Inaudible, These Claims

By Kay

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Author's Notes: David/Jalil SLASH established. Post!series timeline and full of awkwardly angsty fluff. Enjoy:D Thanks for reading!

"Are you nervous?"

David doesn't think about the answer. He twists around on the bed, bunching together a fist of cotton sheets and sweat, bringing his mouth up into the parody of a smile. "I don't have that luxury."

"Doesn't mean you aren't," Jalil shrugs, letting his head fall back to the pillow. It seems strange to see him like this in the paleness of the light- his eyes are dark, hooded and sleepy, tracing David's face carefully as though trying to remember the dream he's just awoken from. It seems strange to see that calm; generally he is already gone, the bed is empty and the cold touches David's back for the rest of the night. He's not playing by the rules anymore. "Even generals feel fear. It's what keeps them alive."

David licks his lips. They're dry, cracked. He wants to know why tomorrow's battle is so different from the rest, why Jalil is still here and the air is still as oddly peaceful as it would be if he weren't. "Are you nervous?"

"I stay near the back," Jalil says.

"Doesn't mean you aren't."

It startles a snicker out of Jalil, something that makes David weirdly pleased. Things have changed- he can feel the surge in the air, the strange softness in their murmurs, somewhere between where this stopped being about killing the stress that could get them killed on the battlefield and more about David's throat trapping the need, the hesitant urge, to ask Jalil to stay. He doesn't have the time to think about it, though; an arm snakes its way over his chest, fingers splaying over the suddenly rapid beat of his heart trapped under the bones of his chest. Jalil's hands are cold.

"Hey," Jalil says against his ear.


But Jalil says nothing, just gently presses his mouth to David's jaw. It burns into him, and though they are made of awkwardly misplaced identities and unspoken requests, he hears this loudly: Don't go anywhere for now.

David turns to answer him, forgetting everything except moonlight on slanted smiles and showing what he can't bring himself to say.