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Chapter 10- Saturdays can suck too! And seeing Apricot.

It was a normal day at Café Mew Mew, but with the addition of Spice, Blackberry, and Apricot, Ichigo was getting more help.

"Finally, we have some people who will help me." sighs Ichigo.

Spice was wearing black pants, a white shirt, and a black vest (like Tasuku's but minus the bow tie.) and he was taking orders. Blackberry and Apricot's outfits were like the others, But Blackberry's was black and white, and Apricot's were light orange and white. Pudding was juggling bowls, Mint and Blackberry were having tea, Lettuce was breaking things, Ryou and Keiichiro were in the lab, and Zakuro and Spice were scaring the living daylights out of the customers. Apricot and Ichigo were the only people working.

"Is it always like this?" asks Apricot.

"Sadly, yes. But sometimes it's just me." says Ichigo.

'That sucks. Hey you guys! Help us out here!" says Apricot.

"I would but I hate this outfit." says Spice coldly.

"Just be glad Ryou didn't make you wear these small maid outfits Spice." says Pudding as she starts rolling by on her ball. (ACK! I just imagined it! MY MIND! IT BURNS! AH!)

"So? This stupid outfit still sucks." says Spice as Ryou comes running out of the lab.

"Discuss your fashion dilemma later, Spice. Girls, Spice, and Apricot, there are 2 alien attacks. One in Tokyo park, and the other at the mall. Spice, Apricot, Lettuce, and Pudding, I think you can handle the park since no one is there now. The rest of you, to the mall. GO TOKYO MEW MEW!" yells Ryou as the teams run to their locations.

At the Mall

Ichigo, Mint, Zakuro, and Blackberry arrive but Mint spots a weird site.

"Hey Ichigo! Isn't that Masaya? But who's the girl he's with?" asks Mint as all the girls turn to look. Sure enough, there is the stupid Masaya with one of the brainless cheerleaders from Ichigo's school. Ichigo begins to get very upset and Zakuro marches over to him.

"Masaya, you stupid bastard. What do you think you're doing, cheating on Ichigo like that?" asks Zakuro in a cold growl. Masaya and the cheerleader stop and turn.

"Oh Ichigo? She's nothing to me now. She's not as amazing as Star here." says Masaya while Star just smiles stupidly.

"Oh, did we forget to mention. When you mess with one of the team, you mess with all of us." says Zakuro as she punches him in the stomach.

Star ends up dragging him out of the mall, with the help of the cheerleader squad.

"Now to get rid of the animas." says Zakuro as they all turn to face the 2 raccoon animas.

"Mew Mew Strawberry Metamorphis."

"Mew Mew Mint Metamorphis."

"Mew Mew Zakuro Metamorphis."

"Mew Mew Blackberry Metamorphis."

Blackberry is part panda and her outfit is like a Chinese dress. It's black and has white embroidery swirling around it from top to bottom. She has black boots that come up a little past her ankles. She has the arm bands, and they're black. (yuki: is it just me or does she like black?) Her gloves are a lot like Ichigo's only they are black and she has a white ribbon on them. Her hair is long and black and is pulled up into a high bun with the ends hanging down along her back. She has 2 chopsticks keeping it in place.

"Nice. I love these colors." says Blackberry.

Tart is floating above them. "So? You're all losers." says Tart.

"No. We've been beating you all this time. You're the loser! Not us!" shouts Ichigo.

"Berry Katanas!" shouts Blackberry as she summons her weapon. Her 2 hair pieces become 2 long katana swords.

"Berry Sword Slash!" she shouts as the attack form a giant black X. The 2 raccoons blow up.

"That's strong." says Ichigo as she sweat drops.

"I'll…. I'll… ARGH!" yells Tart as he teleports away.

"That was easy." says Blackberry.

"Why don't we go check on the brother?" says the girls as the exit. Zakuro has her arm around Ichigo so she'll be ok.

The Park

Spice, lettuce, Pudding, and Apricot are looking for the aliens.

"ARGH! I HATE THIS!" yells Spice after getting hit with a tree branch for the 3rd time.

"It took you long enough to get here." says Pai as they enter the clearing. (I'm writing his name the right way now.)

"We're taking you down elf boy!" yells Apricot.

"I'm not an elf." says Pai.

