The cells of Oni Santoryu were dark as the hearts of the people who lived there, people who shouldn't deserve to live. The world's worst criminals were there, along with a few people who had crossed paths with the leaders of Zaft in the past. There had never been a break-out in recorded history there, as there were at least fifty gundams, twenty armored cars, and armed guards swarming all over the place. The place was dark, cold, and dreary, though most of it's inhabitants had gotten used to the darkness over the long years.

Then why did she still hate it?

Deep in the darkness, a single, pure subconcious still flickered. Her mind was angry, so full of rage that ocassionly passed out when she could no longer keep her rage at bay. She usually awoke with bleeding fists and several deep holes in the wall. She often wondered why she didn't except the darkness, like all the others. The answer was always the same: The darkness taints people's hearts, transforms them into something other than human. There must still be light in the world to keep the darkness at bay. Once someone has lost their heart, it's gone forever, without any hope of being retrieved from the darkness that now inhabited the person's soul.

That was the only sure thing in her mind. Questions constantly flickered through her mind, although most of the answers eluded her, like smoke. Who am I? Only part of the answer came. Cagalli Yu... Yu... DARN IT! Why can't I remember! Chains rattled in the darkness as she gripped her throbbing head. Faces flickered through her mind like ghosts, but two appeared more frequently then others.

The first was a boy, around sixteen, with shoulder-length blue hair and shockingly green eyes. The next was slightly more distinctive. He was also a boy around sixteen, this time with brown spiked-up hair and bright violet eyes. Almost every time they were smiling at her, and Cagalli instinctively knew that they were both very dear to her. More faces appeared, but these two haunted her more than any others. But one thing bugged her, which nearly tore her apart. If I used to care so much about them, why can I only remember only their faces! Who are they!

Cagalli's thoughts were interupted when she sensed a prescence down the hall. Being in the dark had forced her to stop relying on her sense of sight so much, so in the two years she had been there her already heightened senses had sharpened to an almost impossible degree. She could already smell the slop that they fed the prisoners, although as far as she could tell the officers were dining on gourmet food. Oh well. She thought. Maybe I can actually ask the guard some questions this time. Most of the time I'm asleep when he comes around.

Cagalli could hear the guard grumbling and cursing about having to feed the prisoners, even though they were only fed about once a day. What do you have to complain about! Cagalli thought angrily. At least you actually get three meals a day. I've had so many questions for so long now, and you're gonna answer them even if I have to kill you!

She slowly got to her feet and stumbled towards the door as she saw the light the guard was carrying move to a few doors away. She could only get to a few feet away from the door since she was chained to the cell wall. Even with the light, she could barely make out the guard as he moved in front of the barred hole in her door. He grumbled as he slid his key into the rusty lock. It jammed once, but the guard just cursed and kicked the door open. He looked slightly surprised when he saw Cagalli was actually on her feet.

"Looks like you still got some fight in you after all these years, huh? Good thing, I'd hate to miss a paycheck because you died of starvation." The guard chuckled as he dropped her bowl of food on the floor and turned to leave. Cagalli raised a shackled hand to stop him. "Wait!" The guard stopped and turned around again.

"Can you just tell me one thing? Why am I here?" Cagalli watched patiently as the guard's expression transformed from one of annoyance, to one of pure joy. He slid against the wall, clutching his sides. Laughter suddenly filled the cell. Cagalli stood there, frozen in shock. Here she was, with hardly any memory of who she was and what she was doing there, and he was laughing!

The guard continued to laugh as he stood up and wiped the tears from his eyes. He looked straight at her shocked expression, then burst into another laughing spree. "Oh my... This is just rich! I can't believe you forgot!" He slowly got up and kicked over the bowl of food. "Well, I might as well go ahead and tell you. You tangled in the affairs of the leader of Zaft, so you ended up here. This always happens to anyone who tangles with the leaders. And you helped cause the biggest downfall ever: you destroyed Genesis, a mega-cannon that was going to destroy half of the earth."

In a flash, Cagalli found herself full of rage. That was why she was here, being tormented for two years? She realised that she had been clenching her hands so tightly that they were beginning to bleed. She could feel energy coursing through her veins, and her muscles were knotting up painfully. She had to get out!

She quickly jerked her arm up, and, to the surprise of both her and the guard, broke the rusty chains as though they were made of cardboard. Before the guard could pull out his gun, she landed a round-house kick right on his jaw. The guard cried out in pain and dropped onto the ground, twitching. Cagalli took the time to kneel beside him and bind him with her chains, ripping a piece of his shirt and stuffing it in his mouth to gag him. She couldn't have him waking up before she was out.

Cagalli grabbed the keys off his belt and raced down the hall, leaping all the way up the stairs. She stopped when she saw a map on the wall of one of the hallways, and after looking at it for a moment, started grinned like a mad person. It seemed that they had a bunch of rooms, where they packed all of the objects a prisoner came with. Her own room was just down the hall. She ran towards the door and unlocked it.

