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Team seven met at their usual spot at the bridge waiting for their perverted sensei, Hatake Kakashi.

Rain fell from heavy, dark clouds that managed to stay in the sky, despite their weight.

Sasuke and Sakura stood in the rain waiting for their two companions. It was like that everyday. Silence dominated the two, for they never uttered a word of recognition or even made an attempt to establish an act of appreciation for the other.

This time it was Sasuke who broke their neverending silence.


"Yes Sasuke-kun."

"You're annoying."

"..." That always shut her up. The only time he would ever speak to her was when she was annoying, but, what did she do?

Silent tears stung her eyes weighing down her eyelids. He was always mean to her, always commenting her on how annoying she was. Her hot tears soon fell freely down her cheeks, unseen in the rain. She turned away from him as if he had a rare, contagious disease. Her legs carried her away causing her to sprint. She knew she couldn't love him anymore. He just caused her pain. Dark onyx eyes tore through her soft green ones like blades always hungry for blood.

Loud thumps approached her as she stood in the cold rain, despondent of his words. Uchiha Sasuke had once again broken her heart by his cold words.

"Gomen." Sasuke stated as he stared at her back desperate for an answer.

Did he just apologize?

Onyx eyes met aqua. Strong arms made their way around her waist in a comforting hug. Sakura melted into it and soon her fragile arms made their way around him. There they were, standing in the rain in each others arms.

His cold heart was warmed by her embrace. He had never felt anything so comforting in his life. The black raven haired boy gazed upon the angel in his arms, feeling an unexplainable emotion to him. It was the first time that he had ever felt this calm, this... gentle tranquility which had embraced him as he held onto the pink haired woman. Serenity, tranquility, peacefulness, joyfulness, happiness, and many other emotions were crowding hsi soul, trying very hard to fill up that emptiness which filled his cold, broken heart. It was as if he were a vengeful demon, and she, a gentle soul which soothed his heart. A demon and an angel gazed upon each other, wishing never to let go, to never turn away. His charcoal black eyes seeking immense comfort from her embrace, her blue green ones gently poured her affection into his. Emotions held much obscurity in just one look and were vaguely revived in the two.

"I'm always pushing you away when you're with me. I just forgot what love is, but..." A slender finger met his lips, in an attempt to subdue him of his regrets.

"It's okay." She smiled.

Sasuke leaned forward seeking more comfort as he pulled her towards him resulting in a passionate kiss. Standing in the rain never felt so good.

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