What Happened to Us?


By Golden Lass

Edited and Re-mastered by Darkening Dreams

Hello everyone just so you know I am reposting what Poppy Cotton Hill aka Darkening Dreams has edited for me. Most of you have read this under her pen name. I am now able to put up stories on and have asked her to let me put what we had on my account. I am keeping the first three chapters as is and the rest are going to be my work. I will tell you now I am not the best at this I just want to have fun writing stories for you guys.

Thank you, Golden Lass

Like at any other world Championships, things just had to go wrong, well, when it concerned Bey Blading. For once in his life, Tyson was early, and, he was waiting for Kai; who hadn't deemed it necessary to get there very early and was still missing; which would have had the team almost in shambles as the worried about their Captain.

But, how can a team worry when there wasn't a team anymore; no, the team had split, Rei was back with the White Tiger's, Max with the American team, the All Stars, and Kai...well, no one really knew what he had been doing over the years, and at this time, Tyson really didn't matter, though, he did miss being considered a Blade Breaker.

Tyson sighed just as Kai came up beside him, both looking out into the arena from the hallway that lead to the locker rooms.

"Kai, you made it, man! You had be worried there for a second," Tyson said, one hand behind his head, giving an affectionate smile.

"Of course I'm here, I don't give a promise that I can't keep," Kai glared.

"Cold as ice, I think you're spending way too much time in that ice cave of yours," Tyson muttered, but Kai just ignored the fat pig beside him and concentrated on the task before him.

"Okay! Man! I can't wait to get this ball rolling!" Daichi called, whooping and running around in circles.

"Who brought the dog, where's the leash?" Kai muttered; then he turned and led the way to the locker rooms where the teams were supposed to talk over their strategies.

The group of teens did not notice a pair of amber eyes watching them as the walked down the hallway.

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The pairings are Kai/Max, Rei/Tyson and some Rick/Max. So, as you can see this takes place during the new season of Bey Blade. There is a plot to this, but, I ain't sure what it is. Oh well, please review!