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Angel Memories: Chapter 1

My Light, My Shadow

Something was changing. Something in this void gave off a tiny ripple and something began to change. I opened my eyes. Silver wafted in front of me in tiny strands, contorting and whipping from side to side. The darkness rippled again. The void in front of me shuddered and exhaled, sending gusts of shadow streaming past my eyes. The whole world quaked. I let my feet fall to a floor that wasn't there. My toes clacked silently on the dark ground. The shadows quivered again. Something was changing.

But nothing changes in the Nexus.

My feet slapped the ground as I ran. Running wasn't necessary in this place but old habits are difficult to break. I was unsure how long it had been since I had pushed Cloud into reality. It didn't really matter; time chose not to exist in a coherent form in this place. Ever since I had left Cloud, I had been drifting aimlessly in shadows, ever floating, never changing. Nothing had changed in all that time. The shadows all looked the same, the Heartless still came and went. There was never any horizon, nothing but darkness.

But something was changing.

Again the darkness sent out ripples as they passed I felt something stripped from me. The air in my lungs, however unneeded, left me. My limbs grew numb with each passing undulation of shadow. My body did not slow though I could no longer feel it. I moved on through nothingness. Some intense gravity pulled me to the epicenter of this strange earthquake. Something was calling me. Something wanted me. Something needed me.

Was that light?

Behind me something shuddered and sent its own ripples through the darkness. I glanced back to see the void stretch on and on and finally stop at a small pinprick of light. There was never any light in this place, none but the golden beams that shine from the eyes of the Heartless. It grew larger, a blindingly brilliant white that consumed the shadows before it. I turned from the light and continued to run in the direction that the gravity pulled me. This light felt strange. I was no stranger to light, nor did the ever present shadows frighten me. But this light was…strange.


At the edges of my vision, a bright white door appeared. It shone brightly in contrast to the darkness that surrounded it. As I drew closer it slowly began to open. The light behind me approached, burning my backside with the heat from it. Without breath I ran with everything I had toward the door. When I was close enough to see the hinges, the light overtook me. It stripped me of my energy and left me lying in the creeping shadows on the floor.

A child's voice burst through the opening door. The voice surrounded me, familiar and warming.

"I know now, without a doubt. Kingdom Hearts…is light!"

The wave of light burst forth from the door and tore outwards. Beyond the door, a man with silver hair and tan skin was illuminated before he screamed and disappeared. The light dissipated and left me again in darkness. White doors slowly closed and stopped with themselves slightly ajar. The child's voice again issued from the gaping crack against white wood.

"Come on!"

Footsteps rang out and small hands slapped against the door. The door shuddered and groaned loudly in protest and held its ground. Ahead of me, Heartless began to rise from the ground, taking form and opening glowing orbs.

"Stop staring and start pushing!"

I struggled to reach my feet. My body felt lifeless and numb but I rose onto my knees. With my own hair streaming downwards I gazed at the bright white doorway. There was a glimmer of silver at the edge of the door.

"The Heartless?"


"I can't…"

The boy's voice lowered in defeat and five fingers slipped away from the door. Two more hands gripped the side of the door and another voice rang out in the darkness.

"Don't give up!"

Silver shimmered and muscles strained as he pulled at the bright white doorway. He let a smile loose on his lips and bright blue eyes shone against the shadows. "C'mon Sora! Together we can do it!"

Brown hair appeared around the edge and another boy smiled widely. "Ok."

The Heartless grew closer to the doorway, looming over it and casting large shadows. I propelled myself to my trembling feet and began a stumbling gait toward the nearest one.

"It's hopeless!"

One of the large Heartless raised a shadowy arm and drew it back. Its yellow eyes flashed and a deep booming laugh issued from its chest. I couldn't get there in time! The giant black fist flew forward, aiming for the silver haired child. I reached out and screamed.


Suddenly there was a flash of gold. A dark shape leapt back and forth cutting in and out of the Heartless. It was moving so fast that the golden weapon trailed light as it went. One by one the enormous Heartless burst into nothingness and the lone figure came to a halt and rose above the rolling hills of shadow. He was surrounded by glowing whit light, like an aura of purity.

"King Mickey!"

