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Last time:

It was coming from kero's drawer. I took a look in side just in time to hear,"Andreia! Please don't leave me please don't. You promised that we'd both get sealed together, along with Yue and Yi Zheng. I love you!" I was shocked that Kero would say those words. Then I saw little steams of tears and I took his stuff out of my bag. I guess I'll let him stay home today. But when I get home he has a lot of explaining to do.

Chapter three:

at school; 7:20am

"Li-kun did u see sakura on your way here? She said she would try to get here early today." Tomoyo asked seeing syaoran walk in.

"No. You should know by now that sakura never comes to school early unless needed to or Kinomoto-san tricks her." He laughed. But stopped when he saw Tomoyo's face "she is right behind me isn't she?" all Tomoyo could do was nod. Slowly syaoran turned around seeing an angry sakura. "Uh oh… snap" (Lol! I find that I say that a lot now. Ha-ha… must be my friends influence.) He said under his breath "… O- ohiyo Sakura." He said nervously.

Sakura had an angry face on her hut that soon passed. Sakura is a very forgiving person and can't stay mad even if she wanted to. They afternoon seemed to pass by quickly but to sakura it was a long day. She seemed very sleepy today. She took a nap at least in every class she had except PE.

Sakura's pov (ha-ha I finally know what pov means it means point of view! I knew it was something like that.)

I keep having that dream! Why? Is something happening that are going to involve those three people?

"Sakura, watch out!" I snapped out of my thoughts. "Hoe?" then I walked right in a pole "itai" I clutch my head with a white crossed band-aid immediately on my forehead.

"you okay Sakura?" said a worried syaoran. We blushed at the closeness of each other. And as expected tomoyo cried out "KAWAII! I will call this 'Sakura's clumsiness ends with a worried syaoran!' (I know it seems lame but I really couldn't think of anything else.)" both me and syaoran sweat-dropped.

The day was very short and I got to go home early because during math miss. Kaho (I forgot her last name… I'll have to use this for now) saw me fall asleep and got a little worried.

Sakura's house (I'm gonna skip time… I don't know what to write about)

"kero! I'm home early!" I found no reply back. "He must be having his afternoon naps for playing to many video games… ha-ha I wonder what is he's high score now?" I grabbed a little snack and stuffed it in my mouth, then ran upstairs to think on my bed.

I wonder who they are… those two boys' eyes reminds me of the eyes of the two other babies in my other dream. Maybe they are related to me…


There were three babies they were born just an hour ago. They are the lucky children that were born as triplets. Their family is very happy especially their 6 year old boy. Speaking of which there he is now

The little boy with black hair and brown eyes came in looking much exited to see his little siblings.

"Hello little ones." He said smiling gently at them "I am Touya your big brother. Do you want to see your other brothers' sakura? " he asked the little baby girl. She had bight emerald eyes and mixed hair color of urban and natural black highlights. She was the youngest of all four of the children. Touya was obviously the oldest, the fact that he is 6 years older then them.

"This is your other older brother. His name is Harry." Harry he was 3 minutes older than sakura. Harry has jet black hair and emerald eyes like Sakura's.

"And this is your other brother, Sasuke." Sasuke was the last brother sakura has. He is 1.5 minutes older than sakura. He has jet black hair like his brothers' and the darkest blown eyes. If you didn't see correctly you would have thought it was black.

Sakura looks like both her parents. She has urban hair from her father, natural black highlights and the green eyes from her mother. All four children have a gold necklace. They each have their names engraved on the ring on the necklace and their last name Kinomoto on the back. Those rings are special and no one else has it but them. It forms a circle if you put it together; Fujitaka's (dad), Nadeshiko's (mom), Touya's, Harry's, Sasuke's, and Sakura's. (Ha-ha I know it sounds lame but I could think of any thing else that will help them find each other physically…)

a week later

The babies were able to get out of the hospital and finally to their home. You could tell that they liked it instantly. But something happened one night to tear them apart.

dark lord's crib

"ku ku ku ku ku ku! No one con stop me once I separate those triplets they will never be powerful. And to not waste my energy I can just separate those boys. There is no way that little baby girl can stop me even if she isn't separated from her family! Lucas! Is the teleportation spell ready yet?" he said with a sinister smirk on his evil face.

"Yes master. It is ready. Do you need backup? Some of us could come with you." Said Lucas. "This way." Lucas led his master to a room and there another servant came to help.

"This poison will only last an hour. If u wan to bring them back early, there is a button on the teleporter I'm giving you." The teleporter had four buttons. One said home and the other three were to go to other places. The tiny servant poured the magical liquid in the teleporter, there was a green puff of smoke coming out but it worked. "Here you go master."

He pressed on of the small buttons and in a flash he was gone.

…to be continued…

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