The room only had a single safe in it. Cagalli automatically walked over to the safe and punched in a few numbers on the lock. The door slid open, startling Cagalli. Now where did I learn that? She slowly reached into the safe, retrieved a pair of custom pistols. They fit her hands perfectly. One was white steel, the other black. She noticed the black handgun had the word Dusk written on the side in red letters, while the the white other had the word Dawn written on it. "Dusk and Dawn..." Caggali said quietly. "My old twin pistols. These two saved my life a lot of times..."

"Hey! What are you doing!" Cagalli jumped to one side as a bullet hit the spot where she had been only a moment before. She whirled and fired, all of it subconcious, drilled into her and impossible to ignore. The pistol flew out of the unfortunate guard's hand, and Cagalli was on him in a split second. She landed a back-breaking kick right to his chest. The guard flew out of the room, slid to the ground and groaned, coughing up a little blood.

Cagalli casually walked back into the supply room. In the back of the safe that had contained her pistols was a brown hooded cloak. She pulled on a pair of combat boots that were also in the safe. When she stood up, she caught a look at herself in a mirror at the end of the room.

Staring back at her was a blond girl with amber eyes, and hair that practically reached her waist. Okay then. She thought silently to herself. As soon as I get out of here, I'm giving myself a haircut. She was wearing casual clothing beneath the cloak: a magenta shirt with a green vest pulled over it and a pair of khaki pants. She retrieved her old belt, with it's many side-pouches, from the safe. Due to the one-meal-a-day thing, she had lost a considerable amount of weight, but with a few adjustments the belt fitted perfectly. She then noticed a badge sitting on top of the safe. It was black steel on one side, and white on the other. That's odd. I don't remember that being there when I first came in. She clipped it on her cloak, right over her left shoulder. She then slid Dusk and Dawn into their holsters and exited the room, locking the guard in behind her.

After that, getting out of the prison was easy. She repeated the method with which she had dealt with the second guard: she fired their guns out of their hands, then knocked them out. Today was Cagalli's lucky day: since none of the guards she had knocked out had had time to sound the alarm, all the gundam pilots were on their lunch break. After knocking them out, she helped herself to a bit of their lunch, then hijacked a jeep. Cagalli smiled for the first time in two years as the wind ran through her hair. She was out of there!

Kira Yamato and Athrun Zala walked quietly down the halls of the Archangel towards the de-briefing room, where Captain Murrue Ramius was going to tell them about a break-out at Oni Santoryu prison. Kira sighed as his mind turned toward his twin sister, Cagalli Yula Attha. She had been captured two years previously by Zaft and her whereabouts were currently unknown. She had been especially good at break-out cases.

"Thinking 'bout Cagalli again, Kira?" Kira turned and looked at Athrun. His best friend never ceased to amaze him when it came to being able to read his mind. He looked ahead again and sighed. "Yeah. It seems that there's not a single day that goes by that I don't think of her. I know everyone else thinks that if we haven't found her yet, she's probably dead. But I just can't give up on her. I can't."

"I know bud, but we can't really do that much. We've looked all over the world, we've searched every Zaft prison that we're allowed into, not to mention scouring the Internet. There's not much more we can do." Kira sighed as they continued down the hallway. Cagalli, his cheerful, though stubborn, twin. They may have been seperated at birth, but in the months they had known each other they had grown extremely close. The thought of life without her practically killed him.

They reached the de-briefing room and stood quietly, waiting for Captain Ramius. Kira fiddled with a lock of his spiky, brown hair, while Athrun just stood there waiting patiently. Athrun wondered just who would be powerful, or cunning, enough to break out of Oni Santoryu. The prison was well guarded with hundreds of guards, a large group of gundams, and to top it all off, armored cars! Whoever had broken out of there was no rookie, that was for certain.

The door slid open, and Captain Murrue Ramius walked in, with a video tape in her hand. Kira's head snapped up as his commanding officer's presence brought him back from the world of daydreams. He knew that he would be in real trouble if he started day dreaming during this de-briefing. A break-out at Oni Santoryu was important. Anyone who could bust out of there should be considered especially dangerous and be aprehended immediately.

The Captain walked over to a screen behind her, videotape in hand, before turning to her two ensigns. "Just so you two know, this will be my first time to watch this videotape as well, so I have no idea of who the suspect is. When I first got it at Oni Santoryu, I didn't have any time to watch it myself. I got it straight from the camera as well, so no one else has seen it, and we can possibly keep from alerting the public that there's been a break-out at such a high-security prison. We'll need to aprehend the suspect as quickly as possible. Sit down." Athrun and Kira did as they were told and sat in two seats in the de-briefing room.

She turned around and put then tape in the VCR that was hooked up to the screen. "This videotape was recording in front of the Item Storage Room number 3916. The guard was knocked out and is currently in the hospital with a broken chest plate." She turned on the tape, and they watched as the guard went in the storage room after making his round at the end of the hall, only to be thrown out against the wall. The figure inside's shadow headed toward the doorway. "Here comes the suspect." Ramius said.

When the figure came to the door, Kira gasped in surprise. Her hair was longer, long enough to reach her waist, and she had lost a lot of weight, but it was still her. He stood up so quickly that he knocked his chair over, while the other two gave startled cries. Kira stared at the image of the person he had been looking for for two long years, the prisoner of Oni Santoryu. "It... It's Cagalli!"

A note from the author

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