The small creature turned around and raised his golden key into the air. He pointed it at the white door and addressed the brown haired boy on the other side. "Now, Sora. Let's close this door for good!"

Sora protested but was reassured by his comrades that it was the right thing to do. Beyond the glow that issued from the king, more Heartless began to rise from the floor. They amassed themselves, jittering and shaking violently. I took a shaky step toward them and drew my blade from its sheathe.

"Don't worry. There will always be a door to the light." Mickey nodded his head with a knowing smile that seemed to put the boy at rest. Behind the mouse, the hordes of Heartless grew larger. I stumbled toward them, regaining my strength slowly. Riku's silver hair shimmered as he turned to look at the quivering mass of shadow and yellow lights.

"Now! They're coming!"

Mickey held his Keyblade out and pointed it toward the large white door. Through the crack I saw Sora jump away and raise his own Keyblade in the same fashion. Beams of light burst from them both and the doors slowly began to close. The Heartless began to dash forward at the miniscule king. Claws outstretched and slavering jaws open they jumped toward the mouse in frenzy.

A silver arc of light cleaved through the leaping wall of Heartless. Their eyes widened and then they burst apart, showering the king with splotches of shadow that quickly melted away. The Heartless took a collective step backwards as they watched me rise up before them. My hair fell messily over my face and congealed blood stained my side. I raised Masamune and sneered at the jittering crowd in front of me.

They paused for a moment and then glanced beyond me at the closing doors. Almost all together, they split and scattered in separate directions, streaming like ants to the doorway. I took after them with blinding speed, cutting into them again and again. With each slash another Heartless exploded into globs of shadow. They fell to the ground with arms stretching cut to the doorway in front of them.

Not a single Heartless reached the door. As I cut down the final Heartless I raised myself up and stood, bloodied and weary. The ground was littered with the remains of shadows. Several Heartless even tried to keep their form after I had cut them down and struggled violently without legs to crawl forward to the bright doorway. With several strokes of the Masamune, I cut down the final Heartless. Their glowing eyes faded into darkness and they melted into the dark ground. I turned to look upon the silver haired youth. He looked quietly out the doorway at Sora.

"Look after her."

And then they closed. I collapsed onto the ground in tears. My body shook with sadness and I pounded the dark ground with my fist. Masamune clattered to the floor beside me and I rolled onto my back and stared upwards into shadow. Riku stood a long time staring at the door. No tears fell from his eyes but his hands clenched and shook. He let out a long breath and turned to face King Mickey.

The mouse walked slowly towards us, stopping at my prostrate body. I was no longer breathing heavily, but tears streamed out of my eyes and pooled in my hair, turning it into a dark grey. No sobs shook my body; instead I lay, breathing deeply as I stared into a calming blackness above my face. I heard a small gasp to my right but didn't turn my head.


Riku clapped his hand over his mouth and pointed a shaking finger in my direction. Sweat dripped from his temples and his eyes widened. My eyes were mainly dry though my cheeks were still damp from tears. I turned to look at the frightened boy. He stood, outlined by light cast from the door and surrounded by shadow everywhere else. He didn't belong here, in this dark place. He belonged in light. Why was he here? There was still innocence in his Mako ridden eyes.

"Mickey…who is he?"

The silver haired boy's voice burst into my ears and shattered my resolve. I stood up silently with my head lowered. My own silver strands fell softly across my face. Riku took a step back from me. Mickey shook his head quietly and looked upon me with sad eyes.

"I'm sorry…I know that you didn't want this to-"


I raised a hand to silence the king. He looked at me in shock for a moment and then nodded quietly. After a moment I lowered my hand and turned to face the young boy. He looked confused and afraid, just like a child. He didn't belong here. This was what I was fighting against. I looked down at the boy and saw my own Mako blue eyes reflecting in his, deep and tired. I didn't know what to say, couldn't know what to say. Couldn't think of anything. But even with all of that, I spoke.

"Riku…I will find a way out of here."

The images or Riku and the bright door began to blur and tilt. I felt the rush of wind as the world began to fall sideways. Riku reached out to me but his groping hand soon faded away and blended with the shadows before my eyes closed. I hit the ground with a dull thud. My hair fell slowly around my face and as I closed my eyes I whispered one last time.

"For you…"

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