Disclaimer: I don't own Everworld, KAA and Scholastic do. This story belongs to me. I'm not making any money for it. Their Hatred of Her

They hate her. Why?

Why do they only see what's on the outside? Why can't they see the REAL Senna?

They are allied against me now.

Christopher, the half-wit who went out with Senna for a while. Totally jealous of me, that Senna chose me over him.

Jalil, the logical one. He NEEDS reason to exist, he lives in his own private world. Since there is no reason here, he needs a target. Senna is the most convenient.

April. She and Senna have some history; I'm not sure what. All I know is that they don't like each other. I'm sure April is jealous, of Senna.

Of her wonderful lips. Her delightful hair. Her tongue and mine...


"You know what? Screw you, Christopher. You too, Jalil. You guys know nothing."

I stormed off. Back to Senna, the only person in Everworld who could possibly understand me.

As I stalked off, I wondered. Could they be right about Senna?

Then Senna came into view. My Senna. My angel.

And I knew they were wrong.

I mean, what were they talking about? Senna was from our world! Dammit, our school even! And they only see the difference, they only see that she knows stuff she couldn't possibly know.

Wait. How could she-

No! I had to stop thinking like this.

I was the default leader, ever since we entered Everworld. They wanted to sway me to their side, because I am the most powerful.

If they swayed me, Senna, my Senna, would be alone and unprotected in a very dangerous world.

Besides, I was her Champion. Champions don't abandon their maidens.

No matter what.