"Mew Mew Spice Metamorphis!"

"Mew Mew Lettuce Metamorphis!"

"Mew Mew Pudding Metamorphis!"

The gang in ready to fight, but they all hear a flute start to play. They all start to look around, but Apricot begins to follow the sound to its origin.

"Yo Apricot! You have to stay here." says Spice but Apricot keeps on walking.

"She's not listening to you." says Pudding. Everyone looks at her and sweat drop. Then the 2 squirrel animas attack them. (I KNEW THEY WERE EVIL! Spice- AGREED!)

"Pudding Ring! Pudding Ring Inferno!" yells Pudding.

"Oh I hope Apricot is alright. I'm worried." says Lettuce.

"Worry less about her and more about them." says Pai.

With Apricot

Apricot is walking around, following the sound of the flute.

"This time, I'm not letting him get away." says Apricot as she crashes into the clearing. A boy with green hair turns and faces her.

"What the….! KISH! You're….. I mean… It was you?" says Apricot.

"Yeah. It was me." says Kish as he walks over to her.

"But... You, never mind." says Apricot.

"I remember you said you could play the flute, why don't you neko-chan." says Kish teasingly.

"I'm not touching it." says Apricot. Before Kish can answer, her cell phone goes off.

"Yeah? WHAT! That's not possible! They're here? Wait…. WHAT! You did… Well excuse me. Yeah, you should be. No, No, and No. I hate you. Never. That's when I'll talk to you again. Mark it on your calendar." yells Apricot as she hangs up. Kish gives here a questioning look.

"I have to go. A good friend of mine is currently stuck in a suit of armor, and no one knows how to work the blow torch." says Apricot as she goes to leave. All of a sudden, an anima comes crashing through and knocks Apricot to the ground.

"No! APRICOT!" yells Kish. Spice charges out of the forest.

"Apricot! Kish, you bastard! What did you do to her!" yells Spice. Lettuce and Pudding come running in, and Pai teleports it.

"Ack! What happened to her?" yells Lettuce.

"She's unconscious. And it's all Kish's fault. He lured her here to hurt her!" yells Spice.

"We got to get here before that squirrel eats her!" cries Pudding.

"Ok. That's it. Enough of being calm and cool. I'M GONNA BLOW YOU SKY HIGH!" yells Spice. Everyone gets out of his way, except for Apricot, and Pudding and Lettuce get ready to grab to her. All of a sudden (Spice: Like those words?), Ichigo, Mint, Zakuro, and Blackberry come running in.

"What's going on here?" asks Blackberry. Pudding gives her a recap from their view.

"Are you ok Ichigo?" asks Lettuce, noticing Ichigo's eyes.

"Yeah. Tell you later." replies Ichigo.

"You have a problem. Destroying the monster means hurting your friend, Apricot. What'll you do?" says Pai.

Before they can answer the question, a small child in a black jumpsuit jumps out of the trees. (And we all know who that is.)

"Apricot! I escaped the iron suit of death! Oh and Hiro is pissed off cause you aren't here yet. Well, he put you on GPS because he thought you were disobeying his "rules" (does little finger quote thing.) again." says Yuki. Everyone just stares at her. Then, she sees Apricot.

"No! Apri! Dearest Apri! You can't be dead! I'll be stuck with Hiro! NOOO! AND WHAT WILL THEY SAY! WHA! This can't be true!" cries Yuki.

"Um… Who are you?" asks that brave soul Spice. (MOF: you're so brave. Spice: I know I am.)

"Oh. I'm Yuki Shido. 8 year old spy in training and Apricot's neighbor. My brother Hiro and her have been best friends for a while now." says Yuki cheerfully.

"Yuki! Where are you? ARG! Of all the places! Apricot is in the forest!" yells Hiro as he crashes through the trees and into the clearing. He is wearing black baggy jeans, black sneakers, and a silver shirt. They all look up at him and Blackberry blushes when she sees him. He is cute! I hope I can meet him again.

"Well, this is a great party. Yuki, go tell Shadow and the others that we found her." says Hiro as Apricot's cell phone starts ringing.

"I'll get it!" yells Yuki as she runs under the anima, grabs Apricot's bag, and answers the phone.

