Hellboy's Halloween

—Post 2004 movie Epilogue

Same location,
Monday, October 31, 2005

Hellboy stood across the street, staring at the house that he had finally managed to locate again after all these decades. Hearing some footsteps approaching, he shrank back further into the shadows and watched as an older boy escorted what were probably his two younger siblings. The girl was dressed in the same shimmering-pink princess gown Hellboy had seen at least five times before and the boy as a silver-clad knight in vinyl shining armor; complete with plastic chain mail and rubber sword.

He watched the elderly woman who answered the door 'ooh' and 'aah' over the little girl and admire the crest the boy had etched on his cardboard shield. Leaning forward a little more, he looked more closely at the woman with her blue jeans, pumpkin-embossed black T-shirt, and short-cut silver hair.

He was certain the house was the same house he recalled from the only time Trevor Broom had ever been able to take him trick-or-treating; but was unsure if the woman, even if around the correct age, was the same woman he had met there all those years before. Part of him wanted to go up and knock on the door to find out; part of him wanted to turn around and make his way back to the secret military base located in a nearby desert that he had departed from several hours before.

Continuing to stare at the house, Hellboy sighed. For the few years that he had lived in New Mexico, he had been young enough and naïve enough to be almost totally happy; mostly unaware of how much his life was being endangered by the 'scientific research' he had been compelled to undergo, until Trevor Broom put a stop to it.

Hellboy was now much older, possibly wiser, and certainly more cynical; and yet, he was homesick for the time when he had been small enough that Trevor Broom was able to bury him under an oddly constructed Superman costume and take him around, pillowcase in hand, to collect candy.

"Hey, great costume! You're supposed to be that Hellboy guy from the comics, right?"

A little startled by this sudden interruption, Hellboy turned toward an eight- or nine-year-old boy dressed as Spiderman.

"Brian, don't bother the man," said the middle-aged-man who accompanied the young boy.

Hellboy winked at the boy, "The kid's right. Amazing the crap you can get off eBay, isn't it?"

Suddenly feeling a lot more light-hearted than he had felt in days, Hellboy strode across the street and rapped at the door of the house he had been observing.

Even though she moved a little more slowly each year than she had the year before, Linda still loved to pass out candy at Halloween. She went to the door to find a man, close to seven feet tall, in the oddest-looking costume she had ever seen.

"Trick-or-treat!" he said with a grin, "Got any Baby Ruth bars in there?"

"I'm sorry, I only pass out candy to …" Linda, stopping in mid-sentence, looked more closely at the giant of a man standing on her front porch, "Oh, my, you did grow big and strong, didn't you, dear?"

"Guess so," Hellboy chuckled, "You must have been right 'bout eating those Baby Ruth bars."

"Do you and your father still live near here?" Linda said, as she dug around in her bowl of candy.

"Nah, I live in Newark now. Got a wife and everything." Hellboy looked away, and then looked back. "My father's been gone for almost a year now. That's why I came back here, really. He still had some property in New Mexico that needed taken care of. Hope you don't mind that I came around."

"No, of course not," Linda said, as she handed Hellboy two Baby Ruth bars. "Now, don't eat too many more of these. I don't see that you need to grow much bigger than you are now. And your father seemed like such a small man. You must have gotten your tall genes from someone else."

Hellboy looked at the two Baby Ruth bars he now held in his hand, and then back up at Linda.

"I'm adopted, you know. So, I did I get my 'tall genes' from someone else. You're right. My father was a small man and if I ever become even half the man he was, I can count myself lucky."

Hellboy pushed the two candy bars into one of the pockets of his coat. Leaning down, he gently kissed the elderly woman's cheek. "Well, I better go. We're flying back home tomorrow."

As he turned and walked quickly away, Linda could swear that another man was walking beside him. But when she blinked, the other man was gone and Hellboy was again walking alone.

Thanks for reading. The costumes described were ones seen by me on my way home from work. A Post-Golden Army epilogue has now been added.