Title: Where the Heart Is

Summary: You idiot, of course there's a reason why I'm here.

Dedication: Chibi Tenshi, because without her I would never have read Bleach, nor had the reason to share this. And because there's no fangirling without her. XDXD

A/N: This is where I stop lurking around here and contribute! I'm also using this space to cover my ass; I do not own Bleach.

Where the Heart Is

He told me to learn how to be still one day while we were sitting in the park after an encounter with a hollow. I thought he meant I shouldn't fight.

I punched him.

He told me, between holding his bloody nose and searching for a tissue, that I didn't understand. He was wrong; I can fight just fine, thank you.

Three weeks later, he told me to stop running.

I smacked him. Of course I wasn't running, idiot, I'm sitting on my futon!

He told me I take things too literally. Of course I don't take him too literally! How else could I interpret what he said?

Last week, he asked if I missed Soul Society. "There must be someone," he said, "that means something to you there - someone that you want to return to."

With a flash of red brushing my mind, I knew that I wouldn't be able to answer him. He frowned.

Idiot. Don't take it so personally. I'm here, not there.

Yesterday, he told me that everybody needs somebody sometimes. Everything's going to be alright.

I smacked him again. Idiot! What the hell do you mean?

He told me that I had that faraway look in my eyes again. What else could I possibly be thinking of but home?


Today, I'm sitting on his roof with him. The sky's cloudy, but the moon has managed to sneak through the cracks in the sky. He doesn't notice. He's too busy staring at a broken streetlamp.

I ask him what he problem is. You're at home, I say, why should you be the one staring off into space?

"Home is where the heart is," he mumbles as if he didn't want me to hear him.

Lucky for me, my hearing is excellent; yet, uncharacteristically, I remain quiet.

Tonight, he tells me that it's time I go home. Tonight, he is his usual, crass self. Tonight, I'm sick of hearing him pity himself.

Tonight, I will show him where it is.