Hawk Longinus: My God people, this story was published at the beginning of November; November for Christ's sake! You would think I would have gotten more reviews by now….I didn't think my story was that bad….. Well I know it doesn't seem original because the "Barrows Brothers" seem made up off the top of my head since the Band of Seven already exists, but I'm being perfectly honest when I say that the Brothers are not my OC's.

Since nobody tried to guess where they came from I'll just say it: they come from an MMORPG called Runescape, made by Jagex Ltd., they are, or actually were extremely powerful brothers who had once reigned supreme in RS. I will not reveal any more than that.

Be lucky that I was inspired to salvage this potent story.

Disclaimer: No religious bias was intended in the making of this author's note a he does not really even believe in God, nor does he shun the religious freedom of others. Hawk Longinus does not own Inuyasha or the Barrows Brothers, as they belong to Rumiko Takahashi and Jagex Ltd. respectively.

Ch. 3


Kagome: Rrrggg why does he always have to be such a jerk!

Not being able to tolerate the dog-traited half demon, Kagome had stomped off into the forest to cool her rage.

Kagome: Why can't he just be more polite…what am I saying, he doesn't know how to be polite. All he knows how to do is start a fight at any given opportunity….


Miroku: You know it really would be a lot better off in the future if you could just be nicer to her, rather than fueling your pride.

Inuyasha: Just keep talking Miroku, you may just find a nicer life being a unic.

Miroku: Wha- isn't that a little rash? I never asked you to make me a unic!

Shippo: What's a unic?

Sango: Shippo please don't ask, (turning to Inuyasha) Miroku was just giving you advice; you don't need to threaten him.

Miroku: It's ok Sango maybe we ought to just let them sort it out….Better be safe I reeeaaallly don't want to be castrated….

Satsuki River Basin

Naraku (A/N: I wasn't going to make him all mysterious, because you all know who he is): Ha! I with this key I can unlock the Vessel of the Forbidden, the one and only remaining way to access the Barrows.

He walks toward an ancient looking relic, a cube shaped antique, lying at the shore of the basin, the water lapping against it. Lifting it up, Naraku gazed down at the aged object with his trademark malicious smile.

Naraku: Now to insert the key…..

Doing as one does with a key he turns it, creating a satisfying click; a click that would apparently be the death of our heroes.

The world began to twist, shred, and distort itself around him, as he awaited his entry to these "Barrows"

When everything that should be physical sets into place, the wretched villain turns to gaze at the fruit of his efforts.

Naraku: Fwa ha ha ha ha! It has finally begun! My plan has been realized as with these brothers I can become unstoppable, and destroy Inuyasha once and for all! (moving to the center of the six protruding mounds of dirt spread evenly among the graveyard) (pulling out an ancient looking book, he begins to read)

Spirits of the Barrows I command thee, open thine crypts of thy six felled Brothers, whose very hatred for humanity has led thee all to curse, and awaken thy souls of those who cannot leave.

As Naraku finished the first part of this unholy ritual, he began to move around to each mound pouring a foul stenched bloody liquid onto every one of them. This being done he returned to the center of the crypts, and begun once more to read.

Naraku: With flesh, blood, bones, and water, I have concocted a liquid of many corpses to build a body for thy returning of the Brothers to physical form. Bring forth the Brothers return to life, bring forth thine bodies to absolute awakening, bring forth their tattered souls to resurrection!

The unholy ritual finished, a terrible aura spread around the Barrows. The aura was so horribly filled with doom and malice that it would cause any normal mortal to instantly go insane.

Suddenly, a rumbling occurred as six battered and worn sarcophaguses arose from their corresponding mounds of earth. Each one opened, one after another, until all six revealed the now fully regenerated bodies of the dreaded Barrows Brothers.

Naraku: 'Now to submit them under my control with the jewel shards' (moving towards them, he attempts to place a shard in the neck of the first brother who arose, the one covered in old worn robes.) 'Now the first brother shall be in my power, and I will do the same for-' (the shard is repelled by an unseen force, pushing back Naraku's hand and effectively ripping it right off.) WHAT? What the hell happened? Why or how did it reject the shard?

?(the one in the robes): Because I choose not be controlled by the likes of you, pathetic demon.

Naraku: How did you know I was intending to- no! You can read my mind? Arrrrrgghgh you will suffer for your insolence! (he raises his other arm to try and destroy the brother)

?(the third brother): I think not, sir (3 consecutive crossbow shots are heard)

Naraku: (with crossbow bolts protruding from his back) Do you believe that 3 bolts are enough to stop me? (he brings down his deformed clawed hand unto the first brother, who easily doges it)

Naraku: What? Why am I moving so slowly? You will pay dearly for thi- arrrrghh (he was just hit with a fireball of sorts, as a skull appears out of thin air, and starts to orbit him) Get this thing off of me! Why do I feel incredibly weakened? That's enough I must get out of here and abandon this plan!

As Naraku moves to grab for the key and box (which were so inconveniently held in the hand that was blasted off not so long ago) but is stopped by a searing impactof what felt like a hammer of sortsonto his ribcage.

Naraku: Arrgh I can barely move! What have you done to me?

?(the second brother): We have weakened all of your motor functions, and now you must die.

?(the sixth brother): No one controls the Brothers, the last one who tried met with a death worse than your own!

?(the fifth brother): Even if you are the one who resurrected us, we refuse to be used by the likes of you!

?(the fourth brother): and so this is your retribution! (he brings down a ball and chain onto Naraku phasing through his defenses and striking him right in the heart.)

This, though seemingly unbelievable, finally puts an end to Naraku's reign of terror, consequentially bringing rise to a brand new one.

?(third brother): what a pathetic waste of a demon.

?(first brother): so what of this "Inuyasha" he mentioned?

?(fourth brother): it matters not, (the box and key catch his eye) look, there is our way out, we shall take our leave of this dreary place.

?(sixth brother): And wreak havoc upon the lands we set foot!

… …

.to be continued….

Ok that was the third chapter of SIN, hopefully better than the first two! Oh and I'm just starting out and getting used to so be patient, I will try to make the chapters longer. Also notice I changed it to script form; the reason is so I can arrange a little clearer what things are going on. Oh and one last thing, I am voiding the instatement of the HL Doctrine, as this is my first story I wanna post chapters no matter how many reviews I get!

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