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Summary: Lorelei gave Rory up for adoption, and Rory is adopted by none other than our favorite Australian's family! Her name is Aurora Leigh Rothschild. (So her nickname can still be Rory, and I got the impression where if your nickname is 'Finn' your parents have a thing for original names, plus its what I plan on naming my own daughter when I have kids.) Her parents are Finnegan and Portia Rothschild. She has another brother, Xavier (X, to his friends and siblings), who is one year older than her, who is going to Oxford. She is going to Yale like all Rothschild's should. She knows that she was adopted, but she doesn't care. She loves her family to much to care about the mother who gave her away. She also knows Richard and Emily. Nobody knows that she is a Gilmore, because the adoption was private and the mothers name was never released. Finn and Rory are very close to their parents.

A/N: I'm not Australian, so I'm not going to really use the lingo because I would most likely use it wrong. So I will stick to 'Mate' 'love' and 'kitten' and perhaps some others if I find a website to tell me what other terminology means.


"I'm starting Yale!" Rory Rothschild yelled. "Mom, I'm starting Yale! I can't wait! I missFinn so much!"

"I know, now come on Aurora, your jet is fueled and ready for take off. PLEASE remember to call when you get there, you know that your father is freaked out about you being on your own." Portia Rothschild told her daughter.

"Yea right Mom! He probably has Finn under strict orders to make sure I'm wearing a chastity belt all the time." Rory retorted

"I wouldn't put it past him. But come on, school awaits."

"Ok, go get dad while I ask Martin to grab the rest of my bags."

"You just want to go bother Anne for a few more thermos's of coffee before you leave. You do know that there is coffee on the plane?"



"Go get Daddy!"

"Hush Love, I'm right here." Finnegan Rothschild Sr. announced

"Ok daddy, I'm ready to go."

"Another Rothschild goes to Yale."

Rory rolled her eyes. "As if I had a choice to attend your and moms alma mater?"

"Of course! The choice was Yale or Yale, and another fine institution, Yale!"

"Ha! I don't care, I want to go there anyway. But it did feel good when I was accepted to a lot of other prominent American Universities."

"Ok, Time to leave!" Portia stated, checking her watch.

Rory, Finnegan, and Portia piled into the awaiting Limo and set off the private airstrip.

Once there, it took Finnegan 15 minutes to pry his wife off of this daughter, so she could leave.

"MY BABY!" Portia cried as the plane disappeared from sight.

"Calm down. Now, we have the house to ourselves, remember?" Finnegan said, while wiggling his eyebrows.

Portia grinned and they rushed to the Limo.


Rory fell asleep soon after take off, and didn't wake up until about an hour before she landed. She was surprised she slept that long. She fixed herself a cup of coffee and sat back with a book. Before she realized it, the pilot was announcing their descent. She sat up quickly and looked out the window as she saw the small airport. She smiled and waited until the plane stopped before getting up. She walked over to the stairs and walked down them so stretch her legs before running over to hug her brother.

"FINNY!" She yelped as he lifter her off the ground.

Then she smacked him.

"OW! Good god woman, what was that for?"

"YOU SUNK MY YACHT!" Rory yelled in jest

"Look, I apologized, and we bought you a new, bigger one!"

"I know, I just had to yell at you for it. You should of seen dad's face when he found out. I'm glad I'm the perfect child."

"HA! Miss-I-hired-a-secret-contracter-to-make-a-hidden-passage-from-my-room-to-make-it-easier-to-sneak-out!"

"Hey! Mom and Dad were gone for a month, I needed something for when they were home!"

"Come on nipper (A/N:I read in another story that nipper means little sister, so I hope its correct.) Time for Yale."

"YALE!" Rory squealed as they got into the Limo.

"Ok, so dad arraigned your living situation. You are one lucky freshman. You are staying in the upperclassmen suites, with Stephanie. Plus, I'm one floor down, so I get to make sure no guys go into your room."

"FINN! Like women are never in your room, excuse me, BED!" Rory yelled back

"Hey, I'm different, I'm the older brother who is protecting his little sister's virtue."

