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Story: Fly Towards the Moon of Hope

Chapter 3: Voices Inside

Hermione drank the potion Madam Pomfrey, cringing at the awful, salty and sour taste it had. As the nurse had told her, she could sleep dreamless tonight, plus get rid of the sickening feeling she still had at the pit in her stomach. She wanted very much to feel at least her 'normal' self. She gulped down the last drop and set the bottle on her bedside table. With a sigh, she fell unceremoniously on her bed, closing her eyes, as the potion began to take it's told.

Her arms fell on either side of her, outstretched in the mattress. Her wrists were bandaged, the stain of red in them. Blood. She did it again, cut herself that is. She always did it when she felt depressed…alone…hurt…numb…she wanted to feel, at least alive. But it came with a price, the act she did, her marks were long and deep, and by now, not even magic could conceal them.

It was a good thing that this year she had been selected as Head Girl, and even if at first she didn't wanted the position, she felt grateful. Nobody would see her do the unforgetful sin, no one would ask were the scars came from, no one would watch her as if she was crazy. The only downside she found in this was that she had to share a common room with Malfoy (who had been selected as Head Boy too) and one bathroom. Still, he didn't pay to much attention to her, so that was good too.

She shifted sideways, careful to not hurt herself more, to look at the picture she had on her bedside. She was there with Harry and Ron, her friends, the famous trio. The picture moved and Harry winked and Ron waved, she smiled wider. Hermione sighed as tears trickled down her cheeks. "Goodnight" she whispered, an with a small smile, she drifted away to sleep soundless.

"Snape, can I have a word with you?" asked Lupin, over dinner.

Snape turned to him, frowning. "What is it, Lupin?" he sneered, as he placed his spoon down on his plate.

"I just want to ask you, what happened to Miss Granger this morning at your class?"

"Why do you ask, it isn't any of your concern to what happens in my class."

Damn Snape. "I need to know. I found her at the corridor, pale as chalk, crying and…"

Snape raised his hand to silence him. "If I tell you, will you shut up?" he said. Lupin nodded, glad that his former classmate was willing to speak. "If you must know I was teaching my class how to make the memory potion and when Miss Granger finished hers, she happened to look in it. It seems she saw something painful."

Lupin frowned. He could easily guess what she saw. "Thank you," he said to Snape, who in return, gave him a cold glare.

A sigh escaped Lupin's mouth as he looked over at the Gryffindor table. He could not see her bushy hair anywhere. "Are you looking for Miss Granger?" spoke a voice besides him at the table.

He turned around to see the knowing blue eyes of the headmaster. Lupin nodded silently, shy that he was caught in the act. Dumbledore smiled. "Your worried about her, aren't you?"

Lupin nodded again. "Yes, I'm worried. Very much. After all, she is passing through the same thing I passed years ago. She's alone."

"It seems so," said Dumbledore, rubbing his bear thoughtfully. "Don't worry about her now, though. Madam Pomfrey told me she send her straight to her room with a sleep potion. She was quite shaken up."

"I hope she's doing fine." Murmured Lupin.

Dumbledore smiled and spoke, the recognizable twinkle in his eyes. "Why don't you get closer to her? Be her friend. Help her."

Lupin raised his eyebrows. "Isn't that against the rules? Have a favorite student?"

"Yes, but only if you see it that way."

The sound of birds chirping and the sunlight peering through her window woke Hermione up.

She stretched her arms and winced, making her remember what she had done the previous night. Sitting on her bed, she undid the bandage and looked at her new scabs. Swollen, red colored from infection. She muttered a spell and new bandages wrapped her wrists. With carefulness, she slipped her black gloves on. The sound of a door closing reached her ears. "That must be Malfoy." She thought, as she dressed up for another day of classes.

Hermione walked down the stairs heading for her first class, when something reached her ears.

"Hermione" Someone called.

She turned her head sideways, she knew that voice. Harry's.

"Hermione" She turned the other way, a shock expression on her face. Ron's.

