Rivals Or Couples 4ever?-A High School Life

Disclaimer: The plot here belongs to me and the characters go to Masashi Kishimoto. If I owned Naruto, I'll make Sasuke and Sakura be lovers from the start.

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Things that you have to know before the story:

EDIT: Sakura is 16 and the rest are 17 and above. A lot of people have been telling me that Sakura isn't the youngest. So yea…I got the wrong sources about the age factor. But for this story she'll be.

Sakura has a roommate (OC) and they lived 500 meters away from the Fiery Konoha High School.

Chapter 1: Welcome to Fiery Konoha High- Chaos In The Class

An emerald-eyed girl slept on her comfortable bed. The window was open and the air is fresh. The room was decorated with pink flowery wallpapers. Most of the things in the room were pink.

Suddenly, the whole house began to shake. A teenager stomped up to the girl's bedroom and when the teenager shouted so loud that even the glass shattered.

"HHHHAAAARRRUUUNNNOOO SSSAAAKKKUUURRRAAAA!" the teenager shouted seven inches away from her ear. Sakura stirred a little and then went back to sleep.

This girl is really killing me off! The teenager thought and took Sakura by her pajamas collar. Down the bumpy staircase they went as the teenager dragged Sakura down to the kitchen. She filled up a bowl with cold water and poured it on the pink hair girl.

"AAAARRRGGGGHHHH! WHAT THE HELL!" Sakura exclaimed. Her pretty pink hair was wet and the water dripped on her pajamas. The teenager named Megumi laughed.

"Serves you right, forehead girl. You are too lazy to get up until I had no choice," she grinned.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN I'M LAZY! I WAS JUST DREAMING…" and then Sakura went silent. Megumi chuckled.

"GOTCHA!" Megumi laughed again. Sakura was furious as her head boiled.

"I'm so going to take revenge on you!" she shouted as she waved her fist. And got ready for school.

"And oh yeah…Sakura…you can wear anything you want to school as long it doesn't show much of your body parts!" Megumi giggled. Megumi was a girl who was not serious at most things but she can be really helpful as well.

"YEAH! I KNOW THAT!" Sakura yelled at the top of her voice from upstairs.


"OH MY GOD! SAKURA-CHAN! YOU'RE SO…" and Megumi couldn't even continue it because she was at loss of words. Sakura wore a short miniskirt that was red in color with a silver thick belt around it. She wore a pair of black high heel shoes with strips of black ribbon tied around her calves in a crossing way. Her shirt was sleeveless and with a string with beads dangling down at the side of it. (A/N: I have poor grammar to describe someone and I'm really sorry!)

"Whatever, Megumi-chan. Anyway you look pretty too!" she smiled.

"Pretty's not the word. It's COOL!" Megumi smirked. Sakura sweat dropped. Megumi was an absolute tomboyish girl with a cap on her head and blue sporty jeans. She wore a white shirt with a lucky number seven.

"You know, you look more like as though you're going to a prom party. Are you trying to get attention of the boys in my school?" she teased. Sakura punched Megumi's face with one big blow.

"It's just my mood today, okay! Drop of all the stupid teasing on me!" and Sakura walked out of the house as Megumi quickly snatched a box of ice, put in on her face and catch up with Sakura.


Before she entered the entrance of the Fiery Konoha High School, she saw a really ENORMOUS crowd of girls putting signs up like 'I LOVE YOU SASUKE!', 'MARRY ME!', 'DATE ME FOREVER!', 'BE MY BOYFRIEND!', 'A THOUSAND KISSES FROM ME TO YOU, SASUKE!', 'MY ONLY BELOVED SASUKE!' and some plenty of shouts and screams and fainting girls crowding around. Megumi and Sakura had a large sweat dropped.

"Is there a movie star or super star that's coming to our school?" Sakura asked with curiosity "I've never heard a famous singer or actor called Sasuke…" Megumi shook her head.

