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Chapter 10: Who's Lost Now?

She couldn't wait for the field trip to happen.

It has been two weeks since they met and coupled immediately. Things were going so well and smooth which only gives her pure daydreaming on how she and Ryuu will spend their lives together…in the beach…in the sky…in the space…in the moon…

So, for the very first time, she wasn't paying attention to whatever Baki-sensei was talking. She just stare at the window, seeing trees rustle, seeing birds mating (what a rare scene and yet she was too day-dreamy to see that coming), seeing the sun going from east to west, seeing…

"Sweetheart, class's over," Ryuu shook her right shoulder, feeling a little worried about his fiancée "Wanna come to my house tonight?" Ryuu made this hot sexy smile which could make any girl melt like candle wax. Sakura…obviously blushing furiously nodded like a good obedient puppy.

"How pathetic," Sasuke snorted and slump his bag over his shoulder. The girl who he was sitting next to (was Yamanaka Ino herself) kept trying to please him, kept calling her dad about the good news of how she was actually sitting beside Sasuke, fainting almost every other hour for she couldn't withstand the shining bright glowing star of a hot sexy boy. Sai kept smiling at Sasuke when Sai caught Sasuke looking at Sakura. Okay, Sasuke totally freaked out, seeing that there's this weird boy who's so obsess over him that he actually ask Kakashi-sensei to have his seat changed as far away as ever from Sai.

"I guess you're just another of those Sakura fans she had," Sai smiled as he kept looking at Sasuke googling all over Sakura. Sasuke felt vein pops over his head.

"I, Sasuke, do not join this stupid whatsoever weirdo fanclub of hers. Way too lame. Way not for me. Way too sissy. And dude…I'm not in love with her!" he yelled so loud that it even caught Sakura's attention.

"Not in love with who again, huh?" she purred at him as she glanced at him. He just walked off, leaving Sakura in confusion.

"You're such a hag," Sai left as Sakura glared at him, realizing he was the brand new guy in the class. And ohmiegawd…did he just insulted her?

"ERGH! Who're you calling a HAG?! FISH FACE!" she screamed as Ryuu scrammed towards trying to chill her down as they walked through the corridor.


Since meeting Ryuu, Sakura was being such a by-otch then an actually human being. Megumi was always home alone, and Sakura … only comes home like, after midnight. Figuring that it was nothing serious, she now just goes back to sleep, not waiting anymore for the pink-haired friend she had once knew.

While people are so worried about her, Sakura partied all along with Ryuu and his outrageous gang, making her the centre of the attention. She drank way too much of vodka every night and yet she still doesn't feel drunk.

"Hey, sexy. Wanna have a sleepover over at my house?" Kazu, one of Ryuu's friend, made a perverted smile. She laughed.

"Sweetie, I ain't a playgirl. I have Ryuu to keep me save all night," and she ran up towards Ryuu and hugged him. Ryuu smirked.

"Hey babe, you sleep first k? I'll come up and see you later," he kissed her forehead. His words sounded very promising so she yawned and went upstairs, feeling daze.

"Dude, you just made her obey you!" Reka, another friend of Ryuu's, patted him on his back. Ryuu just laughed.

"I'm just having fun with her for the moment. After all, I'm just trying to win her over from that Uchiha guy…"



It was yet another spending summer for me. Ryuu brought me to the seaside and it was so cooling! The breeze was perfect, the sky was half-cloudy and the best thing of all, Ryuu was beside me.

I had been lying under the sun so long that I didn't know it had began to set. Ryuu said I was like a sleeping beauty on the beach until there was no time to play in the water. Not trying to miss the fun, I ran into the sea, feeling the chilling sensation of the beach. Ryuu followed and we ended up splashing each other like kids.

While I was just about to pack my things, something caught my eye. A similar looking guy like Ruu had been swarm around by bikini-cladded girls. Ok. My eyes did popped up at first. But a sudden wave swooped one of my hats and I had to run, following the wind heading towards the waters again to get it.

Well, so maybe that guy was not Ryuu since he suddenly appeared packing my things for me too and holding a couple of vanilla ice-creams. But I'm still quite suspicious whether he really did love me like what he had always said.

Tata…! Big splash time!

Hugs n kisses…xoxo


Sasuke. He knew the guy that Sakura saw was no mistaken it was Ryuu. Her eyes made no illusion. But she loved him so muh, that she just couldn't believe that Ryuu was so obviously a playboy, even right in front of her.