"Should of been there 2 years ago." Rory mumbled

"WHAT?" Finn shrieked, turning several shades of red, then purple.

"Nothing!" Rory said hastily.

Finn kept grilling her as they arrived at Yale.

Once there, Rory ran into her suite and hugged Stephanie.

"Hey Girlie!" Steph greeted. Even though her brother was 2 years older than her, she was very close with most of his friends. She met Stephanie when she came to Australia over Spring Break during Finn's freshman year.

"I got a jet for my 18th birthday, so we can go to Paris at a moments notice for shopping galore!"

"OHH! YAY! So, Miss Coffee addiction, I found the place with the best coffee EVER!"

"Better than Anne's?" Rory asked suspiciously.

"Way better."

"Lets go! We can grab coffee, then go to Hartford. I have to go car shopping, and my dad put me under strict orders to get a car when I got here." Rory decided.

"Ok, I will call the stooges." Steph said.

"Colin, baby," Steph purred into the phone. "I need you so bad right now."

Rory giggled at Steph's antics with her boyfriend.

"A ride to Stars Hollow, get the boys ready,"

Then she hung up the phone and laughed

"Stephanie! You are EVIL!" Rory said while laughing hysterically.

A few minutes later the boys were at the door.

Rory saw Stephanie go over to a brunette, who she assumed to be Colin, and Finn was grabbing her hand.

"Rory, this is Logan, Logan this is my sister, Rory." Finn introduced.

Rory smiled brightly

"Hello Logan."

"Its nice to meet you Rory. So you a fellow Coffee Addict?"

Rory laughed. "Yes! I'm always getting grief for it."

"Well come on! I found this little place when I got lost the day I got my licence. Its got the best coffee known to man. A little diner in this odd town called Stars Hollow."

"Well, Lets go!" Rory grabbed Finn and Logan's hands and they followed Steph and Colin to Finn's Escalade.


They arrived at the diner and Rory and Logan flew inside.

"Hey Luke!" Logan called as they walked through the door.

"Logan!" A brown haired woman called from the counter. "Hey Steph, Colin, Finn and girl I don't know."

"Lorelei! Love of my life! Will you ever run away with me?" Finn asked dramatically.

"Well, I already found the love of my life. I got my Flannel man, Lukey."

"Oh well. Lore, this is my little sister, Rory. Rory, this is Lorelei Gilmore."

"Hello Rory." Lorelei said, and her heart surged when Rory smiled back.

" 'Ello its nice to meet you." Rory said warmly, she was trying to get rid of her aussie accent, to fit in better.

"OOH! Another Aussie!" Lorelei said

"I'm afraid so." Rory responded "Wait, Gilmore? Any relation to Richard and Emily?"

"Unfortunately, Hitler and her husband are my parents."

"Oh, They are very nice, they let me stay in their house when I was touring Yale. My brother and his friends were busy sinking my yacht!"

The group stayed for a little while longer and Rory was surprised to find coffee better than Anne's.

"Luke! You will be seeing me a lot during mid-terms and finals!" Rory called as the Yalie's left.


"Luke," Lorelei began. "Did you see how much she looked like me?"


"She is around the same age as my little girl."

"Lorelei, she is from Australia, and she is in your parents world. Wouldn't your parents know if she was yours?"

"I know, but the stupid adoption agency still refuses to tell me anything, saying that she has to seek me out." Lorelei said, her eyes filling with tears. "Why doesn't she want to find me?"

"Lorelei, all your daughter knows is that she was adopted right after birth, and that is even if she know's she is adopted. Maybe her parents didn't tell her." Luke reasoned.

"I'm going to talk to my parents. I need to find my baby. 18 years I have wanted my little girl, 18 years I have loved her. 18 years of not knowing her. 18 years of not being complete. Luke, I gotta find her. That girl just reminds me of her for some reason."

"Lore, do what you gotta do, I'm here for you."

"Thank's Luke, Its time I used the Gilmore name for some good."


As the group left the diner, Colin spoke up first.

"Wow, did anybody else see the resemblance between Lorelei and Rory?" Subtly was never his strong suit.

"Yea, I suppose I do look like her." Rory mused.