"Maushi Maushi. Yuki here. No, she's unconscious. Yes. He said come over! Well, it's no fun without you. Please? Yeah. Ok. Bye." says Yuki as she hangs up.

"Well?" asks Hiro.

"They're coming. But how do I get out? And can I bring Apri with me?" says Yuki.

"Distraction time. In 3-2-1." says Hiro as a rock hits the anima in the face and kills it. Yuki and Hiro pull Apricot out as the monster reels back and dies.

"MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I DID IT!" laughs a girl who is 21 years old. She has long black hair that goes to her waist with purple streaks in it. She has grey eyes and is wearing black cargos, a black tank, and flip flops. This is Shadow Shido, Hiro's cousin. She is very excitable and runs around like an energizer bunny. She loves to play with sling shots and bazookas. She's Yuki's partner in crime, and she has a very limited attention span, but she knows, at least they think she does, when to calm down.

"Where's everyone else Shadow?" asks Hiro.

"I lost 'em. Wait… They stayed at the house. I think they said they would wait there." says Shadow, very confused. Hiro swings Apricot onto his back.

"Why do they want to cause problems? Those 3. Argh! We needed them here to do their jobs." says Hiro. But suddenly, Shadow's short attention span focuses on Apricot.

"APRI! WAKE UP! THEY'll kill me if you die." says Shadow while sobbing.

"Shut UP! Who are all of you!" yells Tart. Shadow looks up in surprise as she realizes that they weren't the only people here.

"You didn't see anything." says Shadow as she waves her arms around and then attempts to drag Hiro and Yuki away.

"Wait. Do you know who we are and what's going on here?" asks Zakuro in a suspicious way. Hiro, Shadow, and Yuki turn around and look at her.

"No… Not a clue… How could we? Nope." says Hiro, Shadow and Yuki still backing up. Everyone looks at them and Zakuro raises her eyebrow at them.

"Yeah. We got it out of her." says Yuki and Shadow as they point at Apricot's unconscious form.

"I can never take you anywhere. Can I?" says Hiro as he slaps his head with his head.

"You have to come with us then." says Spice watching them carefully.

"This is too weird for me!" yells Tart as he and the others teleport away.

At the Café

"More people know! What did you do? Torture her?" says Ryou as he's talking to the team. Hiro shakes his head no as Yuki and Shadow shake their heads yes. (Spice- Wait. Shadow wasn't there last night. Are you up to something again? MOF- He's onto me! Poor Crystal. Spice- Yep. She has crazy friends.)

"Then they'll have to work here too." says Ryou.

"Yes! More help!" cheers Ichigo.

"Uh… my head… Where am I?" asks Apricot as she wakes up.

"HI!" yells Shadow.

"Oh no… Not you. Wait, what happened to the aliens? And Kish!" asks Apricot.

"We rescued you." says Yuki as she hugs Apricot.

"Apricot. I guess those training and workout programs I made for you need to be raised a few levels. You knocked out instantly and couldn't even doge it." says Hiro.

"You make programs for her?" says Lettuce.

"Of course. I can't have my best friend getting pudgy." says Hiro.

"I'll kill you if you don't shut up." says Apricot and Hiro just shuts up. (MOF- Good. FB- Yep. Spice- STOP IT! MOF and FB- Nope.)

"We'd better get going. Apri needs to rest." says Yuki as Shadow supports Apricot out of the café and to the car.

"This time, saving the world will be more fun." says Zakuro.

At the Alien's Space Ship- Shining Nova

"So we're all agreeing that these new mews are dangerous and are helping the others to develop their powers further, correct?" says Pai as the aliens are all sitting in their meeting room.

"Sure whatever. So Kish, how do you know that Apricot girl?" asks Tart. Kish comes out of his thoughts and looks at Tart.

"Do tell us." says Pai.

"I met her 7 years ago. Remember? When I ran away cause I was mad? Well I was at the park and I had been playing my flute. She came through the trees; it was at the same place we were today. She started to talk to me. She was telling me that she had begun to play the flute too, but her phone rang and she had to leave. She told me that I would be able to recognize her by her white and orange heart necklace because it was the only on made. The she left." says Kish finishing his story.

"That is interesting. And she never asked about your ears or who you were?" asks Pai.

"No. Nothing. But I'm thinking she might have been upset." says Kish.

