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Chapter 9

The rise of the Shadow King

Part 1


His fingers traced the words of the complete prophecy as he sat in his study. After he was given control over the vampire realm he was surprised to come across the existence of the wizard world and with it the prophecy concerning Harry. He knew the council had only given Dumbledore the part of it concerning the savior of his world, while keeping the part that mentioned the vampire realm.

Trelawney was still living in Hogwarts, acting as a spy for the vampires. Thanks to hers and Snape's reports they knew how Dumbledore dealt with Harry last year. Yugi snorted disdainful by remembering just how foolish the old wizard had been. Harry had never been a child, Voldemort and Dursley's made sure of that.

The Dursely's… Only thinking about them let his hand gripped the arm of his chair in anger. He had always hated abusive parents especially since he had seen what had happened to Seto under his adoptive father's hand. The vampire hoped he could help Harry before he would close himself off as Seto had years ago.

He closed his eyes and leaned back in the chair. Trying to push his headache away, he sighed. His thoughts going to the vampire council which members were probably as restless as him right now. They surely didn't like interfering with human matters and some of them certainly thought there were too many of such contacts for comfort since Yugi came into ruling. Especially his last encounter with Voldemort had brought the anger of the council on his head for not being careful enough. He leaned back in his chair taking a sip of the wine which Elizabeth had left earlier.

His mind wandered to the connection he felt earlier. Could it be possible that he had returned? Yugi let out a bitter laugh. He felt afraid more then ever to believe that he was back, not daring to raise his hope for such a thing. Maybe he should contact Seto and the others…The vampire shook his head, dismissing the thought. Now that war was coming in his new life he would try his best to keep them out even though he had a feeling that this war would pull them all back together no matter how hard he tried to keep them away and safe.

"Sire, the council is requesting your presence in the council room," he heard suddenly one of the messengers of the council say from the door.

Yugi nodded and got up to follow the man. But before he could reach the door his vision suddenly darkened as he felt the pull of the shadow realm.


"You better be right Malfoy, or I will make sure you will pay with your life" Voldemort said while watching the other Death eaters move further ahead.

"I am sure my Lord," the blond said confident. "The Anubus scrolls are hidden at the end of this passage."

Ignoring the rest of Lusious talk he continued walking down the passage.

"It is only a matter of time till I hold the hidden power of ancient Egypt in my hand," the Dark Lord whispered with a greedy expression on his face.

"Blasted!" The scream was heard through the whole tomb.

Bats suddenly appeared and swarmed the group of intruders.

"Malik, by the time I am done with you, your hikari won't even find any pieces of you left to put them together," Bakura growled as he tried to remove the bat which was caught in his hair.

"But Bakura…" the blond whined bringing his finger to the tomb robber's view."I broke a nail."

A vein appeared on the forehead of the tomb robber as he clenched his fist. "A nail?" he growled out. "You did that because of a nail? Are you some kind of girl or something? That's it! You're dead."

He then jumped at Malik determined to finish off the psychic blond once and for all.

But before he could reach him he was suddenly pulled back from the other teen.

Looking pissed off at the one who had dared to keep him away from his prey, he growled: "Seto, you better leave me right now or I will deprive you of your manhood."

The CEO smirked as he pulled the tomb robber further back from Malik who was still wailing about his nail. „I would like to see you try, tomb robber."

As the white haired thief managed to pull his hand from Seto's grasp he turned to give the young businessman a punch but gave up the action when he suddenly felt a pair of familiar lips on his. Feeling his Hikari's tongue begging for entrance in his mouth he smirked and opened it willingly allowing his Hikari to explore it.

His smirk grew as he pushed his Hikari against the tomb's wall and heard him let out a small moan. He was about to move his hands toward his boyfriend's belt when he felt a hand over his.

"I don't think it's the appropriate time for this, Bakura," a voice said behind him.

Bakura turned around raising his eyebrow. Ishizu never used his name before. Giving Ryo one last kissed he moved away waking ahead of the group while pulling Ryo with him.

Malik smirked as he saw them pass. Marik sighed. "You did it on purpose, didn't you?"

Malik shrugged. "It's too hot to be the ones in the front," he answered. "And he should know the way. I wouldn't be surprised if Bakura paid this place a visit before he was imprisoned in the ring."

"And anyway" he continued after a moment with a manic smirk. "Things where getting dull and I needed some fun… But if you would suggest something much more… enjoyable…, love, I wouldn't mind..."

Marik scowled at the wink his Yami send him by saying these words und because he started to get closer to him. "No," he snapped back harshly and followed Ryo and the others who had moved ahead leaving the pouting Malik behind.


Bringing the cup of coffee to his lips once more he continued to read the reports on the latest game the company was developing. He had moved to designing games after marrying Seto, even though the CEO told him he didn't have to work. He insisted on finishing college, and took a job in Seto's Company afterwards.

He placed the reports back on the desk and stared blank at the wall. He was worried about his husband and the others, especially Yugi who had disappeared years ago. He knew that the sudden trip had something to do with the shadow realm. He snorted. It seemed that Seto had forgotten all the years he had spent with Yugi. With all the shadow games the blond was in he had developed a six sense of a sort which the CEO seemed to miss.

Taking a deep breath and shaking his head in an attempt to dismiss the thoughts he picked up the reports once more forcing him to concentrate on work.


