AN: Hope you enjoy this fic, it's set right after the gang leave Monica's appartment, when their new lives are just about to begin.

DC: I don't own 'Friends' (94-04) or any of the characters used in this fic.


"God, I can't believe this is happening ..." Rachel said breathlessly, as the six friends trooped into the coffee house, Chandler coming in last; having had to force Jack and Erica's pram through the doorway. "It just seems too - soon, that's all."

"Yeah, I know," Monica said, putting an arm around her as they sat down, "But nothing much has changed, Rach. I mean - you guys are always welcome to come over, anytime you want."

"I know ... It's just, you guys will be living so far away, I mean compared to before when I used to beable to just walk out of my own appartment and just walk into yours," Rachel sobbed, her voice shaking, "I mean - nothing'll ever be the same again."

"Rach, If I could take you away to live with us I would," Monica said, chuckling and giving her friend a quick squeeze.

Rachel laughed nervously and hugged her, "I know. Hey, maybe -"

"- They're already takin' me, Rach," Joey snapped, though he didn't look angry.

"Well, maybe we could get together on weekends," Chandler suggested, smiling warmly, "Monica and I aren't living that far away from you guys, I'm sure we could still work something out so that everyone's happy."

"Yeah, that would be great," Ross agreed, smiling back at him and putting an arm around Rachel, "So ... when are you moving in?" He asked her.

Rachel looked rather taken aback, but then remembered. "Oh! Yeah, Joey's leaving the appartment, I forgot," She said, laughing, "Well, I guess I can start moving my stuff into your place this afternoon. Is that okay?"

"Sure! Hey, you guys want some coffee?" Ross asked the others, who all nodded eagerly and slumped back in their chairs. Glancing at them briefly for a moment, Ross almost forgot that they were all moving on. Seeing them like this made it seem like a normal day.

"I'm gonna really miss that appartment," Phoebe mumbled, staring into space. "Hey! D'you think the new owners will let us in at some point?" She added, brightening suddenly.

"No, Pheebs," Monica said, laughing.

"Oh!" Phoebe said, looking slightly crest-fallen, "So that's it? I mean, I just can't imagine us all never hanging out at your old place again. It's gonna be weird."

"Aren't you like - the Queen of weird, Pheebs?" Joey said, glancing at her oddly.

"Well, yeah, okay," Phoebe said, grinning sheepishly and looking pleased with herself, "But still - It's just - a big shock, you know? I don't want things to change. Hey, maybe you guys could just -"

"We're not moving back in there, Phoebe," Chandler said, rolling his eyes and grinning, "I know things may seem weird to you right now, but believe me - you'll get used to it."

"I guess," Phoebe said quietly, glancing at him and smiling. She looked over at Ross, who had just returned with their coffee; then at Rachel as she leaned forward to kiss him lightly on the lips. Monica and Chandler were entwined in the same armchair, positively glowing. Joey didn't seem to be showing that he was upset, but Phoebe knew that he was; he, like her, hadn't expected things to change this much.

As she glanced round at her friends, and thought about how things really were going to change, Phoebe wondered if she really would get used to it.