I bet even that kissing girl (A/N: Refer to Chapter 8) was one of Ryuu's girlfriends too," he closed the book and slammed it into his drawer.


She woke up.

Not what you should be seeing when you open your eyes.

Sakura, was not at Ryuu's room or house or anywhere near there. She was like, in a disco hall, empty, on the sofa.

"Haha…I must be seriously dreaming…" she joked when her stomach growled. When she saw a cleaner nearby, she started questioning where she was and how she got into this weird atmosphere.

"Oh dear, don't you remember?" the old lady cleaner prompted "You and this guy named Ryuu came in the wee hours where the pub was totally vacant, but he insisted to let you sleep here since his house had been a total real mess and he didn't want to let you see it, saying that it'll bring down his image as your boyfriend. Weird excuse isn't it?"

Sakura walked out of the bar and ran towards a taxi after thanking the lady. She was fooled. Even if Ryuu's house was a mess, why dump her in a bar? Why not send her home?

"To Kikuchi Street," she ordered the driver. The person in front drove her. For a minute or two, it seem to be nothing going on. Then, Sakura started noticing that the driver took a different turn and ended up in an old abandoned swamp, with a nearby squatter.

"Erm, sir-I said Kikuchi street…" but she was barely able to finish her sentence when Kazu turned behind and grinned.

"Ryuu said we can do anything to you…he got bored of you so he went out sleeping with some other girl…"

Sakura froze. What's going on now?

"This is for turning me down, sweetheart. Now it's my turn to make you pay…" he started undressing himself as he locked the car doors and flung himself to the back seat with her.


"WHAT?! SHE DIDN'T COME BACK?!" Sasuke yelled as Megumi started opening her locker, feeling much more sleepy and moodier than ever.

"Then, where's Ryuu?" he pestered. Suddenly, Megumi came to her senses.

"I just saw Ryuu just now with another girl. Not a single pink hair girl around him," Then Megumi started to panic. "But she went to Ryuu's house yesterday! If Ryuu's here then where's Saku…?"

Sasuke rushed to the class, saw no Ryuu. Basketball court, no Ryuu. Lockers, only Megumi.

"Did you see Sakura?" he asked Hinata and Tenten. They both look at each other and shook their heads.

"We haven't spoken to her these two weeks. She was so attached to Ryuu that she just walked past us like we were just part of the building," Tenten explained "What's going on?"

"Ryuu's here. But Saku's not," Neji bumped in, making Tenten blushed slightly and jerked at Neji's sudden incoming. "I just talk to Ryuu just now whether he saw Sakura. He said that he was busy yesterday night and didn't bring her home…"

"Dude, he's a liar," Naruto jump in, causing Hinata to do the same thing Tenten did when she saw Neji. "I have a feeling that Sakura is in danger or something."

"Okay, everyone. Why not we kidnap Ryuu and then he leads us to Saku?" Tenten gave her outmost brilliant idea. Everyone stared at her.

"That makes us kidnappers. We are like cutting school," Megumi didn't want her good prefect name ruined. Everyone sweatdropped.

"I feel like bashing this idiotic piece-of-shyt up…" Sasuke started rolling his sleeves and punched one of the lockers to release his anger. It dented really bad. He worried about Sakura more and more everyday. Why worried Sakura? No explanation.

Nobody commented on what Sasuke was doing. Not even Megumi. They were all feeling tense inside.

"What makes you think Sakura's in danger or something?" Neji pointed out at Naruto's statement.

"Instincts," Naruto groaned "Who wants to run to Ryuu's house, which is 500 metres away from school to check whether she's there?"

Everyone pierced their eyes on him.

"Me? Okie dokie." And he zoomed out of school. In 20 seconds he came back again. One may think he just went to ask some random kid whether Sakura was around in school. But of course, Naruto's actually pretty fast, considering that he almost outran Sakura on the track last time (A/N: Refer to Chapter 5). So it's not impossible that he did went to Ryuu's house…

"And also not in her house too," he noted.

…and Sakura's house too.

Megumi suddenly put on a bulletproof vest out of nowhere, took a machine gun and stare at everyone.

"Let's go hunt for the kidnaper, the mastermind and the victim!" Megumi walked out of the school compound, not giving a damn about her good reputation anymore. Her friend was more important.

"Ai, Aye captain!" Everyone yelled in unison as they put on their soldier outfit and started marching out of the school grounds, ignoring the stares of the rest of the students passing by them.

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