Title: Let's play

Summary: "Brother. Father. Some one, Help me." Drabble. Spoilers for chapter 52

Disclaimer: Not mine. Lucky for you, isn't it?

Notes: "Brother. Father. Some one, Help me." Is a quote from Envy, well, at least parts of him.

"Let's play"

I froze.

Those words, so simple, so purposeful. A child has only one intention when they speak them, and that is to play. In the darkness they were the last thing I expected to hear, but with everything else that was being said I shouldn't have been surprised.

But I was.

I couldn't move. And that in its self is deadly.

As the words reached my mind images of Nina came with them. But that's not right, she isn't here. Not here. Not in the darkness. She's beyond a different gate. She is not here.

"Play time's over."

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