"Ror, the resemblance was uncanny."

"Wait, was that the girl who ran away?" Rory asked "The one who was pregnant?"

"Yea, I think so." Logan thought.

"Hmm... I don't understand. Richard and Emily are very nice, a little overbearing, but sweet." Rory said. "Oh, well, to each their own."

"So, Ror, we have the LDB initiation this weekend." Finn spoke up. "We are decedents, so you have no challenge, but still, you have to do some drastic."

"Like What?"

"It's a surprise." Logan said

"I hate surprises."

"But you love them when you get them." Finn said.

"I hate you know me so well."

"So you give up?" Logan smirked

"NEVER!" I shouted

For the rest of the ride, Steph sat in the back with Colin and Rory. Finn drove and Logan called Shottie-no-blitz as they left the diner, so he sat in the passenger seat.

Steph turned to Rory and grinned evilly

"What are you grinning about?' Rory asked suspiciously

"You don't have a boyfriend do you?"

"STEPH! NO!" Rory shrieked

"AHH! Ror, what are you yelling about?" Finn asked

"Steph is playing Matchmaker again." Rory tattled

"MEAN!" Steph replied "I am a very good matchmaker. I was determined to get one couple together, and they have been together for almost 3 years!"

"And who was that?" Colin challenged

"You and me of course!" Steph said

"And it didn't help that I liked you?"

"Silly boy, I made it happen!" Steph shot back

"Right, I asked you out, I kissed you, I figured out where to go for dinner."

"Yea, but I made it happen."


Steph and Colin started bickering about the start of their relationship and Logan shot Rory a look.

"Sorry, but I had to call shottie, self preservation. You understand, right?"

"Yea, but from now on, no prisoners!"

"Love, dad said to get a car, right?"

"Yea, Then lets go shopping."

"Shopping?" Steph said as her head whipped around

"Car shopping" Rory reminded

"Oh yeah. OH! A sweet little sporty car!"

"Silver!" Rory chimed in.

"Nothing with a backseat!" Finn declared

"Ok, the guy usually drives anyway." Rory said evilly

"I can make sure no guy asks you out." Finn shot bacl

"You do, you die, I have sexual needs also you 'Aussie Cassanova' as I heard a few girls call you when I walked around the campus with you." Rory retorted

"Uhhh... Shut up."

"About those sexual needs Rory..." Logan said, grinning at Finn, who was glaring back at him

"Yes Logan?" Rory said seductively

"AURORA LEIGH ROTHSCHILD!" Finn yelped "Where did you learn that voice?"

"Hmm... I don't know. Probably from the girls at all those parties mom and dad made us go to. You know, the girls you usually ended up in the coat closet with?"




They arrived at the Porsche dealership and Rory test-drove a few cars before settling with a light silvery blue 2004 convertible (A/N: I don't know anything about cars, so I'm being as vauge as possible, sorry.)

She and Steph drove back in Rory's new car and Steph and Rory talked about guys.

"YAY! Girl talk!" Steph squealed as Rory ripped out of the dealership.

"Thank God. We've been stuck with Finn all day and he doesn't like any guy I talk about." Rory groaned

"That's the protective older brother for ya."

"So, tell me more about Logan." Rory asked casually.

"Why?" Steph said in sing-song voice.

"He's cute."

"He doesn't do relationships."

"Neither do I."

"I'll talk to him."


"So Finn-" Logan started

"You cannot go out with my sister."


"Because she is my sister."

"So, you would rather have guys who aren't your roommate, and have rooms that you don't have a key to, and guys you don't know, take your sister out?"


"Then why can't I take her out?" Logan whined

"Because she is a boyfriend girl."

"And who was her last boyfriend?"

"Some stable boy."

"Wait. YOUR father let his only daughter date a stable boy?" Colin asked

"He dumped her on their 3 month anniversary, he kept getting jealous of the guys my parents were setting her up with."

"Jeez, we aren't even that cold to dump a girl on an anniversary, well, maybe the 6 hour one, but still, that's cold." Logan said.

"HEY! Don't get off topic Mate! You aren't asking my sister out!" Finn yelled.


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