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Moving her blond bangs behind her ear, she turned her amethyst eyes toward her partner who had insisted on tagging along. After the small glance she ignored him again. Instead she got off her motor cycle and continued heading toward the hotel where she was supposed to meet Isis. Looking into the clear blue sky while shielding her eyes from the intense sun, she sighed. The heat was getting to her; she wondered why she ever did agree to this mission in the first place.

But her mood changed soon after thinking about the reason and a smile showed up on her face as she remembered how Yugi promising her paid vacation to Paris after this task was done. She snickered and was lost in thought as she imagined all the fashion shows she would be able to go to and all the shopping she had to do. She frowned slightly. 'Hhmm … I probably should ask Yugi for another room after this. All the new things I'm going to buy. There probably won't be enough space to store them in my current closet.'

Varon stared at Mai and cringed when he saw her smirk. He knew all to well that she was most certain thinking of the promised trip to Paris. She had been on vacation in Hawaii when Yugi had begged her to drop everything and go to Egypt. Of course the paid vacation to Paris helped to soothe matters greatly. After bringing up said reward Mai had literally jumped onto Yugi, and immediately after that ran off to pack.

Lost in his thoughts he didn't notice Mai had snapped out of her day dreams and started moving to the hotel again. Realizing that Valon had stopped following her she turned and saw him in deep thoughts. Mai felt herself smile. She knew that he loved her, and she loved him as well even thought she didn't tell him so.

She would never forget the times when she had served Dartz and Varon had tried to keep an eye on her, even thought she continued to push him away. But deep down she knew that she was only scared to confess her feelings and just didn't know how she could do it.

Even now she was still waiting for him to make the first move; her real reason next to shopping was getting both her and Varon away from all the battles. She felt exhausted and needed to get away from it all. But she was always going to be there when they need her. They were her friends and they didn't give up on her even in her worst hours. Especially Joey had proved himself as a real good friend that time. She was not going to abandon or betray their trust ever again.

She moved to Varon and placed her hand on his shoulder and gave him a small smile as she found him blush and headed to the lobby.


"Hey Harry, you ok? You have been quite for quite some time now," Neville asked the dark-haired youth next to him who was playing with his food instead of eating it.

Looking up from his plate said boy shook his head. "It's nothing."

Neville didn't seem to believe him but before he could say something Ron who sat on Harry's other side heckled. "Hey guys look at the Professor's table for a sec."

Curious to why Ron asked them to do so both Harry and Neville turned to find Professor Snape staring at Professor McGonagall with a creepy grin.

"What do you think Professor Snape is smiling about?" asked Ron wearily.

"Dunno, but it probably isn't good. He is usually mad this time of the year because he didn't get the position of the DA teacher again." Neville replied as he shuddered.

Harry couldn't care at the moment to think about Snape. His thoughts drifted to the amethyst eyes he had to leave behind when coming back to school. Hearing a laugh he scowled as he watched Bakura staring at him from the Slytherin table. He watched Malfoy twitch and move further away from the tomb robber while looking at the lightly insane face nervously. His mood lifted slightly at his rival's discomfort, now if only the tomb robber would drop dead the moment would be perfect.

He heard the Weasleys twins wondering about the new professor that Dumbledore had announced to arrive in a matter of days.

He frowned and wondered where Seto was anyway. He couldn't help but snort. 'Probably locked up with Joey in their bedroom,' he thought with a small hint of jealously because he wouldn't be able to be with Yugi because she wasn't at Hogwarts. His only comfort was that at least he would have some time of peace as long as Seto was busy with his boyfriend. He smiled looking at the schedule. Their Defense against Dark Art classes was not going to start for a few days and he was free from the CEO presence for now.

Hermione watched Harry, silently wondering what was going through her friends mind. She reached under her robe and fingered an Egyptian amulet she got in the holidays, praying for the safety of her friends.


At teacher's table

"Dumbledore aren't you going to announce Snape's apprentice, "McGonagall asked.

"No, we will announce her with the DA professor when they arrive. I think this is enough excitement for today."

"Humph, you just don't want the students trying to figure out who my apprentice is and be scare about all the gossip which surely will start. You have no sense of adventure Albus." It took years of training in keeping his features blank from not show his displeasure in making the Gryffindor's squirm in their seats from fear because they imagine him to have a vampire as apprentice or something even more dangerous.

McGonagall couldn't help but roll her eyes slightly at Professor Snape antics. She couldn't help but feel that the Professor had lightened up and in doing so to become more sadistic then ever. She resisted the urge to rub her forehead even thought she could feel on upcoming headache. She leaned back, day dreaming about the cup of tea waiting for her in her room.


Placing the bouquet she was holding, Yugi kneeled next to the headstone and moved her fingers gently over the writing.

Solomon Motto

Beloved Grandfather

You will always remain in our hearts

Thank you for showing us the way to live

"I miss you so much Grandpa, hope you and mum are ok up there. I found Yami and this time I won't let anyone separate us again, "she said silent but confident nevertheless.

She smiled sadly and looked at the clear sky, when a sudden wind blew by. Yugi frowned. 'Seems that things are starting to move towards the end.' Glancing at the grave once more she turned around and disappeared from sight.


Bakura leaned against the window watching the moon as the other inhabitants of the room slept. He had never been able to sleep with other people around, a habit since he was a tomb robber. Nightmares of his sisters and mother's death caused by the pharaoh's men haunts him till now. In ancient Egypt it was out of question anyway for a countrywide searched criminal to sleep careless while people were around. So was to let other know about the simple fact that he had nightmares which scared him and would wake him up with screams was a weakness he wouldn't admit in front of anybody, too because then he wouldn't be feared so much.

He wrapped his arms around himself and wished that Ryo was here to comfort him; his Hikari had shown him love, even though he had mentally abused him when the boy first got the millennium ring. But the ancient thief had found himself caring for the gentle youth over time, but was for some time after discovering his feelings still to afraid to get close because he feared he might die on him as well. But Ryo broke down the walls he had built over the years. He sighed and prayed to Ra to watch over his beloved Hikari.

A day later

Joey and Seto

Joey watched Seto silently as he continued to pack. The blond hated that his boyfriend had to go, but they had to remain out of Voldemort sight for a while longer. He cracked his knuckles and wished he could let that snake meet his red eyes dragon. Preferably to dinner so that his black friend could get a tasty Snake-meal.

Seto watched amusingly as Joey cracked his knuckle. He felt himself smirk. The CEO was also aching for a good fight. But at least Yami would be there with him and provide him some entertainment because he would enjoy annoying the Pharaoh at school.

A few hours later

"Now this is Professor Snape, Seto," Dumbledore said as he introduced Seto to the staff.

The two men eyed each other carefully; finding a common ground they both smirked and shook each other hand in greeting.

He chuckled inwardly. 'Hmm… maybe Yugi wasn't so wrong about her idea to teach at Hogwarts after all.'


Yugi moved her hand through her hair adjusting it tightly in a bun before she proceeded to adjust her robe. She had arrived later then expected and was now currently outside Professor Snape classroom waiting for his permission to go in.

The class currently taking place was one of the two 1st year's. She chuckled slightly because she couldn't wait to see Yami's expression when he would find her here.

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