New school, New boys (rated T)

CHAPTER 1- Sakura's first day!

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"Grrrrrrr! I hate this stupid alarm clock" yelled a groggy Sakura as she climbed out of bed. "Man, it's my first day of school and I'm not gonna know anybody!" Sakura complained as she took a shower, dried her hair, and got dressed in the outfit she had picked out last night. "I must say I look pretty darn good, for a girl who got dressed in 30 minutes."

"Sakura come downstairs for breakfast right now or else you're going to late for the bus!" "alright alright mother I'm coming!" Sakura quickly grabbed her backpack and ran downstairs where her little "freshman" (ahem, you can guess whats gonna happen) brother was already at the table eating a big stack of pancakes. "Hey Sakura" Mani said with his mouth all filled with pancakes and maple syrup dripping from his mouth. "ewwwwwww that's gross! Don't talk with your mouth full Mani or else you're never going to get a girlfriend!"





"SAKURA! MANI! THE BUS IS HERE HURRY UP!" "oh my gosh, hurry up Mani were going to miss the- AHHHHHHHHHHHH" Immediately Mani pulled Sakura off ofher seat. "Hey! Whats the big idea!" Mani pointed to the bus that was driving away. It had obviously gotten tired of waiting for them and drove off. And Mani saw it out of the window."AHHHHHHHH The bus is leaving!" Sakura and Mani started sprinting as fast as they could, and I mean if the track coach could have seen them he would have signed them up in a flash.

Now while Sakura and Mani are running for the bus (something I'm sure we all have done)

(On the bus)

Chit chat chit chat

"Hey! Uchiha, you better give me back my beanie or else I'll-" "or else you'll what" Sasuke said in his usual emotionless tone. "I'll- I'll" Naruto couldn't do anything, but suddenly he sawtwo figures getting closer. One looked liked a girl with long pink hair and the other looked like a boy with short moss green hair. "Hey is someone running for the bus?" Sasuke doesn't normally pay attention to what Naruto says when he takes his beanie from him, but today something told him to turn around. So Sasuke looked, and sure enough there were two kids running for the damn bus. "hahahahahaha" Sasuke laughed "that's not funny Sasuke! Who knows how long they have been running!" Naruto screamed at Sasuke for being so heartless. "I know that's what makes it so funny." "Errrrrrrrrrrrr" Naruto just turned around to go talk to the bus driver about the two kids running for the bus.


"How much longer do we have run for?" Mani was complaining. He was wondering why somebody on the bus hasn't seen them already, because they were so close to the bus they could almost touch it. "I don't know Mani. But if somebody doesn't see ussoon we are going to walk the rest of the way"

"ummmmmmm, excuse me Mr. Bus Driver" Naruto had to admit he was nervous. He had never talked to the bus driver before. He had never known anybody who did "Yes what do you want?" well he seem nices. "uhhhh, did you know that there are two kids running for the bus?" Naruto asked and then turned to see Sasuke giggling a little to himself. "What? Two kids, running?" The bus driver seemed confused. What! You can't you understand english, yes I said two kids running for the bus. "uhhhh yeah there's a girl and boy running behind the bus." "hmmmmmm must be the new kids, yea know I waited for them but they didn't come out. I even honked my horn." New kids hmmmmm Naruto thought about this for a moment (I know I know I'm interrupting I'm sorry but I have to say this, Naruto thinking….. this doesn't happen everyday guys!)"New kids? What new kids?" Naruto asked the bus driver. "The family that moved into Kara's house. They apparently have two kids. One girl who's is in the 11th grade and one boy who is a freshman." That means the girl is our grade "Oh and um don't you think you should stop the bus now?" Naruto asked very calmly "huh? Ohhh I didn't realize I haven't stopped it yet." The bus driver pulled over, only to open the door to avery worn out and sweating looking Sakura and Mani. "hehehe Sorry about that if had known you two were running for the bus sooner I would have stopped." " Oh it's ok." Replied Sakura out of breath from running. Many of the kids were a bit surprised that she and her brother could keep up with the bus for such a long distance. Basically the only one they knew of that could do that was Sasuke and he wasn't really paying attention. He was planning his next attempt on how to get Naruto's beanie away from him because somehow during all the commotion he got it away from him! (hmmmmm no Naruto is not stronger than Sasuke!) So Sakura finally got school, she already had her schedule because she got in the mail before she started. Before she went to her class she made sure that Mani got to his class alright. "Alright, this is your classroom Mani, have fun!" "Ok I'll meet you out front by the cafeteria at the end of the day, to go to the bus ok." yelled Mani as Sakura ran off to find her classroom "Ok!"

Meanwhile in Sakuras classroom Sasuke was running away from Naruto with (guess what…that's right!) "Uchiha give me my beanie right now!" Naruto was running as fast as he could but he just couldn't match the speed of the star track runner. Sasuke just ran to the door when Sakura opened it. BOOM! Sakura and Sasuke both crashed to the floor. All of the girls flung to Sasuke. "Oh my gosh Sasuke are you alright!" "Here let me help you Sasuke." "No me" "No I want to help him" Suddenly it turned into a girl war zone. Sasuke picked himself up and with an emotionless face walked over to Sakura (who is still on the ground by the way) and held out his hand "Are you ok?" Suddenly the entireclassroom froze even the girls. "um, I—well…. Yes" and she took Sasuke's hand he helped her up. The entire classroom stood with their mouths open. They had never seen Sasuke be nice to a girl before. But something about Sakura made Sasuke feel …. well different.


Suddenly the bus stopped. A pink haired girl and a moss green haired boy could be seen getting on the bus. "Sorry about that. If I had known you two were running sooner, I would have stopped." "It's Ok." replied the pinked haired girl. Sasuke stared at the girl. She had pink hair and Jade eyes. She was wearing a red outfit (her usual outfit from Naruto) and she was obviously very protective of….who is that? her …brother? But he is just guessing he doesn't know for sure yet. Maybe he should threaten Naruto to ask her for him. Hmmmmmm Naruto's already flirting with her, hehehe looks like her brother doesn't like him. Naruto was making friends withSakura and Mani had a dirty look on his face. Sasuke was jealous, he wanted to be next to her and yet….. he didn't know why. He wanted to get close to her, to touch her. He decided then and there that he was going to do what he had forbid himself to do. He was going to befriend a girl.


Back in the classroom Sasuke walked over and sat down at his desk. Sakura is still confused why people are frozen like that? Haven't they ever seen somebody help another up before? SLAM! The frozen students jumped, and Kakashi entered the classroom. "Attention class! We have a new student please come to the front….please where are…!…..ahhh there you are….. come the front please and introduce yourself." Sakura was scared this was her 7th school she was used to kids reacting when she told them her necessary precaution.


Please I need help...What shouldI make Sakuras "necessary precaution" be?