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Story: Fly Towards the Moon of Hope

Chapter 2: Memories Resurface

Excited chattering filled the Great Hall as every student gathered to eat breakfast on his or her first day of classes. Everyone were sitting in groups, talking happily on how their summer went or how marvelous life was without Voldemort; Everyone except for her. On the end of the Gryffindor table sat Hermione…alone as usual. So alone, that in fact, it seemed that her life would be lonely from now on.

She didn't dared to talk with anybody and no one dared to talk with her…not even the ghosts, it was as if they were scared that her newly acquired bad luck (and loneliness) would rub on them. She didn't mind though, alone she felt at peace, no one was there to question her what she had witnessed in the war.

A sigh escaped her lips as she looked down at her plate filled with food. Bacon, egg, and toast. She wasn't hungry, plus this food didn't appetized her greatly…nothing did…one of the reasons of why she had grown so abnormally thin. Though, someone with an endless stomach wouldn't argue with his appetite, he would eat it, even if he didn't liked it. Someone like Ron…

Immediately, a memory blinded her vision…her mind, and she could see herself sitting in the Gryffindor table, but this time, along with Ron and Harry. Ron, as usual, was stuffing his face with every food he could gulp down. With a frown, she told him off. "Ron, remember your manners!" she pointed out. Only to be responded by the redheaded himself, sending a smug smile at her, syrup over his lips. Harry, sitting besides her, couldn't help but laugh quietly…and even though Hermione found Ron repulsively stubborn, she also joined in with their laughter.

"I love you guys." she said through her giggling. "As we also do." they responded in a chorus. She smiled, but as she blinked the image was long gone, and she found herself again at the table alone. "God, I miss you guys" she whispered to herself and her solitude.

A knot formed in her throat, and tears blinded her sight. How she wished someone would comfort her…Harry and Ron especially. She gulped, composing herself, for she could not bear the fact of crying in front of everyone. Trying to get rid of the memory, which had made her feel so hollow, she placed a spoonful of scrambled eggs. To her, it tasted like cardboard, as it went down slowly through her throat, when she gulped.

"Miss Granger" spoke a voice behind her.

She gulped, unwillingly, the residue of eggs that was still in her mouth, before she turned around, to meet this person who had interrupted her, through her torture of eating. There she was, Professor McGonagall, in all her glory, with her stern face, her usual professor's robe, and her lopsided hat, covering her graying hair tied in a bun.

"Yes, professor" responded Hermione.

Professor McGonagall began searching her papers, till she found the one she was looking for and handed it to the girl in front of her. "This is this years schedule," she said in a matter-of-fact voice. "As you see, Miss Granger, I took the liberty in eliminating some of the classes, in which you were doing exceptionally good, so that you wouldn't have be too handful this year. I wish you would find it comftable to your liking. That is all," then in a softer tone added. "Have a good morning, Miss Granger." And by that she walked away, handing the schedules to other Gryffindors.

Hermione was in shock. Why did the professor eliminated some of her classes? Oh, right, because she was incapable of doing to much homework, since her fragile mind could not help her. She rolled her eyes. Bullshit. She didn't want anyone pitying her. What did they think she was? Five? A frown was planted on her lips as she looked at her schedule. Only 4 classes and a long free time.

"I don't need any free time" she mumbled under her voice, as she got up, leaving a forgotten breakfast and walked away of the Great Hall, to her first class.

"Look there's Granger. The one who ran out yesterday."

"Whoa, she looks like one of the living dead."

"I wonder if she misses her friends."

"Yeah, what it must be like?"

"I heard that she wants to die."

"Really? I didn't expected that from a bookworm."

Those were some of the fragments of conversation Hermione could catch as she walked towards Potions, her final class of the day. So far, the first classes were surprisingly boring, the teachers were disappointed for her lack of participation, but they didn't bother her. On the other hand the students were gossiping of her all day and but she ignoring them, just like she was doing now. No one still didn't dare to talk with her, not even walk besides her, but they did dared on talking behind her back. Some friends they were, even some of them were from Gryffindor.

It hurt, some of the comments they made, but she kept her head up high, not wanting to satisfy them with her tears.

She stepped into the dungeons only to be stopped by the wall that made her tripped against it. It wasn't a wall…to her bad luck, it was the Slitherin blonde, Draco Malfoy. "Excuse me." She said through clenched teeth.

Malfoy smirked. "Well, well, who do we have here? The Gryffindor mudblood."

"Excuse me." She spoke again, more loudly this time. If Harry and Ron were here they would have already kicked his pure-stinking-blood arse. No she mustn't think of them, she might cry in front of Malfoy…she had to protect the dignity she had left. So, with bravery, she passed besides him, hitting his shoulder along the way, surprised that he hadn't stopped her. He kept in the entrance, laughing with his cronies.

