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Summary: James and Lily Potter are alive. Having been lost for fourteen years, they have returned to be reunited with there son Harry. First, they have to gain Harry's trust and help him deal with all that he's been through. Warning: Mentions of Child Abuse and some GOF spoilers.


Grimmauld Place

Lily and James Potter stood hand in hand in front of Grimmauld Place. While many thought them dead, they had really only been stunned that Halloween night fourteen years ago.

They had been transported into an unknown area and the bodies that were found in the house were only replicas. The replicas were placed there by Wormtail although Lily and James didn't know that. Peter had found out that Lilly had performed a spell that would act as a shield from dark spells. He was at the house in his animagus form when Lily was performing the spell. Unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you look at it, he was unable to warn his master.

When the Dark Lord fled from the house, Peter got rid of the bodies and replaced them with replicas. He was unable to kill Harry because Hagrid had arrived so instead he fled.

When they had woken up, Lilly and James had lost their memories. Not knowing who they were, lily and James decided to stick together and try to find a way out of their ordeal. After a few years, they had regained all of their memories. They spent two years gathering information on everything that they missed and therefore they knew about Sirius. After finding out about Sirius, they wondered who Harry lived with.

Now however, they were back and they would get their son back and together they would be the family that they were meant to have been. First of course, there was the factor of convincing everyone that they were alive.

With that thought, Lily and James walked up to the door of Grimmauld Place and rang the bell. The first thing they heard was Mrs. Black's yells. Lily and James smirked. Some things never change, they thought. Next they heard Mrs. Weasley muttering angrily to herself. When she opened the door, her anger changed to shock when she saw who was standing at the door. Before the couple could react, Mrs. Weasley screamed and promptly fainted.

"Well this is definitely a good start", James said sarcastically.


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