"None of them. Sasuke's just a rich guy in this school who, to almost every girl in the whole town, is the hottest and coolest guy that anyone could imagine. I wonder what they fancy so much in that ice-cube guy," as Megumi put another ice onto her head because it was still swelling. Fortunately for the two girls, they managed to find a way to get into the girl without bumping the girls off. When they were a few meters away from their classes…

"Why do you call him ice-cube guy, ice-cube girl?" the pink hair girl giggled as she look at the number of ice Megumi put on her head "is it because he did the same thing like you do?" And if he did that way Megumi did, why did all the girls fancy him so much? Maybe they have seen his face behind the ices…

"SAKURA! I think you have lost your common senses! For an example, you think guys will fancy me doing this?" Megumi frowned. Sakura looked around and saw not even a guy came close to Megumi.

"Oh…" and before Sakura knew, they were in front of the entrance of their class. Sakura took a peek in the class and to her horror, this class was worse than it seems.

There were a few really sick(not talking about sickness) magazines that the guys have, guys and girls talking gossips, guys chase girls, girls chase guys, a few couples behind, paper planes here and there, weird fashion outfits and the so-called

Fan club' for Sasuke lovers. It'll be a trauma for me to be in this kind of class…And so quick as lightning, Sakura escaped to go to the principal's office to ask for a changement of class.

But all of a sudden, she bumped into a guy. They fell on their backs. He had black raven hair with a T-shirt that he had unbutton one on the top. He wore baggy white shorts and a pair of blue shoes for ninjas(the same in the Naruto show). But unfortunately, this girl was too rushing that she didn't even know whom she had bumped into.

Kuso! I've escaped and now there's a fangirl? She's going to tell the others…That's what Sasuke thought but Sakura just stood up and apologized really quickly.

"I'mreallysorryIjustneedtohurry…" and she left and went passed Sasuke when another girl caught hold of Sakura.

"You're not going to change class, SAKURA! You'll be in the same class as ME! WHETHER YOU THINK THE CLASS IS FREAKING YOU OUT, JUST FOLLOW ME!" and again, Megumi dragged her into the class and Sakura kept wailing but stopped after they were a few feet away from the class to avoid attention.

Suddenly Megumi spotted something exciting far away. She left Sakura alone to go inside the class as Megumi went to catch up with the 'exciting' thing. Sakura felt strange since she'll be going to walk into the class ALONE.

As the student walks into her new class, a teacher appeared behind her. Terrified with the sudden smoke which appeared when the teacher came, she jumped a few steps forward. The teacher was sweating.

"I'm sorry class! I saved a drowning girl from a river and then there's a robber in the street so I caught him and the police thanked me and then a UFO came down…" the teacher kept on blabbering. The whole class sweat dropped. Then the teacher turned towards the girl who was standing next to him.

"So we DO have a new student here…" Kakashi smiled as he eyed at Sakura from head to toe. Sakura felt uncomfortable, thinking what'll her teacher do next. She just HOPE he's not a hentai or ecchi…

"Hey, new student! Becareful of this teacher! He spies on girls in the hot spring and comes late to class and gives stupid reasons!" a guy with sunny spiky hair shouted but before he could talk more, a guy from behind tugged the blonde guy's shirt, causing the teen to fall onto the guy's desk.

"HEY! NEJI! WHAT WAS THAT FOR!" Naruto(blonde guy) rubbed his head that swelled up as a girl with white pearly eyes helped the poor guy up. The guy called Neji looked at him.

"Keep you big fat (beep) mouth to yourself."

Most of Neji's fangirls gasped and fainted while some were like saying "he's so cool" or "he's so hot" or "look at that sexy guy" or etcetera etcetera. Naruto felt anger boiling inside.

All of a sudden, a girl snapped the conflict off. She had cocoa-colored hair and had beautiful brown chestnut eyes. She also, was a pre-senior in the school.

"We are making that new girl standing there with embarrassment and look at our perverted teacher! Still reading he's so-called 'Icha Icha Paradise' by our assistant principal."

"Who cares," Both of the guys said "Let's waste more time." The other students nodded their heads with agreement and carry on with their business. By this time, Tenten was surrounded by extreme strong and dark aura which everyone in the school including the teachers except for the principal(who had an even more foul temper) feared for their lives. The next thing that happened was, Neji got a superhuman strength punch from the girl beside him.

Neji's cheek swollen up. Tenten finally managed to cool down her temper after punching him. Then, the guy which Sakura bumped into walked into the class. He glanced at Sakura for a moment and walked to his seat. Kakashi, unsure of what's happening around him, just kept on reading when…an arrow flew right above him a few inches away.

