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Flash back: A history

Yami placed his hand on the doors handle as he felt his heart break. He wanted to turn around and take a last look at his aibou, but he wasn't sure if he would be able to look at his aibou and not go back.

He could feel tears falling down his aibous face. He moved his hand to his temple taking in the last moments he would have the connection with his aibou his love and his life.

As he put his foot through the door he could hear the voices of his family and people. But they weren't his home or life anymore. Yami, he heard footsteps run toward him, and felt he felt yugis small hands wrap around his waist as he cried burying his face in Yami chest.

'' I can't live without you Yami, I just can't.''

''Aibou you cant come its not your time, this is a journey I have to do alone little one.'' I promise to wait for you; he bent down and wiped the tears from his aibous face.

Don't be sad aibou; ill be always here he placed his hand over the aibous heart.

'' Your memories and love will keep a part of me alive in this realm, the better part of me.''

He got up and tried to undo Yugis grip, suddenly as a flash enveloped them and both Yami and Yugi disappeared as the door closed.


Chapter 1

Green eyes opened to the world, dripping tears the images didn't want to leave him alone. The boy hunted his dreams; he didn't understand why his soul filled with so much pain as it called for the boy who wouldn't come.

Heading toward the window he sat down and watched the sunrise. Ever since he returned from Hogwarts, he woke up before sunrise watching the rays slowly lighting up the sky giving sooth and comforting feeling.

His mind went back to the dream that was constantly hunting him; he closed his eyes remembering those violet eyes which brought him a sense of happiness and the same time sadness as he remembered them. He knew that he had changed over the summer; he was no longer the young boy who was reckless and emotional.

Sirius death no longer hunted him, he had made a mistake but he did not blame himself. His eyes narrowed as he remembered Dumbeldor, he will never forgive the man for manipulating him all these years he had used him, forcing him to suffer over a prophecy. A prophecy that ruled his life destroying it as each day passed.

He will no longer be a pawn in their hands, he won't throw his life for people that would throw him aside or condemn him when he makes a mistake or falls. He will fight for what he sees right and believes in, not because what others want

He sighed sadly, feeling pain and guilt as he remembered the young tri colored hair youth.


Harry watched as the seal closed around him even though he had never been through these memories of a monster battle filled his mind. He remembered his name and most importantly he remembered his aibou. He was suddenly pushed out of the way, looking at who pushed him his eyes widened in shock, as his heart slowly broke.

The seal only needs the both of us, ill let it take me instead.

Aibou", beloved please. "

Yami stared at Yugi whose eyes where filled with so much love and forgiveness, as the seal took him away.

End of dream sequence

''Get down here boy''.

Harry sighed he wanted to desperately send the man to the shadow realm, his memories where hazy. But he remembered some of his past life now all he needed was to find his love.

''Aibou'' he whispered and turned around heading toward the kitchen. On turning around he missed the blur of tri colored hair, which was followed by a man dressed in purple robes.

He entered the kitchen hearing dudlys fake tears. Dudly sat at the kitchen table

demanding pancakes from his mother who was telling him they had no pancake mix.

Uncle Vernon walked up to Harry and shoved a handful of bills in his hands.

''Listen boy; go get some pancakes and come back home right away".

''If your let those pancakes grow cold, it will be your neck"

Harry stared coldly back and fought to remain calm. Taking a shortcut on is way home he felt a hand cover his mouth and pulled him into a dark ally. As soon as the arms loosened he pulled out his wand and turned to face his attackers.

His voice got caught in his throat, looking into the tall figure 'Dark magician is it you''. The usual blank face filled with emotion and broke into a smile.

'' It's nice to see you again Pharaoh.''

"Yami" on hearing the name his beloved had given him a long time ago. He saw a beautiful young woman dressed in white robes. He looked at her cherubic face and the tri colored hair that fell to her waist. Looking into her eyes, he felt happiness and hope course through his vein.

His voice shook as he muttered one word that would change his life and give him back what he had lost.


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