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Spice arrives at the new school he was attending. He looks at the building and sighs. Anything would bore you if you were the son
of a crime lord. Well, today, Spice starts in a new school. He
enters and looks around, his necklace swinging around his neck. The necklace glowed with some weird energy.
( He has Mew Aqua in his necklace, he just doesn't know it.)

As Ichigo was in class she was thinking of how she couldn't wait to finish school and meet up with masaya though maybe she is boy crazy doesn't mean she can't think about him...but when class began something happened?

Spice was walking through the halls when he bumped into Masaya.
Masaya turns and looks at him. "Well, hi there. You must be new.
The name's Masaya Ayoama. And yours?" Masaya asked. Spice smiled
and said "Spice. It's Spice Fujiwara." "Whoa, you have the same
last name as one of girlfriends' friends. Tell me, are you related
to Zakuro Fujiwara," Masaya asked. "Never knew or met her, sorry,"
Spice replied. "Well, in case you didn't know, you have the same
classes as me and Ichigo. C'mon. I'll give you a tour," Masaya
said. Spice smiled longer as he walked with him.

As the teacher walked through the door quietly and kind of scared "Hello children...umm sorry I'm late I was taking care of something". Ichigo asked, "Is something wrong?" The teacher looked at Ichigo and said, "..No nothing is wrong..." But Ichigo looked in her eyes and if there was something wrong...something wrong...but as Ichigo wanted to see what was wrong so she asked if she could go to her locker to get something (in the hallway) the teacher was grading students papers that she said yes so Ichigo closed the door behide her as she saw was quite...maybe too quite?

Masaya meets Ichigo with Spice watching. "Hello, Ichigo, what's
going on? You know the two of us are late for school, as well as
the new kid," Masaya told her. Spice looked at Ichigo and
thought "Hmmm... that cat-girl Mew Mew has the same name, Wonder if
there's a link to them." Masaya grabbed Spice's arm and pulled him
near Ichigo. "Spice, this is Ichigo Momomiya." Spice smiled shyly
and said "Hey, I'm Fujiwara Spice. It's nice to meet you?" A
sweat drop appeared on his head from saying that.

As Ichigo Looked At Spice weirdly she smiled and said, "Well I am not late I just found something weird from our first teacher . She came in late and looked scared...I knew something was I came to see but that's when I saw u two! so what's up?"

"Nothing. Well, Ichigo, me and Spice are going to be in class. I hope
to see you later," Masaya said as he grabbed Spice's arm and got to
the class. Masaya turned to Spice and asked "Hey, after school, do
you want to the Cafe Mew Mew to eat out? My treat, and Ichigo works
there," Masaya asked. "Sure, I'll go," he replied. As they entered
the classroom, Spice thought "Cafe Mew Mew? This must be same badly-
named restaurant, but with a name like Mew Mew, there has to be some
type of connection with the Tokyo Mew Mew that elf was talking
about." "Hey, you alright. Here's your seat, Masaya said as Spice
sat down.

Ichigo was wondering in the halls as she was wondering what she was doing there...staring at the halls with nothing she went to her locker and got something...but as she was doing that she saw a piece of paper fall on the she picked it up and read it, it said Get info on the mew mews...ichigo couldn't believe was a normal hand a student...but who? as she put it into her locker she grabbed a pink notebook and ran of to class...and set down onto her seat...

Masaya and Spice, who were now wearing street clothes, went into the
Cafe Mew Mew and waited to be seated. Spice thought "Pink? Kind of
like what the lead Mew wears. Looks like I may get some info after
all." "Okay, Ichigo or one of her friends should seat us any
minute" Masaya said.

Blackberry looked around frantically as she started running again. A
man with short black hair followed close behind her
shouting "Blackberry get back here we haven't finished the
recording!" Laughing slightly at his attempt to keep up with her
she looked for a place to hide. Honestly she just didn't really feel
like working today, her throat was dry, and her head hurt, so that
meant 'day off' for her!

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