It was the same brown chestnut hair girl. She was totally frustrated with this. The whole room was filled with silence. Sakura cheered up a little. Maybe this class wasn't as freaky as she thought it would be. Sakura wandered in her thoughs.

This girl has guts, man.

Shut up.

..I think I better take a rest first (yawn)…you know I couldn't get enough sleep because you woke up too early…


Hey, you're calling yourself stupid, you know. Did you realized that?






"Mr. One-Eyed Idiot!"


The archer whose name is Tenten was prepared with her bow and arrow.


Pull the string of the bow…



(flip)close book

"Anything I miss?" Kakashi said as he moved to the left.

Tenten missed the target by an inch.

The whole class sweat dropped again.

"Oh…the new student!" Kakashi smacked his forehead "Please introduce yourself, miss!"

"…err…how do I start it?"

"Oh, it's easy! Just simply tell your name, your age or whatever else you need to add in…and also! I must not forget…who's your boyfriend and also…how big are your boobs." Sakura look alarmed and this was not what she had expected. She wanted to smash that teacher until he was flat as a pancake but he's still a teacher, right?

"My name is Haruno Sakura…I'm 16 years old(classmates starts to whisper to each other like 'wow, that girl sure is too young too join here!')…I like reading and drawing…my ambition is to be a veterinarian (A/N: Please do give me better ideas of Sakura's personality!)…err…no boyfriends(Sakura's thought: Is that your concern?) and my size of my…"

Suddenly, more than half of the boys pay attentively to the next and the last sentence she was going to say. Sakura gulped. She hoped something will save her from this embarrassing moment…


"That's not a good way to talk to a teacher you know…" Kakashi sweat dropped.


An arrow flew past the blondie girl. She squeaked. Tenten was in a very very serious mood.

"Don't make me shoot another one or otherwise your hair will be…" she smirked and took out another arrow from her bag. The girl quickly ran out of the class with fright. Tenten show a peace sign at Kakashi.

The whole class sweat dropped. Sasuke's eyebrows began to twitch as he looked at those fangirls of his in digust. Sakura was stucked in this chaos situation. Where's Megumi when she needed her?


"Three things you must know now: No.1, we have a new student. No.2, we are in a serious case here. No.3, STOP GIVING EXCUSES LIKE KAKASHI FOR COMING LATE!" Naruto shouted at Megumi annoyingly as a pearly eyed girl tried to cool down Naruto.

"But…I really saw Itachi ….."

Sasuke's ears perked up when he heard his brother's name. Once he heard the word 'Itachi'…Well, you'll soon know in the later chapters…how he hated and loved him as a brother!

Sasuke loved his brother because his brother saved him from the terrorizing tyrant father of theirs but he also hated him because his brother was too protective over him…for example…


Sasuke was just back from tuition as his brother first greeted him at the front door.

"Good morning, my dear bro! How are you today? Did you study well? Is the teacher good? Did you finish my organic orange juice which I gave it to you? Did you…"Itachi said as Sasuke walked upstairs to his bedroom. And after an hour's nap, he opened the door and was greeted again by his brother.

"Did you slept well, my dear bro? Did you have good dreams? Did…" and the list goes on. The raven haired boy had been sick of these same words everyday, everytime, everywhere…he wonder what's wrong with his brother…

End of Flashback

"Guess…I have…to sit somewhere?" Sakura suddenly broke the long silence in the class. The fanboys shoot up their hands as they shoo away their girl partners as they try to show a vacant seat for Sakura to sit. But Kakashi has different plans.

"My dear Sakura," Kakashi smiled under his so-called 'ninja mask' as he rubbed his chin with his thumb and second finger "You have to sit beside Uchiha Sasuke." When the girl stared at the guy she was to sit with, she squeaked with shockness. Sasuke thought it was her squeak of delight.

"AARRGGHH! I DON'T WANT TO SIT BESIDE THIS ICE CUBE JERK!" she thought as she screamed in her mind.

"No…not another fangirl…terror…terror…please let this be the last year I'll study here…"

But who knows that this whole thought of theirs will be the exact opposite?

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