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"Elvish" 'Mind speak'

Legolas, Haldir and those of his patrol watched on bated breath as Aaron reached for the muzzle of the fallen wolf. Both were sure that though the creature was surely near death that it would lash out. It was a given or so they all thought, that is until they were all stunned into stillness when beast and beauty came into contact. A pulsing golden light emanated from the two enthralled beings nearly blinding them with the sheer brilliance. But the light was gone as quickly as it came leaving behind only Aaron some 'unusual additions'.

Namely a fur cloak and a pair of wolf cubs squirming in her arms, their' inquisitive yawls filled the air. Slowly almost painfully so, Legolas and Haldir moved to stand in front of Aaron calling out her name to capture the seemingly dazed girl's attention. However the Philadelphia native wasn't paying any attention to them. Her eyes were glazed over; normally glowing eyes stared at nothing as if they weren't there.

Suddenly the twin pools of amber snapped back into focus and immediately trained on the squirming balls of fur in her lap. "MOTHERFUCKER"! Each and everyone of their' company flinched. They cringed even more when Aaron opened her mouth to utter forth even more foul curses only for the dark woman to clinch her mouth abruptly shut. Suddenly her eyes pinned the March warden in place. Her expression was a mixture of fury, fear, and confusion, "I need to talk to your queen and I need to do so now".

Stoic as ever Haldir stared back at her, "what devilry is this", he would not lead any danger to his home and if they was a trick of the dark lord-. Something of a snarl tugged ruthlessly at Kennonomoi's lips but she held back the urge to act accordingly, "I don't know, apparently they are 'gifts' from the Valar, I need to get back to Lothlorien now". The brawler was grasping at straws, seeing as she really didn't know 'what' was going on. How were two flee bitten puppies and an over grown PETA's worst nightmare going to teach her?

'Fucking crusty cryptic bastards'. Haldir was still staring at her searchingly. He was sure that she wasn't telling him something, something that was very important. Yet Kennonomoi wasn't going to share her encounter with the two Gandalf wannabes. She was firmly creped out as is, with being part of the fellowship, the subject of the romantic leanings of both the ring bearer and Boromir, and now this. Had she not already killed so many orcs Kennonomoi was sure she'd still be in a murderous mood.

Standing to her feet Kennonomoi unconsciously pulled the two little wolves in her arms closer to her torso, sharing her body heat. Her height was nowhere near as impressive as any of the elves but Kennonomoi's glare more than made up for it. She was tired; she was confused, she, was, pissed. "Well are you going to lend me a guide or not"? Haldir blew out a frustrated breath before barking out an order to one of his patrol to escort the lady back to the city.

Legolas looked to protest but Kennonomoi immediately stalled it with a look, "you need to spend time with your kin". It was a weak excuse but she didn't need the elf squealing to her brother until she at least had some idea what was going on. And Kennonomoi had every intention of avoiding Aragorn like the plague once she got back, at least until she and Galadriel worked out why the hell the two yahoos gave her wolf pups for. Without waiting for Legolas to retort she indicated to her escort that she was ready to go and followed the elf back to the city

Lothlórien, 3019 TA, January 26, - Before Dawn

Galadriel stood waiting for Kennonomoi even as she was led out of the underbrush. Surprisingly the elf queen was alone, the brawler couldn't imagine any of her subjects allowing their' sovereign going without escort. A glance dismissed the elf Kennonomoi had followed back to Lorien the previous night. A gesture beckoned the dark brawler forward. And the elf ran a hand over steel gray fur. And for some inexplicable reason Kennonomoi felt a growl well up in her throat. The elleth didn't seem startled in the least but backed off anyway. "What happened"?

The dark beauty did her best to ignore the whispers echoing in her mind as she raised a brow at the queen of the golden wood. "Do the names Alatar and Pallando mean anything to you"? The names were awkward on the dark woman's tongue but Galadriel was still able to understand her. "They were Ithryn Luin, the blue wizards and the emissaries of Valinor sent east", she said leading Kennonomoi toward her private Telain. "Were? Don't tell me that I don't get to kill the bastards that sent me here".

