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Night Wanderer

Chapter 1

Flash back A History

Yugi stared back sadly at the Kaiba mansion, knowing that it would probably be the last time he would see is friends and family for a long time.

He drew his cloak closer as a breeze of cool air passed. He couldn't help but chuckle and angrily extended his fangs. He was the living dead; creature of the night, a creature feared and hated everywhere, he could no longer feel anything but pain and sadness.

Looking at the mansion once more he stared at the left wing where a figure was staring at him, while trying to remain hidden from of view. Yugi couldn't help but give a small smile as he watched Joey watching him.

If it wasn't for Joey, Kaiba, and Mokuba taking him into their care after he was bitten he would have been an even darker shadow of what he was. Kaiba had changed dramatically after he and Joey hooked up after the battle ceremony. He and Kaiba had grown extremely close, even viewed each other as family now that their revelry was gone with the passing of Yami.

Closing his eyes he shuddered as he remembered that fateful night.

Yugi looked around warily, straining his eyes as he tried to look out into the dark night. He felt something evil lurk about but e knew it wasn't the shadow realm that was giving out the dark vibes.

Everyone thought that the shadow realm would be locked away this time for eternity this time, but Yugi still had a strong connection with the shadow realm deeper then before and could feel the shadow realm wrap around him as its powers pulsed through his veins.

Even after confiding in Ishuzu, he was still clueless as to why the shadow realm responded only to him in this manner. He had tried to call onto the shadow monsters, but his efforts where fruitless, he could feel the shadows sooth him every time he tried and failed, telling him that now wasn't the time to use his powers.

He ran his hand through his spiky hair, to find himself being thrown against the wall. Staring at his attacker he found himself freeze in shock, as his he saw the long fangs, and red eyes full with lost. It was his dream, the attacker, he could only watch as the fangs punctured the vein in his neck as the vampire bit down drawing his blood.

He slowly felt the blood flowing out of his body; strangely he felt no pain as his body was slowly shutting down from blood loss. He could feel the shadow realm soothing him taking away his pain, he could feel the sadness radiating from the shadow realm for not being able to interfere, and it was the will of fate for Yugi to die.

The vampire let Yugi limp body fall to the ground as he whipped his hand across his face smiling at the blood smears, as it turned around to leave it was surrounded by dark shadows which crushed him slowly enjoying the creatures agonized screams.

They then turned around to the dead youth, and felt someone presence the shadows started to prepare an attack fearing that someone was going to disturb their dead child's body. A young woman formed from a ball of light and headed toward Yugi.

Moving the bands from Yugis face she smiled sadly.

'' Im sorry young one, but it had to be done'' placing a hand on his chest Yugis dead heart started beating once more.

The shadow realm stared sadly, it had known that their charge and beloved son was going to die this way, but it couldn't interfere fate wasn't done with Yugi just yet, his adventures with the millennium items were only the beginning.

Summoning the Dark magician, she watched him carry Yugi toward Seto house. The usual cold monster was radiating sadness and pain, as a few tears fell onto the Yugis face. He stared down sadly at Yugi, his young master needs to be strong the worlds fate now rested on his shoulder.

He knew that the Manna (The Dark Magician Girl) wanted to come along, but he didn't want her to see Yugi like this she viewed him as a younger brother even a son, it would break her heart to see him in this condtion.

Seto and the others heard what happened from Mahodo and they cared for Yugi until he was able to get his blood lust under control, and accept what he has become. Sighing he turned around calling the shadows and disappeared to the wizarding world, his visions told him that were his life now belonged. Since his awakening he was able to gain full access to his powers, becoming a seer as well.

Seto Prove

He stared at his beloved who was watching Yugi walk away from the mansion. He felt his koi heart break as he watched his best friend leave. Yugi had been the first one to support the couple, after they had announced their relationship. Yugi had moved in with him and Seto while the others left Domino seeking their futures.

Walking toward him, he gently wrapped his arms around his waist and pulled him close.

''Don't worry Joey he will be fine, he will be back when his ready".

Joey nodded and leaned on Seto, yes Yugi will be back they where family after all and family stick together forever. Yugi promised that he will be back and he trusted his dear friend who always managed to keep his promises.

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