Greetings again, or for some of you greetings for the first time! I was so overwhelmed by the wonderful responses to my last fic I thought I'd give a short new one a try. This one is not what one would call a serious fiction actually quite the opposite, nor what I would call a sequel to "Never too old Never too different" however elements of that story are important as this takes place a few weeks afterwards and for those who are not familiar with my other work all you really need to know is that Zazu has recently left the pride lands and gone into retirement to live with Timon's Ma, and Nala has recently given birth to 3 cubs.

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Major-Domo Madness

It had been four weeks since Zazu had gone on his long deserved retirement and the royal couple had been very busy indeed with the newly arrived cubs.

Kiara had been quite easy to look after when she was their age but the fact that there were three cubs rather than one caused a little havoc as Nala only has two eyes and often when a cub was out of view it would try to crawl away, not that they could go very far considering walking was new to them.

Simba had been a great help to her and rarely left her side, this way Nala could sleep and go out without worrying that the cubs were roaming freely or alone and scared. However throughout the lands the other animals were feeling that Simba was spending a little too much time being a father than he was being a king as their needs had been ignored.


One day while in the cave the royal couple heard a great commotion coming from outside their home. Simba walked outside and was shocked to see a great gathering of animals at the base of Pride Rock. His subjects did not seem to notice him as he watched them quarrel with each other.

"Residents of the Pridelands," said Simba in a loud voice causing all the animals to look up and take notice, "what troubles bring you here?"

"You have forgotten us and as a result the cheetahs have forced us jackals out of our territories," spoke a small male jackal.

"The wild dogs have been over hunting us," yelled out a female Zebra.

"There are too many crocodiles in the waterhole and we are running out of room," boomed a Hippo.

"If you're running out of room it's only because your kind are so fat you take it all up!" snapped a crocodile at the Hippo.

All the animals then started to blurt out their problems and argue with each other all at once, so Simba could not listen to the individual problems.

"SILENCE!" roared the king, he had heard enough.

When all was quiet the he continued. "I see that I have been neglecting my duties as king, and for this I am sorry."

"Sorry won't bring our homes back," snarled the Jackal. Simba glared down at it and he slunk back into the crowd with his head down.

"As all who attended the presentation of Diata, Chipo and Kenyi, my new cubs, " said Simba with a proud smile, " you would realise that I have been occupied with family duties. I am not excusing myself, and now that you have all brought these problems to my attention I will do my best to assist you all. The departure of Zazu who has been the prides trusted Major-Domo for many seasons has made it more difficult for me to gain knowledge of the issues occurring in these lands, so it is now that I ask that any bird that is interested in filling the position of Major-Domo, come into my cave tomorrow after sunrise in order to apply for the position."


There we go a trademark short beginning chapter! The next chapter will mainly consist of the interviews, which I hope you find amusing : )

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