Galadriel looked faintly amused, "they disappeared long ago Maranwë, no one knows of their' fate". Kennonomoi's arms were becoming tired so the young woman sat on the ground and deposited the two cubs into her lap. The she warrior couldn't bring herself to dump the fur balls on their' asses. "Yeah well they were talking in more loops than Gandalf so you're gonna have to translate whatever the hell they were trying to tell me". Kennonomoi then had the pleasure of seeing the elf queen's gaze momentarily go blank with shock.

"You mean me to share the vision they sent you". She nodded, "yeah well believe me if there was another way instead of having you bouncing around in my head I wouldn't be offering". The golden haired elleth took no offence in Kennonomoi's words knowing that she was simply stating fact. Catching the amber gaze in her own Galadriel met no resistance this time when she gazed into the depths that was Kennonomoi Espada. There was so much fear and pain, so many scars raw and aching in her heart yet there was also innocence. So many facades of self that Galadriel could barely begin to make sense of them all.

So she didn't bother, instead going directly to the vision that Aaron wanted her to 'translate'. 'Ok this is a little too weird', Kennonomoi decided watching the vision all over again only now she was watching herself with Galadriel at her side. The brawler almost kicked herself now that she had the little energy to reflect on how she reacted to the intruders of her mind. Saruman couldn't throw her off but these two popcorn farts could? What the hell was wrong with her? Pale digits carted through her hair comfortingly, "They meant no harm, Maranwë".

"They could have the best intentions in the world and I wouldn't give a shit", Kennonomoi broke eye contact and thus ending the vision sharing, "they did me harm". Galadriel didn't contest this fact. "Yet it remains what has been done can not be undone". The brawler let out a put upon sigh, "and exactly what did they do"? Galadriel was secretly wary of the edged tone in the daughter of man's voice. The elf queen was beginning to doubt the instincts that the two Istar had placed in the girl would hold up under the rage she could feel building.

But she wasn't going to lie to her, "Alatar and Pallando wanted to teach you there is more to life than what you strive for". "No ya think"? Kennonomoi rolled her eyes, "Of course there's more to life than surviving but I don't give a shit". Amused Galadriel smiled softly, "well apparently they do give a shit". Wide eyed the brawler almost laughed aloud at the absurdity of the moment. "And they want you to care as well", Galadriel continued, "So they made you a mother". That statement had the instant sobering effect that was anything but surprising. "What"? "These wolves are your children". That had both of Kennonomoi's brows rising to her hairline.

"Ok, besides the fifty million reasons why I shouldn't ever be a mother to anyone let alone a pair of wolf cubs lets not forget I'm also part of the fellowship and that oh I don't know, I don't want kids". Unmoving Galadriel just watched as the girl unconsciously took comfort in the two slumbering cubs in her lap but didn't call attention to it. The bond was already solidifying and Aaron would try to stop it if she knew. "I know what wisdom led them to this, only that this is task is yours but you are not alone in it". Kennonomoi, "and how, exactly is that going to work unless the entire fellowship raises them"? Galadriel gave her a sanguine smile. "Oh, hell no".

Lothlórien, 3019 TA, January 30. – morning

Aragorn groaned as he was woken up by sharp nips at his bare feet and fought back the urge to kick his 'nephew'. Sitting up, he grabbed the cub by the scruff of his neck and looked into mischievous amber orbs. When Aaron had come to camp bearing the two little creatures and a fur cloak with Galadriel in tow he hadn't known what to think. It was a shocking sight even for someone of his long years. Then, in her own fashion Aaron laid out what was going on.

To say the least his sister's description was colorful would be an understatement of vast proportions. But the fellowship adjusted to having two magical cubs in their' lives. And with the help of the elves took care of the two little fur balls as his sister was fond of calling them. Even Boromir didn't throw a fit much to everyone's surprise. Sighing the Dunedain stood to his feet not paying attention at all to the indignant yawls that issued forth with each step.

He glanced over where Aaron still lay asleep and her 'daughter' curled on her stomach. The female was just as troublesome as her male counterpart but while they slept Aragorn found that he could forgive them of nearly anything. Sighing once more the Dunedain retrieved one of the many bottles of 'formula' that the elves had come up with to feed the two bottomless pits that was Kennonomoi's 'children'.

