When Fangirls Go 'Chibi'…

Disclaimer: I do not Yuyu Hakusho, Naruto, Pretear, or any other anime/ manga that winds up in this story.

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"Ame-chan!" a young blue-haired dog demon chided.

"What? What'd I do?" the red-haired kitsune whined.

"You stole my hairbrush!"

"Did not! It was my hairbrush, anyway!"

"So you did steal it!"

"Did not!"

"Yes you did!"

"If it was mine in the first place, then how could I have stolen it?"

"Uuuhhh… I dunno… but you did!"

"What are you two arguing about now?" a red-haired, male, and SEXY kitsune asked as he came in.

"KURAMA! LORI'S SAYING THAT I STOLE HER HAIRBRUSH! And it was mine in the first place…" sniff

Kurama sweatdrops, then pats Ame's head (like she's a little kid;;). "There, there, it's not so bad…" He looks at Lori, and sees that she is also in chibi tears. The kitsune sweatdrops some more, then decides that two crying women (amend that, two crying CHIBIS) are too much for him to handle. He calls in the artillery.

'Sasame? A little help here?'

Sorry, dude. I'm a little busy here.

Nah, our world's collapsing. We'd love to help, but we can't. Love too, but can't.

'Uuuuh… Hiei?' Kurama asks in desperation.

-.- …fine… -.-
Hiei walked in and was immediately GLOMPED by the Lori-chan, who, 'mysteriously' is no longer chibi, and is no longer crying (chibi or otherwise.)

-.- …kitsune… -.-


-.- …you. shall. pay. -.-

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