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CH 2:

Typical Beginnings

.Modern Day Tokyo….

Higurashi Shrine…

Light shimmers through barely parted curtains. A calendar on the wall is opened to June, the first day circled in red. Written in the box are the words, "Feudal Era – 7:00 AM pack up – must be there by 8:00 AM!" The clock on the nightstand has been busted open; the hour hand last residing on the 7, the minute hand on the 12. A watch sits next to it. Upon closer inspection of this unbroken object, we see the time reading "9:00 AM". In the bed lays a slumbering girl, hand fisted firmly on the unfortunate clock mentioned earlier. This is the room of one Kagome Higurashi.

"hm-" she mumbled, "-huh!"

Now awake, Kagome frantically searches for her watch, mentally noting the former alarm clock.

"Oh no! 9:00 already! I'm late!" She ran to the bathroom to take care of "morning business", brushed her teeth, combed her hair, etc. By the time she finished…..

"9:30? Inuyasha will not be happy about this!" she said, and then thought, 'Of course he's never happy about anything…'

Having everything she needed done, she grabbed her bag (which took another 30 minutes to pack), said goodbye to her family, and rushed out the door toward the well house.

... …

.Feudal Japan….

The Well…

"Where the hell is she!"

"Calm down Inuyasha, I'm sure she will be here soon."

"Yeah give her some credit why don't ya?"

"Shippo and Miroku are right Inuyasha, you need to be patient"

Back at the well, Inuyasha, Sango, Miroku, and Shippo, are waiting patiently for their friend Kagome's return. Or at least Sango, Miroku, and Shippo are waiting patiently, while Inuyasha just ranted.

"Kagome is probably on her way right now." Stated the 'wise' monk, 'Although I myself am beginning to wonder why she is two hours late….'


Kagome was engulfed in the familiar blue, shining light that accompanies her every time she enters the well. It gave her a calming feeling much unlike the one she felt when first dragged into it. As she was being transported to the past, she thought to herself.

"I guess I shouldn't be too worried, because if he gives me a hard time about it, I can just sit him." She pondered this decision for a moment and reconsidered, 'No that wouldn't be right… after all I did oversleep, it was my fault and he has the right to be mad.'


"Stupid wench is always late, I never should've let her go back to her era," Inuyasha ranted, "Things would be a whole lot easier if she just lived here for the rest of her life!"

"What's this? Do you mean to say that you want her to live here with you for the rest of her life?" Miroku questioned, "If so then you should build a hut for yourselves, as you will probably need some privacy for your- (smash) ow!"

Pulling back his fist, Inuyasha growled, "Shut up! As if I would 'ever' harbor feelings for that damn wench! She's just a shard detector!"

"SIT! Sit, sit, sit, sit, sit!"

"Kagome's back." Miroku noted.

.… ….

..to be continued…..

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