Sitting down next to Kennonomoi, Aragorn cradled the male cub against the curve of his ribcage and absently noted the razor sharp teeth almost puncturing the lid. It seemed that the cubs were going to start eating solids soon. He didn't dare think beyond that seeing as the future was uncharitable as is. Aragorn looked over at his sister, "Aaron wake up", when the dark woman didn't even twitch he tried again, "Kennonomoi". This time his ward's eyes opened and immediately focused on the ball of fluff on her stomach before training on him. Her eyes were tired even though he knew that she had a full nights sleep.

Even with the new arrivals Aaron had resumed her training of Merry and Pippin. That in itself was draining but add to the fact that she was now essentially mother of two? Even with the help of her fellow fellowship members did little to dampen the responsibility of parenthood. And then there was the fact that they had to leave in fifteen days didn't help matters. "What is it brother"? That was another sign of the young woman's agitation. She refused to call him by his name. Instead Aaron opted to call him by a myriad of sniping endearments that he secretly hoped one day she would call him by those endearments sincerely. However Aragorn seriously doubted it.

"You have to feed the other one". Aaron grunted and sat up slowly so not to wake the slumbering beast lying on her stomach. That was another thing that irked Aragorn. Even after having the cubs for five days the she warrior refused to name them. Many of the elves had offered to and so had members of the fellowship but she refused. He had confronted Aaron about it and she had answered him honestly. "It would make it too real", she had said. Aragorn didn't approve but understood nonetheless.

Kennonomoi wasn't used to letting anything get passed the unconscious shield she placed around herself. And by giving her 'children' names would be admitting that she was letting 'someone' in even if those someones were in fact a completely different species not even remotely human. But she would name them eventually and if she didn't he would. Focusing back on his sister Aragorn watched Aaron retrieve a bottle and woke up the female so that she could feed.

He knew better than to tell Kennonomoi that motherhood suited her. After the two terrors were fed and burped they let the cubs play as they cleansed themselves and changed into clothes. As the cubs continued to play, Kennonomoi joined them in their' rough housing. Aragorn watched them a minuscule smile on his face as he sharpened his sword with a piece of flint. The morning went on as one by one the rest of the fellowship woke up. Sam woke up first, and as he started making breakfast Pippin and Merry woke beckoned by the smell of food. Boromir was next and it was he who woke Gimli unable to stand his snores.

Surprisingly Frodo hadn't woken up until after Gimli, not even the enticing aroma of food could get him up. It was the female cub that woke the hobbit up. And she did so in such an embarrassingly clever manner that Kennonomoi couldn't find it within herself to truly rebuke the tiny cub. Besides Frodo didn't seem to mind the tongue bath he was currently receiving. Legolas had yet to return from his trip the other elves. Truthfully she hadn't expected him to listen to her when she told him to stay. But she shrugged it off; the elf's decision was none of her business.

Kennonomoi sat next to her pupils occasionally feeding the male cub a piece of her bacon as she ate. The female had somehow managed to get a hold on Frodo's pant leg and all but dragged the hobbit to the camp fire. "Have you thought of names for them yet Aaron"? Both Boromir and Aragorn noticed his sister's spine stiffening at young Pippin's innocent question. He opened his mouth to stop the acidic retort that was sure to come only to gap when it never came. Instead Aragorn watched as Kennonomoi's eyes softened as she watched her two 'children'.

It was a momentary thing but at least it was there. "The female is Tango and the male is Cash". That had everyone's eyebrows rising to their' hairline. Only Gimli was brave enough to question the name choice. Kennonomoi just shrugged, "I like them and apparently it's better than not naming them at all". That got a universal wince. It seemed that not even five days with the cubs could curb Kennonomoi's ever steel tipped tongue. No one spoke after that. Finished eating the native Philadelphian dragged her pupils off to the training field.

Much later that day Legolas returned to the fellowship camp in better spirits only to see Aragorn watching over the two silver wolf cubs. It took some fast explaining but the Dunedain managed to get Legolas not to shoot first and ask questions later. The wood elf was a little more wary of the creatures than his friend but Legolas had seen how the two had come about. Gimli had laughed at him for it to which Legolas retorted good naturedly. His trip with the other elves and Gimli's infatuation with the queen of the golden wood eased the tensions between them considerably. "So has Maranwë even named them yet", the elf asked eyeing the two cubs who in turn watched him.

