What Happened To Us 6

The Ball Part 2

Rick hung up his phone as he walked down the main hallway.

"HEHEHEHE" Rick laughed as he continued his merry way.


Kai being in Russia was pacing once again, that was the third time today. His training was not up to par with the others. One reason being the Blitzkrig Boys were tired. Kai worked them hard but not as hard as they usually do. Yet Kai was still pacing. Tala and the others were starting to get worried. The second reason they did not know but they knew something was bothering Kai.

The boys were all in a single room sitting with each other while Kai was pacing when the butler came in with a note.

"Mr. Hiwatari, this came for you just this morning." The butler said.

"Thank you, you may go." Kai said as he looked at the letter. He opened it up. It was an invitation to a Ball. In it it said…

The Blitzkrig Boys are here by invited to the PPA All Stars Ball.

Hosted by Judy and Max Tate

Max and the rest of the PPA All Stars will have dancing partners.

You are welcome to bring a partner along.

The event will be hosted on the

9th of January 2006

At 7:00 p.m. American time in the BBA Facility in New York.

We hope that you will join us in our celebration.

"We were invited to a Ball boys what do you say." Kai asked unenthusiastically.

" Are you planning on going Kai, because we will only go if you want to."

"Yes, I want to see the others make sure they are okay. Tala go tell the butler to have the plane ready for us and then you come pack. The rest of us will start packing we have an hour." Kai said as the boys did as they were told.

Meanwhile in America,

Max was in his room. He stood up when the door opened revealing his mother holding a package.

"Mom, what is in that package?" Max asked his mother.

"I don't know this just came it says To: Max, From: Rick." Judy said kindly.

"Really that's nice." Max said sarcastically.

"Open it sweetie. I'll leave you to get ready." Judy said as she put the box on Max's bed.

After Judy left the room Max walked up to his bed looking at the package that was on it. He opened it to reveal a long peach dress with it was a note.

Dear Max,

Please accept and wear this dress to the ball. I can't wait to see you in this.

Sincerely, Rick

Max looked at the dress in disgust.

"It's a dress I can't believe that. I am not wearing a dress to the ball." Max sat down crossing his arms looking extremely angry. "The nerve of him wanting me to be in a dress. Someone just…" His cell phone rang. Hoping that it was one of the blade breakers he answered the phone quickly.

"Hello.." Max said.

" Hello Max." Came Rick's husky voice.

"What do you want Rick?" Max said not happy with Rick.

"I was wondering if you got my gift." Rick asked kindly.

"Yes, I did." Max said, as the anger he had seem to have left them.

"Are you going to wear it?" Rick asked.

" I don't wear dresses." Max said.

"Please wear I think your mom would want you to." Rick said kindly.

Max thought about it. "Okay fine. I'll wear the dress. I think I can pull it off."

"I know you will pull it off." Rick said.

"I have to go. I will be waiting for you at the ballroom." Rick said as he hung up the phone. Max hung up his and began to get ready he was only going to wear it for his mom.

Meanwhile in Japan,

Daichi went to check the mail. He looked though it and found a note address to the blade breakers. Dachi began to run into the dojo.

"Tyson! Tyson!" Daichi yelled as he came in with the note and gave it Tyson.

Tyson was sitting on the couch with Hillary and Kenny looking up they spotted Dachi heading towards them at great speed. Daichi skidded to a halt.

"Tyson this came for us you got to read it. Read it please,please,please."

"Okay, Okay calm down. Dachi calm down. I'm reading it." Tyson said to Dachi.

The BBA G- Revolution are here by invited to the PPA All Stars Ball.

Hosted by Judy and Max Tate

Max and the rest of the PPA All Stars will have dancing partners.

You are welcome to bring a partner along.

The event will be hosted on the

9th of January 2006

At 7:00 p.m. American time in the BBA Facility in New York.

We hope that you will join us in our celebration.

"Well what do you say kids?" Mr. Dickinson said as he and Grandpa walked into the living room. Everyone looked up at the adults.

"Yeah, a vacation." Tyson said.

"Let's go." Daichi yelled.

"I totally agree." Hillary said.

"But we have practice." Kenny said.
"Ahh, Chief this is a once in a lifetime chance. It's not everyday you get invited to a ball." Tyson said to Kenny.

"Tyson's right chief. Please come on it'll be fun. What am I going to wear?!" Hillary said realizing what was really going on.

"What are you going to wear? What am I going to wear?" Tyson said knowing that Ray would probably be there too. (Okay so I am going make Tyson's and Ray's relationship obvious. Everyone knows they want each other.)

"What are we going to wear?" Hillary and Tyson said in unison. Kenny and Daichi sweat dropped.

"Let's go kids it's all taken care of." Mr. Dickinson said.

"Thank goodness." Tyson and Hillary said in unison.

With that they left.

Elsewhere in China,

Ray was busy training when Mariah came up next to him. "Hey, Ray look what we got." She said showing Ray the invitation. Ray read it. He looked at Mariah and began to speak.

"What are you waiting for go pack?" Ray said.

Mariah smiled and hugged Ray and went to tell the others. Ray on the other hand went to his hut to pack.

While in his hut Ray began thinking to himself. "Oh boy, I'm most likely going to see the others. I don't know if I can face them especially Tyson."

All of a sudden there was a knock on the door. Ray went to the door and opened it to reveal Lee.

"Lee, what are you doing here?" Ray asked.

"Just coming to check how you were doing. And I just wanted to come see you." Lee said as he approach Ray. Lee look at Ray lustfully. Ray look at Lee not knowing what Lee was even thinking. Lee began to approach him again.

"You know the invitation said you could have a partner. Why don't I be your partner for the night." Lee said as his lip came closer to Ray. Ray began to notice this and started to put space between him and Lee. Lee however continued to advance. Ray began to panic.

"Lee, what are you doing? Lee stop." Ray said as he continued to back away.

"But Ray, haven't I ever told you how beautiful you are. How much I wanted to be yours?" Lee said as Ray began to blush. Lee approached Ray and bump Ray closer to his bed where they both fell onto the bed. Lee brought his lips closer to Ray's. Their lips were inches away from each other when all of a sudden they heard somebody burst through the door. "Ray, Lee lets go were ready to… um what are you doing." Kevin asked. Ray pushed Lee off of him finally able to breath.

"We weren't doing anything. Let's go guys." Ray said as they all began to leave. They too got on a plane and they too left for America.

Hey guys I know it's been a while for this story but I got a major writers block. I am trying to write stuff for my other stories too. I will get that done as soon as I can. Anyways this where I'm to stopping for now. I thought this part would only be two chapters but no there is more to this part of the story. Hopefully just two or three more chapters and this will be done.