Kagami here. As promised, here is a chappie just for Lori… sigh

The Reasons Behind the Phobia.

Disclaimer: I do not Yuyu Hakusho, Naruto, Pretear, or any other anime/ manga that winds up in this story.

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As little to none of you already know, Lori-chan has an incurable fear of bugs. Here is the reason why.

Lori-chan shall someday rule the world. She will reign after the Becky-sama, and before the Pink Panthers. The evil purple monkeys are her minions. And I am her vice president.

Meanwhile, in another dimension, Tohru-chan shall rule the world (OC, not from Furuba). I am her Secretary, and generally, I reap all the benefits from all dimensions. But I digress.

The reason that Lori-chan hates the bugs is because they will allegedly rule before her, thus meaning they believe to be superior to her. Obviously, they must have really done something bad to have her so wound up in phobia. Shall we investigate?

"Or you could just ask," Kurama said, interrupting my train of thought and making me forget what I was talking about.

"Hey! Get back to me!" Lori-chan said as she hit me on the head. How grateful everyone seems to be today… I write a fic just for her, and what do I get? A bump on the head and an aching skull.

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Kagami: shrugs what you think? Just a random fic about Angel-chan's fear of bugs. And this actually did happen… (sort of… she hasn't ruled the world… yet.)


Bishies: o.0 (Be afraid. Be very afraid. Anyway, if you're still reading this, you needn't worry. We will treat the fangirls/otakus very kindly when Lori-san rules.)