The dwarf laughed nearly chocking on the pipe he was smoking, "Aye laddie and ye wont believe the names the lass have given em' go on Aragorn tell the squirrel what the lass calls them". Aragorn rolled his eyes, "The female is Tango and the male is Cash". Legolas looked at his with a quizzical air as Gimli continued to laugh at the seemingly ridiculous names. That is, until Tango and Cash seemed to take offense and tackled the son of Glóin to the ground. Gimli's pipe went flying. Immediately both the Dunedain and elf prince were on the move.

Aragorn grabbed the two pups by the scruff of their' necks and heaved them both off the sputtering indignant dwarf. Legolas caught his pipe, scrunching up his nose at the stench. The ranger looked upon his 'niece' and 'nephew' in disapproval and was met by wagging tails and wide innocent eyes. Eyes that were far too intelligent to belong to beasts, yet since the two were gifts of the Valar he wouldn't bother to question it. To do so would be folly.

Legolas helped his elf-friend up and handed him his pipe as he watched the interaction between the wolves and Aragorn. The Mirkwood elf was amused more than he'd ever admit. Aragorn had started to rebuke the two cubs. From the way that Tango and Cash winced they were somehow able to understand the ranger. Once he was done scolding them Aragorn put the two cubs down and they backed away tails firmly tucked between their' legs.

Lothlórien, 3019 TA, February 15. – night

Galadriel daughter Finarfin wife of Celeborn lady of the golden wood had seen many mysteries throughout her existence. But it was an eighteen summer's old girl that baffled her. Even as the fellowship dined among her people Aaron stood apart even amongst them. Dressed in the sole dress that she had packed for this journey and the pelt given to her by the Valar the adopted sister of Estel looked like an exotic dark flower guarded closely by her company. Kennonomoi of the clan Espada called Maranwë Anárion called Aaron was a mystery unto herself.

Harsh yet gentle, crass yet ever wise, fiercely independent, yet open to the council of others, ignorant of the world to which she now belonged yet willing to defend it all the same. And it was for this reason that Galadriel was fascinated by the young second-born. She didn't have to even cast her eyes around the hall to know that many her people felt the same. Others were a bit more hostile because of Aaron's likeness to their' enemies. But none made a move against her, partially because she was under Galadriel's protection and partially because they had heard of the edain's prowess against both elf and orc. It wasn't a surprise that the Valar had taken an interest in the girl for her skills alone.

Yet the elf queen had come to see that it was more than Aaron's sharp tongue and dexterity with a blade that the Valar sought after. It was the wild untamable spirit that strength that could set alight the hearts of men. Aaron could be formable leader if only she took responsibility for more than just herself. 'May haps they ask very politely', her lord husband answered hearing her thought. Galadriel sipped her wine not in the least surprised that she had to bite back the urged to giggle at the very idea that the aggressive woman would willingly do as the Valar ordained.

From her seat at the table she and the rest of the fellowship occupied Kennonomoi ate little of what was on her plate. The she warrior's time in Lothlorien had done little good for her nerves. And tomorrow she would be leaving, for war, 'well fuck and this was supposed to be a break from the crazy'. Yet it had been anything but, the sudden infatuation of Boromir and Frodo aside Lorien had been one stressful situation after another. The only peace Kennonomoi found in Lorien was her sole orc hunting trip, training Merry and Pippin, and surprisingly raising Tango and Cash.

It didn't help that she knew what was coming. The fellowship would brake and another of their' number would die. Any semblance of peace would be long off and Kennonomoi had no idea what would become of her. 'I could stay here', it was a tempting thought for a scant few seconds but Kennonomoi dropped it as soon as she thought of it. Not only was that particular option not her style. Kennonomoi just didn't like Lorien nor its people who treated the fellowship like the plague and treated her with a distant hatred that she cared for not.

"Are you not hungry Aaron"? Kennonomoi glanced to her left where Frodo sat his big blue eyes trained on her. She knew that she should eat more if only to incite the young ring bearer to do the same but she couldn't force her throat to swallow. "No Frodo I'm not all that hungry but I'll try anyway, we got a long day ahead of us tomorrow". Frodo looked surprised and so did Boromir. "You're going with us? What of Tango and Cash", Boromir asked truly worried. War was no place for children of any species.

