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Broken Halo

Unruly tendrils of shadow fell messily over the midnight blue spectacles on the Heartless' face. Bright yellow eyes squinted slightly. That squint brought back memories. I used to be subject to that squint every day. It still brought back the same feelings of resentment as it did so long ago.

"What is it this time?"

The Heartless cocked its head slightly in thought. With a single dark finger, it reached up and pushed the half-moon further up the bridge of its nose. It studied me intently for another moment and then grinned widely. Its mouth was black as night with shadowy, almost spectral teeth that appeared almost to be moving on their own.

"You're different than before, you know."


For a brief moment, the dark smile drooped and the golden eyes narrowed. Then the face cracked into a wider smirk. Its head turned to face the small crowd behind me. "You certainly keep some strange company now."

From behind me, I heard a step and an angry grunt. I waved an arm to silence the man. "This…strange company," I spat the words back at him. "This strange company," I repeated with a smile. I felt warm inside and turned back to look at them.

"These strange companions are my friends."

The Heartless' smile dropped entirely and for a second, he looked dumbstruck. He tried to speak, but only sputtered useless halting sentences. He fell silent and took a deep breath. Then, he burst into raucous laughter. He laughed long and hard, his shadowy body undulating with gasping heaves. Silently, I wiped the blood that had been running down my cheek away. When his barks of laughter died away, he giggled slightly and spoke again.

"Friends?" He laughed again. "Friends? My dear boy, you have changed. Oh good lord have you changed. What happened to you? What happened to that killing instinct? What happened to that air of invincibility? What happened to your goal? Where did it all go?" He chuckled softly.

"I really outdid myself, didn't I?" He smiled toward the sky. "It seems that the experiment has finally gone beyond my calculations. No, beyond anything I could have imagined! This is wonderful! You've evolved! This is fantastic! What a brilliant idea." Breath was coming swiftly now, his chest rapidly moved up and down with his quick intake of air. "But…"

The Heartless disappeared. There was a flash of shadow to my left. As quick as I could, I pulled Masamune up and thrust it forward. A loud clang resounded from the meeting of blade on shadow and two half ovals of glass peered up at me from behind a dark blade consisting of shadow.

"As spectacular as you are, you are still a failure." The pressure increased on my blade and my arms began to shake. "And failures…" My muscles shuddered in protest. How could one Heartless be so strong? "Must be deleted!"

I broke the connection between our blades and whirled away. Like a liquid blur, the Heartless followed and broke through my hastily created defense. I hadn't been expecting this kind of speed. I had underestimated him.

"Goodbye boy! Don't worry, I'll build an even better version of you!" The dark blade in his hands flipped and twisted like a snake, aiming for my throat.

A milky white line of light appeared in my peripheral vision and immediately ripped through my sight. The single beam of light ripped through the Heartless, and blew him to the ground. The dark blade flew out of his hands and flew wildly past my face, slicing a shallow cut in my cheek.

The Heartless smashed against the ground and bounced up. He found his voice and let out an unearthly howl. His eyes expanded and his mouth opened unnaturally wide. Then, after a second, he evaporated into a fine black dust. The spectacles remained and dropped with a clink next to a pearl white object embedded in the ground.

"I do so hate Heartless." An effeminate voice echoed over the barren wasteland. My heart was still beating quickly and I felt as though I had been holding my breath, but I turned to find where the new voice had come from.

"Heartless…just don't have any sense of beauty in them. They don't appreciate the splendor of battle. They really are ugly brutes."

Two men stood, tinted orange in the dying light of the sunset, across the gray plains. One of them held a large white bow that curved in strange ways that I had never seen before. His face was gentle and gorgeous, with perfect skin and eyes so alive; they looked like they could speak. His hair was a light shade of silver, bordering on white that was pulled back into a long loose pony tail that reached his thighs.

He wore all white clothing that seemed to fit perfectly wherever it fell. His whole body was thin and reminded me of a deer. He took a graceful step forward and shouldered his bow.

"Magnificent as ever, Artemis." He patted his bow. "We haven't missed a target yet." His voice was high and pretty against the piercing winds of the surrounding area. In a glorious movement, he turned and faced his partner with eager eyes. "Wasn't it gorgeous? Seeing that Heartless destroyed in a single attack?"

I pulled my eyes away from the beautiful man and glanced at his companion. Masamune shuddered slightly with excitement. I gripped the hilt tighter and grimaced at the sight of the man. He smiled warmly at his beautiful companion and reached out a hand. his palm rested gently on his partner's head and then ran down the back of his neck in a loving gesture.

"Of course, Tiphereth. You've done beautifully as always."

Tiphereth smiled a stunning smile and blushed. "You're too kind." The man straightened up and tossed his hair with his free hand. "So, can we take the Container now, or do we have to wait for the others?"

"Wait, Tiphereth. It won't be long now." The tall man unsheathed his sword which gleamed in the orange glow. "Soon all of our brothers and sisters will be here."

Tiphereth nodded and lowered his bow to his side. "If you say so. You are our leader after all. I will do whatever you say, Keter.

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