"Hermione!" She was suddeanly feeling dizzy, she sat on the stairs placing her head in her hands. "Hermione, Hermione, Hermione…"


"Stop it!" she screamed, lifting her tear-stained face.

Professor Lupin was looking straight at her, a shocked look in his face. She blushed and stood up…for a second time he had seen through her façade…breaking down. With her head bend down, she ran past him and towards the Hogwarts ground.

The wind slapped her face and she fell on her knees in the grass, throwing the books all over, not caring if they broke. She covered her face with her trembling hands. What was happening to her? Did the blood of loss finally took its toll?

"Hermione!" The voice was still bothering her, when suddenly someone got hold of her elbow.

She yanked away, only to be lifted by the shoulders. "Miss Granger!" called an urgent voice. Hermione opened her eyes to gaze into Professors Lupin light brown eyes. "What happened?!"

She gulped and closed her eyes, trying to calm herself. "Nothing, sir. I just got confused…"

He raised an eyebrow. "Don't lie. Something happened" Then in a softer tone he added. "Please tell me."

"I already said it was nothing." And by that she got herself out of her professor's grasp and without another word, walked rapidly towards the castle, as if nothing had happened.

Lupin sat in his DADA classroom, waiting for his seventh year class to come. He wondered if Hermione was doing all right. Why was she acting this way? So stubborn? The doors opened and he jerked away from his thought, as the Slitherin and Gryffindor poured in, taking their respective seats. "Good afternoon class." He called over their chatering. They all replied the same. A frown appeared on his face. As he suspected, Hermione was no where in sight. "Where is Miss Granger?" he asked casually.

"We haven't seen her, professor." Replied Lavender frowning.

Professor Lupin sighed and passed a hand through his brown hair. Just as he had suspected it.

Once class ended, Lupin called Malfoy apart. The slitherin walked towards him, a usual annoyed look on his face.

"Mr. Malfoy." Spoke first Lupin, breaking through a silence that had enveloped them. "Can you do me a small favor?"

Malfoy shrugged. "I might as well, since you already called me apart." He said annoyed.

Lupin managed to smile kindly, handing him a some papers. "Could you give this to Miss Granger."

"Why should I?" Asked Malfoy, scowling, but nevertheless taking the papers. "It isn't like she's my friend or something."

"I know she isn't," replied Lupin frowning. "But since you're head boy, can you at least do that simple task?"

"Might as well, professor."

Malfoy entered the head's common room, mumbling unintelligent things under his breath. He was quite pissed for having to serve as a servant to a mudblood. Why should he? He went upstairs, towards the room and knocked. No sound…he knocked again…no movement…he knocked for a third time.

"Dammit, Granger! I'm getting impatient!" He called angrily. "Open the godamn door or I'll open it."

A moment of silence and then he heard it. Sobbing, crying, sniffing. Taking a deep breath to calm down his anger, he opened her bedroom door. And there she was, lying on her bed, her head covered by her pillow, still with her school robes. "Granger?" Spoke Malfoy, close to her bed.

"Leave me alone." Came her muffled response.

Malfoy moved closer and touched her shoulder. "Granger? Come on, stop whining."

She sniffed and lifted her head. "I'm not whining!" Then she faced him, showing her tear-stained face. "And what are you doing here? To make fun of me?" She asked, wiping her tears with the back of her hand.

"For your information I came here to give this to you. The assignment Professor Lupin send you." Said Malfoy, resting the papers at the end of her bed.

"I don't need anyone's help!" Hermione stubbornly shouted.

He scoffed and walked towards the door, stopping midway. "Do me a favor? Stop whining and go to the classes. I won't be an errand boy every time you decide to start whining." He turned to her and gave her a glare. "I wasn't helping you, by the way, I was 'ordered' to give this to you."

And by that he fierce fully closed the door behind him.

Hermione raised an eyebrow. Since when he talked to her more than two words? Since when he asked her for a 'favor'? And since when did he think she would do as he says? She wiped a stray tear and rested her head on her bed. She wondered what would Ron and Harry say. Would they raised their wands to Malfoy?

Still…he hadn't called her a mudblood.

- - - end chapter 3 - - -

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