"The thought of staying has crossed my mind believe me, but you all have to remember that not only are the elves time in middle earth coming to an end but I don't want to stay". Kennonomoi wasn't in the least apologetic at Boromir's horrified look. Though he had gotten over the fact that the would be crown princess of Gondor knew her way around a blade as well as any man but the thought of a 'mother' taking her children on a dangerous mission was unthinkable to him. 'Maybe now he'll finally take a hint and back the fuck off'.

The lord of the west opened and closed his mouth like a fish out of water. Finally after a few moments of stupefied shock Denethor's son finally clicked hi jaw shut. Gripping his goblet filled to the brim with wine Boromir drank deeply of it before excusing himself from the table. Kennonomoi looked at her compatriots for their' reactions. Gimli and her two pupils were too busy eating to notice the confrontation. Sam looked worried as did his master though Frodo also looked sad as well. Legolas and Aragorn stared at her with disapproving eyes.

Surprisingly Kennonomoi felt a twinge of regret when she saw the disappointment in her brother's quick silver eyes. Severely she frowned, 'what the hell is wrong with me, I didn't give a damn before why should I care now"? But Kennonomoi was on the move before she even knew it, following the path the departing lord of the west took. Her brother watched her go with ever watchful eyes smiling at the fact that, for him Aaron would try and put her differences with Boromir aside.

Kennonomoi found Boromir some time later in one of Lorien's many gardens. He looked deep in thought. The thought of leaving him to it crossed her mind but then Aragorn's kicked puppy impression came to mind. With a sigh she moved forward and into Boromir's line of sight and waited for him to notice her. It didn't take him long. The sandy haired man caught glimpse of her almost immediately and was frozen in his admiration. He hadn't really dared do more than glance Aaron's way until now.

The lady Aaron stood tall and proud as the queens of old under the golden wood, her black and gold dress fitting nicely to her curvy frame. The wolf pelt hung about her shoulder to ward off the still lingering winter chill. Her thick black mane was somehow pulled back and tied at its end by a golden thread. Shorter bangs the escaped the confines of the extremely low pony tail frame her youthful face. Her amber orbs stared back at him searchingly.

"I'm sorry". Boromir blinked, "No you aren't". The brawler shrugged not bothering to lie again seeing as it was useless to do so. "No I am not, yet at least I tried". He let out a bark of incredulous laughter, "tried, nay Lady Aaron you have tried nothing save to drive me to madness". Boromir in his sudden rage stepped into her personal space his face a mixture of lust and fury. Kennonomoi knew better than to retreat, looked the enraged lord dead in the eye.

"Don't blame your shortcomings on me Boromir son of Denethor", she stated, "your feeling are your own". Inwardly Kennonomoi rolled her eyes she couldn't believe that she was talking like the yahoos of middle earth. "I am who I am Boromir; I don't bend or break for anyone". Suddenly he was pushing a stray bang out of her face. Kennonomoi caught his hand her grip steely as her surprised glare. "What about for those who love you", Boromir regarded her searchingly. "No", she let him go and walked away, 'I melt I shatter'.

Lothlórien, 3019 TA, February 16. - morning.

The Fellowship's leave of Lothlórien was a subdued affair, for they all knew that once out of the Golden Wood, they were walking into danger from which there might be no return. But after they had eaten breakfast with Celeborn and Galadriel, the Lady of the Wood had one final surprise for them. "We have drunk the cup of parting," Galadriel said, clad in her customary white, "And the shadows fall between us. But before you go, I have brought in my ships gifts which the Lord and Lady of the Galadhrim now offer you in memory of Lothlórien."

The fellowship stood before Galadriel and her court in a line as if they were soldiers being presented before battle. The gifts were all well made, and the hobbits were delighted with their gifts. Merry and Pippin each received silver and gold belt, while Sam, was given a special box of earth from the orchard of Galadriel and she promised him that it would make his garden bloom like few in Middle Earth. Boromir received a golden belt, but the real gift was the steady counsel that the Lady imparted to him.