"Why?" asks Tart as he walks over to where Kish is sitting.

"When she answered the phone, for a quick second, her face looked like something went horribly wrong." says Kish.

"Hey Pai! Can't you locate her? With some sort of device?" asks Tart.

"Yes. But why?" asks Pai.

"We could get her to join us!" says Tart. Pai the gets up and walks over to the computer and begins to press various buttons.

"One of the spy animas found her. I'll bring it up onto the main screen now." says Pai as the footage of Apricot, Shadow, and Yuki comes up on screen.

"What are you 2 doing now?" asks Apricot as Yuki and Shadow are rolling around and laughing.

"Nothing. Where did Hiro and friends go?" asks Shadow.

"Hiro's giving them a briefing on how to guard me." says Apricot. Kish, Pai, and Tart look at each other with questioning looks.

"Apri, are you sad… I mean, that your creators are dead, and that you're the only person who is part of the Infinity Project?" asks Yuki.

"Yuki…" says Shadow in a warning tone as Apricot's face saddens.

"They never even got to see me. Why? Why did they die? They day I met Kish… Why?" says Apricot as she begins to cry.

"Why don't you talk about it? It could help?" says Shadow.

"I'll never believe that they're all gone. Forever. They gave me their gifts, they were helping me learn. I was so happy, being part, no. Being the only person in Project Infinity, and being able to know them all. I'll never forget agreeing to be changed, to be tested, and to be the first. That was Infinity's purpose." says Apricot. Yuki and Shadow give each other sad looks ad Apricot wipes away some of her tears.

"They killed them. And my parents. All of them. Haru, Tea, Megumi, Pomme, Poire, Dr. Shirogane, Mrs. Shirogane, and my parents, Kaji and Yuri Kurosaki." cries Apricot. The door to the house opens and Hiro is standing there.

"You 3 have been outside long enough… Oh no, Apricot! What's wrong?" asks Hiro.

"My entire fault. The deaths of the creators of Project Infinity are all my fault." says Apricot. Hiro runs over to Apricot and holds her close to him.

"No. No one knew that some people would crave Project Infinity's power or hate it so much that they would end 9 lives. But you, me, Yuki, Shadow, Aquaria, and the 3 inside escaped. You can settle the score. Because you were at the park that day, you'll be able to even the score. Sage won't be able to do it again. We're here to stop him. Next time, you'll b more powerful, and will settle the score 10x's over. You won't be 9 the next time you see him. You're 16 now, and you can take him down." says Hiro while he rocks Apricot. Kish's fists roll into balls and he, Pai, and Tart are shocked to learn this.

"They want you to come inside now. They haven't seen you since you were 13. Come on." says Hiro as he heads inside with Shadow and Yuki. Apricot stands up and looks up at the sky.

"I hope you rest in peace my friends. Pomme and Poire, you 2 taught me never to judge people from other worlds without speaking with them or meeting them first. I need to work on that more." says Apricot and she walks into the house and the screen goes dark.

"The camera went off." says Pai.

"That…That was so sad. She's lost so many people. Even her own parents." says Kish.

"Pomme and Poire were our only 2 warriors who remained on Earth for weird reasons. They said they had to stay for a special reason. Sage, no wonder he got angry. He's a hot head and he's always gotten into trouble because of it. I wonder if the council knows about this." says Pai.

"I feel back for her. She lost a lot when she was only 9 years old." says Tart as they head sown the hallway to go to bed.

"Maybe we should as her to join us! I mean, what could go wrong?" says Tart as he stands in front of his door. (MOF- That's a bad thing to say! Spice- yep. MOF- I know.)

"Sage. That's what would go wrong. He'd be royally pissed." says Kish.

"And for you, it may be harder for you to see her now because of these new "guards" that she has." says Pai.

"I'll teleport right past them. No one can stop me from getting to Apricot, my neko-chan. Goodnight." says Kish as he walks into his room.

"'night." echo Pai and Tart

Mew of Fire: I feel so bad for Apricot.

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Ichigo, Mint, Lettuce, Apricot, Kish, Blackberry, Cerise- 16

Hiro, Pai, Masaya, Ryou, Gateau, Zakuro, and Spice- 17

Pudding, Tart, Fraise- 14

Yuki- 8

Shadow, Keiichiro, Sage- 21

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