This is my first fanfiction I hope u like it. It is a crossover. Between Naruto and harry potter. So here is what you have been waiting for. My new found family!

sakura's dream

I was in a dark room. Then suddenly I was three shadows. I couldn't see every thing only their eyes and one of their item they had. I could tell that there was a girl and two boys by their body structures.

"Who are you? Can you tell me where I am?" I shouted to them loud enough for them to hear but they never answered me.

The girl, she had very dark brown eyes, they looked almost black. I could sense that she was very powerful, even more powerful than me. At first I thought she was some kind of evil sorceress trying to take over the world. But even though her aura was very cold, I could still sense that she was once a carefree person. Something bad must have did something to her. She also had a staff. Much like mine actually. It was a little bit bigger, had a heart on the top instead of a star, and her staff was deep read instead of pink. I could feel an aura very similar to the Clowcards but slightly different and more powerful. It was in her. Her aura was deep red color.

The boy standing on her right was not very powerful. His aura was very weak but for some reason it was still a sorcerers' aura. His aura was very light orange, slightly pink and blackish-blue on the inside. I was a little shock at first but then I got over it. I would ask Kero later. He had a wand in his right hand, it seemed to hold some power in it. It was as powerful as the boy. His eyes were green similar to mine but a little darker. It was covered over his round spectacles. He had a scar right on his forehead. It was in a shape of a lightning.

There was also another boy. He was at the left of the girl. His aura was blackish- blue with a tint of pink and orange shone in it. I looked at my aura and my suspicion was right I also had a tiny bit of orange and blackish- blue in my aura. His aura is a little like the girl's. It has hatred mixed inside. Something happened to them. I just wished that I knew what. This boy had jet black piercing eyes. His aura was weaker than the other boy but he does have another power. I just don't know what. Maybe it has to do with his headband he is wearing. The symbol had a swirl with a beak end at the bottom left of it. He also had a scar but his was on his neck it was in a shape of the fire.

I thought something was wrong. I also had a scar on me, it was in a shape of a heart. The scar was at my right cheek bone. I always thought it was a little odd. I also have a mixed in aura… but I never noticed till now.

"You shall see your full family soon." The wind blew- I heard a ring and that was the end of my dream

end of Sakura's dream

Hi I'm sakura Kinomoto! I'm in 7th grade now and have wonderful friend. I have emerald eyes and urban hair with natural black haired high lights. I have a boyfriend named syaoran. And I have Tomoyo, Meiling, and Eriol to thank for that. It was my alarm clock. I turned it off changed and brushed my teeth. Then I went downstairs to get a little something to eat. I got a plate of pudding a went back upstairs. When I was in my room I packed up for everything for school, including: kero's psp, psp games, his little snacks and a small water bottle I got 'create' to create. It wasn't ordinary, it had unlimited supply of any liquid you request. I changed into my training wear and went outside to train.

I closed my eyes and mumbled, "Teleport, to heaven!" immediately I got teleported to o pure white place. I just created a few days ago it was pure white with a crystal castle in. once I got there I just trained. Then I thought of trying a new way to get the cards if someone was to get my staff maybe I could summon my cards without it. I thought of a card I haven't used often… who about thunder. Ok think thunder and aim it at the rock. Nothing happened. Okay, think harder! Suddenly a strike of thunder hit the rock and when it came out it turned into its true form. A large dog- wolf that was bluish- white, thunder sparks coming out… "Whoa… um… thank you." I said… it bowed to me and it changed back into its card. After awhile I felt a little dizzy. "I better stop if I don't want syaoran-kun or tomoyo-chan to worry about me. Okay back to my room" I said clapping my hands twice. Instantly I was teleported back to my room. I heard little whimper. It was coming from kero's drawer. I took a look in side just in time to hear,"Andreia! Please don't leave me please don't. You promised that we'd both get sealed together, along with Yue and Yi Zheng. I love you!" I was shocked that Kero would say those words. Then I saw little steams of tears and I took his stuff out of my bag. I guess I'll let him stay home today. But when I get home he has a lot of explaining to do.

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