have you?"

Then Merlin went to his knees, and shouted, "King Arthur!"

The Knights were astounded as everyone around them went to their knees too. In amazement, they slowly fell to their knees too as the people cheered, "Hail, Arthur!"

Arthur from his place upon the cliffs with his new wife, Guinevere, looked out upon his lands and new subject and said in promise, "Let every man, woman, child bear witness that from this day all Britons will be united in one common cause."

With those words, he thrusted Excalibur into the air and smiled when Guinevere's hand joined his.

The Knights watched with wide eyes as the threw their own swords into the air in a respective salute and the Britons jumped to their feet and cried out gloriously, "Arthur! Arthur!"

Bors threw his own into the air and cried out loudly, "Artorius!"

Arthur glanced at him with a smile and said smile grew even larger as Lancelot cried out, "Hail, King Arthur Pendragon! King of the Briton Isles! Hail!"


In the nine months since Arthur and Guinevere's marriage, Dawn and Willow's waist lines grew exponentially and a month after Badon Hill, two weeks after Lancelot and Dawn's marriage and two days after Gawain's and Willow's, the two woman finally told their husbands that they were both three months pregnant.

Lancelot and Gawain were understandably angry at them for putting themselves at risk when they were in such delicate condition, but Willow forcefully reminded them both, by slamming them against the wall with her powers, that neither she nor Dawn were necessarily helpless. Also, when the two fathers-to-be found out that Galahad had know from the get-go, they ran the boy Knight ragged, and finally let up when Dawn and Willow threatened to hold back sex if they didn't leave the youngest Knight alone.

It was nine months exactly after her baby's conception, and Dawn and Willow were in labor with Vanora helping them along as their joint mid-wife.

Buffy, who was still watching the movie with the rest of the Scoobies, whipped a tear from her eyes as she said, "I can't believe it, she's gonna be a mother and I can't be there for her…or Wills."

She smiled bravely at Willow, who was in the same predicament and nodded. Within minutes, Vanora and Fulucina arrived with Lancelot and Gawain right behind them, but Fulucina forced them back out of the chambers.

"But…" they protested.

Fulucina gave him a hard stare with her brown eyes, so like his own, and said flat out, "You cannot be in there with her Lancelot. Vanora and I might have to remove the babes from their wombs ourselves because they are very slim and their hips aren't very wide."

Then her voice softened as she ended by closing the door, "Don't worry, all four of them will survive, I promise."

Lancelot found himself staring at the door, and said to himself as he flung himself at Arthur, "I'm afraid that's one promise you can't keep, Cina…only Dawn has that power."

Arthur gave him a hug and said as he watched Galahad do the same to Gawain, "Dawn and Willow, they are strong. I bet she'll deliver your baby naturally and all will be well."

Lancelot gave him an exasperated look and said wistfully, "I wish I had your faith Arthur! If I have it, perhaps I won't be so pessimistic?"

The others didn't know what to say to that, he saw, so they did all they could: smile and sit with him to show their support and loyalty to him.

From behind the door, a loud wail was heard along with the words "I'M GOING TO BLOODY FCKING KILL HIM! IIIIIIIEEEEEAAAAAHHHH!"

Lancelot cleared his throat nervously as the others chuckled a bit and Bors said uselessly, "Well, if she's that loud, all must be well, right?"

Then another voice cried out, "I'M GOING TO FCKING CLEAR HIM! FCKING SONOFABTCH!

Lancelot just smiled sarcastically at him and waited for the next round of screams that would reassure him AND Gawain that their wives were fine. But all they heard, for a long time, was silence. Not exactly silence, but more mutterings to be precise. It was all meshed together because they were so far away and had to listen through a large, thick oak door.


"PUSH DAWN! PUSH WILLOW!" shouted Vanora's supportive voice.


"WHAT THE HLL DO YOU THINK I'M DOING?!" shouted Willow with a high pitched shriek.

Then they heard Fulucina's voice, "Come on! I can see the head!"

Then Vanora's voice, "Push again Willow! I can just get the shoulders! You're almost done!"




"I have her!" Came Fulucina's happy voice through the door.

Next came Vanora's happy voice, "Willow! You have a hansom baby boy!"

The Knights all jumped to the feet in shock and fear as two loud wails reached them all through the door and walls, like it was trying to reach the very heavens themselves, "WWWHHHAAAAAAAAAAA!"

Lancelot and Gawain looked at one another with goofy happy faces, and exclaimed, "We're daddies!"

Buffy and the other Scoobies had tears of happiness running down their faces, as they watched Lancelot and Gawain meet their children for the first time. Dawn and Lancelot's daughter was beautiful and they knew she's have the Slayer's strenght as well. Willow and Gawain's son, had Willow's red hair and they hoped he had inheritated her magical powers. Both Elisabeth and Alexander, named for their respective aunt and uncle, would be a great asset to King Arthur and Camelot in the far future.

Buffy looked at the other and promised passionately, "We have GOT to get there! I HAVE to meet those babies, somehow!"

Maybe there will be a sequel later on or not, I don't know!