'Mourn not Maranwë's rebuttal for she spoke truly her heart is her own and no man is meant to tame it, yet like the wolves she rears even now her heart can be gentled to those she deems worthy of it". To Gimli was given an unprecedented honor. When asked what he wished to remember Lorien by, he had finally admitted to wanting nothing save a strand of Galadriel's golden hair. And she, who had refused the same honor to Fëanor, Prince of the Noldor, and Celebrimbor of Eregion, smiled and gave the Dwarf his desire; three strands of long golden hair. It was a high honor indeed from the daughter of Finarfin, but Gimli son of Glóin would not see the other part of his gift until the time came for his friend, Legolas, to sail over Sea.

When she reached Aragorn, she smiled and handed him a beautiful embroidered leather sword sheath, "The blade that is drawn form this sheath shall not be stained or broken even in defeat," she said, looking intently at the man, "yet no greater gift to you that hasn't already been given". Her eyes now were trained on the Evenstar pendant the ranger wore around his neck. "I would have her go with her kin into the holy isles". Galadriel merely gave him a sad smile.

The she pulled a velvet pouch out of her white robes and revealed a beautiful brooch. "This stone I gave to Celebrían my daughter, and she to hers before it was recalled, and now it comes to you as a token of hope. In this hour, take the name that was foretold for you, Elessar, the Elf stone of the House of Elendil". And she handed him the stone and it flickered as he took it, green light glowing within it. Galadriel moved to stand before her Mirkwood kin.

Stepping forward Legolas was handed a bow of the Galadhrim, stouter and longer than his Mirkwood bow, "May your aim ever be true," she said. Bowing reverently Legolas turned his attention to his newest acquisition admiringly. Now the elf queen's attention turned Frodo. The hobbit was as grim faced as the others yet light shone bright in his eyes. To him Galadriel gave a vial saying, "to light your way when the path is darkest". Confused the ring bearer merely nodded his thanks.

And last but not least Galadriel turned her attention to Kennonomoi. The brawler stared back not paying any heed to Tango and Cash as they squirmed in the satchel slung over her shoulder. She didn't know what to make of Galadriel even now and Kennonomoi knew that she baffled the elleth just as much. "To you give a queenly gift indeed" one of Galadriel's handmaidens stepped forward and handed Kennonomoi a wooden box, "for times of war and peace". Kennonomoi bowed hiding her confusion behind the curtain of her hair. After her gifts were given out, the Lady stepped back, her face serene as Lord Celeborn led them to the boats.

He stopped at the riverbank, where three Elven boats lay moored, "May the grace of the Elves, and all of the Free Peoples of Middle Earth go with you," he said, "And may your fellowship have success where none seems to be found". So the fellowship settled in each of the boats. Aragorn, Sam, and Frodo took up one boat, Boromir took up another boat with the other hobbits, and the last boat was claimed by the remaining fellowship members. And so the fellowship left Lothlorien none save Kennonomoi aware that they were being followed.

Parth Galen, 3019 TA, February 25

The fellowship passed Argonath and had reached the relative safety of Parth Galen. All save the less traveled of their' company knew well that the eastern bank was filled with orcs and they had little doubt that they hunted the company. But they had no choice but to stop on the western shore and make camp there, for they could go no further without choosing their path. "We should cross the lake at nightfall, hide the boats, and continue on foot", the ranger glanced at the opposite shore and then at his sister who was tending to the cubs.

"We approach Mordor from the north", Aragorn continued to plan aloud. Gimli, puffing away on his pipe, just stared at him in derision, "Oh, yes? Just a simple matter of finding our way through Emyn Muil? An impassable labyrinth of razor sharp rocks? And after that, it gets even better! Festering, stinking marshlands, as far as the eye can see"! He was scaring the hobbits and was too busy scolding Aragorn to know it. Aragorn glared at him, "That is our road. I suggest you take some rest and recover your strength, Master Dwarf". Kennonomoi snickered as she prepared for the inevitable battle that would soon commence. The native Philadelphian even put on the beaded collars she made for Tango and Cash on the two little cubs.