He slipped and fell to the ground only to find a foot press on his chest seconds later.

The wizard scowled looking up at Elizabeth, who smirked back. "Is this how you fought Voldemort?"

He felt anger build at how she dared to mock him. He suddenly shot up his arm and took hold of her foot, attempted to push her to the ground.

But she caught his arm and twisted it behind his back. "You need to calm down, Harry. Letting anger take control of your actions you can make mistakes that may cost you or others their lives."

She smiled and offered him a hand pulling him up. "But you did well for a first try. You should practice more to improve your speed though."

Harry just stared back. "You enjoying pushing me to the ground, don't you?"

She smiled back innocently. "Maybe, but training you was Yugi's order anyway. Your physical endurance is poor, Harry. Being raised with Muggles you should realize that knowing spells and waving a wand around isn't enough."

"I guess you're right," he said defeated. "Apropos Yugi… What's up with him anyway? He seemed somehow tense at breakfast this morning."

He was surprised to find the vampire give him small smile. "Oh, it's nothing. Just the council calling in a meeting to discuss what happened yesterday."

"Council? But I thought that Yugi was your ruler like a king or something?"

She looked at Harry in surprise. "A king? No, not really. It's more like in ancient Egypt. We have a council that helps Yugi to deal with the every day matters but the important decisions are left up to him. You see, we have been waiting for Yugi's arrival for a long time, Harry. What happened yesterday pushed everyone's fear to lose him to the surface since we almost did."

Seeing the worried look in the boys face she smiled softly. "Don't worry though. Yugi is hard headed so that not even the council can change his mind if he truly wants something. But he does deserve the headache he got out of this. Maybe he will listen to me some more, and be more careful of his well being from now on. Knowing some on the council they will probably place Michael as his bodyguard for a few days just to annoy him."

"Michael?" Harry wondered out loud.

"He guarded Yugi before by following him like a shadow. He even gave him a curfew and drove him almost crazy with all his rules."

'A curfew…' Harry thought pitying the vampire ruler but shrugged a moment later. Better not ask anything else he felt sorry for. Yugi seemed to have really pissed Elizabeth off.

Atemu temple

"Are we there yet?"


"Are you sure?"

"Yes, Malik, and for the sixteenth time no before you ask again," Bakura hissed back as he moved his hand across the wall. He sighed in frustration since he was sure there was a key around here somewhere. The design of the temple so far was similar to the one he entered to steal the previous pharaoh's body. He was sure they didn't have time to finish this tomb seeing that Yami was buried somewhere else. So the key must be here for sure.

"So, it seems like you lost your talent old man."

"That's it." He threw a punch at Malik who smirked while Bakura pinning him to the wall. As Bakura pushed him away and moved his arm back to throw another punch he felt apiece of the wall move.

"Well, it seems we found the room after all," Ishizu remarked amused.

"See, now we're there," Malik said and looked on happily. He moved excitedly into the new found hall.

Marik sighed in frustration. His yami was clearly having fun tormenting Bakura right now, more then usual. He frowned; maybe there was something wrong…

"You guys go on, Malik and I will follow you later," said Bakura. Ryo and Marik looked uncertain at their yamis. Seeing them both want to talk to one another they left them but not without warning to not destroy something.


He leaned against the wall and felt his hand clench to fists as he watched the others move ahead. The blond yami gave a small smile at Marik who looked back worriedly once more before following the others. He didn't want to worry his boyfriend and the others, but he felt something was wrong and there was no room for any more doubts. Someone was trying to unlock one of the forbidden rooms. If he wasn't mistaken it may be one of Anubus but he couldn't point where it was unless a shadow item in the room was activates.

Malik snorted and looked ahead into the dark hallway ahead of them. He was allowed to stay with his Hikari after the departure of the pharaoh on the condition he was to accept guarding some rooms that held some of the ancient items used by the priests.

He looked up to see Bakura standing in front of him.

"You can feel it too, can't you?" Malik continued to stare at the silent thief. "It seems that someone is interested in Anubus studies."

Bakura looked surprised. "Yes but this should be impossible! I remember the uproar that followed Anubus execution. Guards searched any place that Anubus might have been to and Seth led the guards himself to make sure they got everything. It even was too risky to rob anything during that period because of the tight security."

Malik raised his eyebrow. "But of course you couldn't resist inspecting things for yourself anyway."

Bakura smirked. "Who said I didn't, but I was sidetracked with a new tomb I found. But … I remember hearing some rumors that Anubus was sighted in the southern regions. I never bothered to check it though. No tombs worth robbing and most important I wasn't about to help Atemu in any way..."

"Seems that times have changed."

some True, Well, lets go and get this over with, I miss the air condition and"

time away from you people."


"What the…" He blinked in surprise taking in his surroundings. Where did the shadow realm toke him exactly?

He murmured a spell that lights the room and he saw that it was full of scrolls.

He opened one of them and started to read. He stopped on hearing some noise; his senses tingle because he felt a familiar signature of magic.

"Voldemort…," he hissed darkly as he hid his aura so they wouldn't sense his presence.


He moved behind Ishizu watching her in silence. He could feel Yami presence clearer now.

The Egyptian woman suddenly stopped and moved her hand to her necklace.

"We should move faster, it seems that Yugi will need the pharaoh help soon," she said before increasing her speed down the hall.

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