She sat in front of the line like always, even if she no longer paid attention to the class. Only this time, she didn't had a partner…her partners usually were Harry or Ron, but they weren't here. Plus, no one dared to sit with her. The bookworm freak.

Professor Snape entered the dungeon, his usual black robes slithering behind him and his usual greasy hair still as he walked. Without even greeting properly the class, he started speaking. "Today we'll be making the memory potion. And no Mr. Malfoy it isn't nothing like the veritaserum. Can anyone tell me what is the memory potion main purpose?"

No one spoke, and surprisingly for everyone neither did Hermione. Snape raised his eyebrows and turned to her, "Miss Granger?" She just bowed her head and looked at her quill and parchment. She knew the answer by heart, but she couldn't find a way to say it.

"Seems like the cat got her tongue." Spoke the recognizable voice of Malfoy. At this comment the Slitherin laughed.

"Enough," spoke Snape, then turning to Hermione said, "Fine, ten points from Gryffindor" He then did a wave with his wand and letter forming sentences and fragments appeared in the chalkboard. "The ingredients and proper instruction are on the board. You have only 20 minutes to prepare it, so hurry up!"

Hermione's face was hot and red, from anger and embarrassment. Even if Snape was on the good side, he still was a greasy moron. She passed a hand through her wavy hair and began preparing the potion. It was an easy and simple potion, only needed some newts tongue, troll mucus, a phoenix feather and other insignificant things. But sometimes, she found that it was hard to grab the bottles. Her black gloves made it slippery…she couldn't take it off…they would see her scars. Once she added the pinch of mandrake powder, the potion turned a crystal clear color. It was finished. She sighed, the potion only took her ten minutes to do it…after all she didn't have the constant nagging for help that Neville used to provide her, after all he too was in …and apparently his grandmother didn't want him to return to Hogwarts. If he was here, he would have at least tried to make her company…he was too kind.

She shrugged of the thought, and peered in the cauldron, at the swirling liquid. It suddenly turned red, a bloody red. Screams were heard from it, agonizing screams. Faces came into view, corpses all around the ground. But more than that, the smell of blood filled her, making her feel sick and dizzy. She started screaming, and in an attempt to stop it all, she pushed the cauldron, spilling the potion. But still, blood oozed from it. She screamed clutching her hair, but it didn't stop…and on her knees she fell, blood staining her robes.

"Miss Granger!" barked Snape, grabbing her shoulders and lifting her up, from the cold floor. "Look what you did, you spilled the potion all over the floor! 20 points from…"

He stopped short once he saw her pale and scared face. The memory potion, he thought. Snape looked at the floor to see it spilled all over. Realization kicked in. He needed to get her out; whatever she was seeing was driving her crazy. "Go to the infirmary" he told her and she immediately ran out, the students murmuring to themselves in shocked. For the second time she had run away…

Hermione needed to get out of the blood, and once she stepped out of the dungeons she vomited on the floor. She fell on her knees feeling weak, as vomit still escaped her mouth. Once she stopped, she wiped her lips clean, with her trembling hand, scared and disgust that what had left her mouth was also blood. The irony of it all, she cut herself freely, to die, but she couldn't stand seeing blood in front of her...especially if it belong to somebody else.

With a wave of her wand, she cleaned the floor were her disgust was released and sat on the cold floor, resting her back against the brick wall. Thank goodness, no one was in the corridor, no one had seen her.

She placed her knees against her chest, wrapping them with her arms, to rest her head in them and whimper. She should have known better than to look at the potion. That potion brought the recent most permanent memory one might have. To her it showed her the night of the war, the night that Harry and Ron left her. She was stupid for looking. The first day of classes was already ruined and she couldn't bear to think what the future had in store for her.

"Miss Granger?" spoke a soft husky voice, followed by footsteps.

She raised her head to look into the face of worried Professor Lupin. He kneeled before her, looking her in the eye. Grayish blue eyes locked with light honey brown eyes. "Are you all right?" he asked.

Hermione looked down, breaking their gaze. "Yes" she whispered.

"Of course you're not well. Look your pale," He placed a hand on her forehead. "And cold." He murmured. "You should go to the infirmary, what happened to you?"

"Nothing." She replied and stood up, steadying herself against the wall for support…she was a lot dizzier than she thought she was. "Thank you, professor." And by that she walked away hoping he wouldn't notice through her calm façade. The one she could muster only in front of everyone, but not to herself.

Meanwhile, Lupin still was in the same spot she was in before. He knew she was lying, he knew she was through hard times…she didn't wanted to admit it, nor talk with anyone about it. She was like he had been, in every way. He looked around and saw the potions dungeon. He might have to have a talk with Severus on why she was outside his class, as pale as chalk.

- - - end chapter 2 - - -

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