Hopefully the two little trouble makers would stay out of sight once the fighting started. 'Too bad Aragorn's little plan isn't going to work'. Kennonomoi didn't even want to think about the man she was all but sentencing to death because she refused to mess with the future anymore than she already had. She just watched as the Dwarf start sputtering and choking on smoke, "Recover my... phfwahh... Recover strength... Pay no heed to that, young Hobbit", he said to Pippin, "Aragorn knows nothing of the strength of a Dwarf"! But as Gimli continued to sputter in indignantly Legolas pulled the ranger aside, "Aragorn, we should leave now. It is not safe here".

The Dunedain knew that his elf friend's senses were keen but he shook his head, "No. Orcs still patrol the eastern shore. We must wait for the cover of darkness ere we can depart". Blue eyes bore into grey, "It is not the eastern shore that worries me. A shadow and a threat have been growing in my mind. Something draws near. I can feel it, Aragorn. Danger comes. If we stay here, nothing good can come of it". The ranger sighed, "We have no choice, Mellon, and we cannot leave without knowing where we are going. The fellowship must decide". Legolas grasped his arm, "Then urge them to hurry. Before there is no fellowship left at all".

That afternoon the fellowship gathered together to finally choose their' path. Yet it was Pippin happily wolfing down an apple that called attention to the fact that someone was missing, "Where's Frodo"? Everyone looked around Aragorn's eyes instantly falling on the little notch Boromir had claimed for himself, "Where is Boromir"? No one had to say anything before the ranger was on his feet and tearing a path to the forest leaving the fellowship to divide amongst themselves in search of the young hobbit and Boromir.

Boromir did not know what had come over him, one moment he was collecting wood for Sam the next he was following the incessant tugging in the back of his mind. As he moved through the wood, he absent-mindedly picked up pieces of dry wood yet his thoughts were clouded and his purpose unknown. But then Frodo, poor lonely Frodo had wandered across his path. And it was as if he were but a ghost unable to do anything save watch the goings on in growing horror.

"None of us should wander alone." his voice said, "You least of all. So much depends on you. Frodo? I know why you seek solitude". His body moved closer to the ring bearer not at all reacting to the nervousness that he could plainly see in those big blue eyes. "You suffer. I see it day by day. Are you sure you do not suffer needlessly? There are other ways, Frodo, other paths that we might take". Boromir screamed in his own mind, screamed for the brave little ring bearer to flee to not listen to get as far away as he could. But it was for naught as Frodo didn't hear him.

The Ring spoke through him now, and Boromir had never known such shame as he had for being so easily caught. Why hadn't he listened when Elrond spoke his wisdom of the ring and its destruction? Had his father's plight shadowed his common sense so much? "I know what you would say, and it would seem like wisdom, but for the warning in my heart." Frodo said cautiously, trying to subtly back away from the man. Boromir cheered the hobbit inwardly at his courage and wisdom and prayed to the Valar he would somehow evade him. But what was about to come could not be stopped by either of them.

"Warning? Against what"? Frodo's eyes widened as the warrior began to advance on him. "We are all afraid, Frodo, but to let that fear drive us to destroy what hope we have! Do you not see? It is madness… To destroy the very thing that is our only hope of winning", the falsehoods spilled forth easily despite Boromir's every effort. Frodo shook his head in growing dread, "There is no other way." he replied firmly.

The ring glared angrily at Frodo through Boromir's eyes, "I ask only for the strength to defend my people", he cried, hurling the firewood in his arms to the ground, "If you would but lend me the Ring…" Back peddling the ring bearer clutched at his burden, "No"! "Why do you recoil? I am no thief". Boromir flinched in his own mind hearing the desperate if not frenzied tone that the ring had forced upon his vocal cords. "You are not yourself", Frodo cried out.

As if the knowing that the ruse was no longer working the ring forced his body to lunge at the young ring bearer. Insanely he raved, "It could have been mine. It should be mine, give me the ring give it to me"! Frodo struggled desperately, but Boromir was bigger and stronger and a fully trained warrior. Yet he managed to grab the Ring from Boromir's grasping hand and slip it onto his finger, and disappearing used the warrior's confusion to whack him across the face. Boromir staggered back allowing Frodo to make his get away. It wasn't until some time latter that the Gondorian regained his sanity.

Elsewhere, the rest of the fellowship was being besieged. Kennonomoi easily kept step with Merry and Pippin seeing as she had already hidden Tango and Cash. Legolas had gone after Aragorn leaving Sam at camp hoping that Frodo would return. She had wanted to go with the elf and the dwarf but there was no way she could've kept up with them so she went with her pupils. They hid behind some trees that the Uruk-hai fanned out most likely looking for the rest of the fellowship. Then Merry and Pippin saw Frodo. They beckoned their' fellow hobbit to come hide with them but was stopped by their' teacher.

Her two pupils glared at her in confusion. She sighed, "He's leaving", she whispered. Their' mouths were agape and bright eyes watery with yet to be fallen tears. "What do we do", asked Pippin in anguish. And whether or not it was a decision made out of grief or sheer stupidity Kennonomoi would never know but Merry called out to the orcs. Instantly she hauled Pippin to his feet, "RUN YOU FUCKING MORONS"! They didn't have to be told twice. Frodo slipped by the orcs without notice. As they ran Kennonomoi didn't bother wasting air to yell at her pupils. To do so would mean to give up what little precious air was in her lungs.

And then they were surrounded. Coming to an abrupt halt Kennonomoi unfurled her fans even as she glanced at Merry and Pippin whom were at her back. They were terrified. "Ok guys what is the point of war"? Her question did the trick of snapping the two little hobbits out of their funk. They two unsheathed their daggers. "It is not to die for your country", said Pippin. "It's to make the other bastard die for his", finished Merry. Kennonomoi couldn't be prouder. And then out of nowhere Boromir joined the incoming fray.

In front of the Seeing Seat, a fierce fight still raged, with Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli fighting off the many Uruk-hai that swarmed the area. The ranger had let the ring bearer go scant moments before determined to cover the brave little hobbits retreat. He only prayed that the ring bearer would find a safe passage through Mordor. But Aragorn knew that the likelihood of that happening were miniscule at best. All the ranger could do was give Frodo a chance, 'and a good chance he shall have if I have anything to say about it', he thought hacking away at another foe.

Then Gimli and Legolas joined him. And without ceremony both elf and dwarf drew their' favored weapons and engaged the enemy with zealous. Though outnumbered the three friends destroyed many of the foul ones and many more were coming. But then the piercing note of a horn shattered the clash of metal on metal and the singing of Legolas's bow, and the Elf identified it instantly, "Boromir calls for aid", he called out over the din of battle. Slashing at the nearest Uruk-hai, the ranger led the way as the trio raced their way towards the sound of Boromir's horn.

Boromir's shield arm was wracked with pain from the fierce blows landing on his shield, and reverberating up his arm, making his very bones ache at the force of it. His sword wasn't in much better shape. Beside him the lady Aaron fought with a brand of savagery that rivaled the Uruk-hai they slay. Behind them Merry and Pippin did their' best to guard their' fellows backs. But their' inexperience and the numbers were against them. It was only a matter time before they fell.

His eyes met Aaron's and flicked to the Uruk-hai he was currently trying to put down she nodded, she understood. Kicking an orc in the chest, knocking him back into his fellows, Boromir grabbed hold of Merry and Pippin's jackets and dragged them along with him as he broke through the gap in the orcs and started to run, the guttural invectives of the Uruk-hai reaching their ears as they gave chase. Aaron ran beside him her eyes wild and her breath panting in barely restrained panic.

With the man's back was turned the head Uruk-hai sent to retrieve the ring bearer stepped forward and without hesitation shot the lord of men in the shoulder. Without breaking stride even in sight of her pupils' horror Kennonomoi pulled them along knowing already there wasn't anything they could do. However she could help but glance over her shoulder. And feel an unexpected lump rise in her throat when she saw Boromir forced himself to his feet turning to fight the Uruk-hai converging on him. Only to feel a pain exploding through her shoulder front and back, instantly causing her to black out.

Merry and Pippin didn't stand a chance. The little ones were immediately scooped up and carried even as they tried to fight Uruk-hai off. They watched over their' captors' shoulders as Boromir continued to fight desperately, losing his shield and then another bolt struck him in the chest. Another foul creature picked Kennonomoi up and slung her over his shoulder unheeding of the injury one of his comrades had inflicted upon one of those they were sent to retrieve. Her blades dropped unnoticed from her slack grip. There was no saving Boromir.

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