TITLE: All His Hopes and Dreams

AUTHOR: Stone Cold

DISCLAIMER: Is this really necessary? I mean if anyone who might think of suing me thinks that I own any of these characters, they are either seriously deluded, or have been living in a cave somewhere the last four years. But anyway, the dance continues. Joss, the WB Network, and Mutant Enemy own all the characters of the Buffyverse. The Sliders are property of... Well, I guess the Sci-Fi channel.

CLASSIFICATION: BtVS/Sliders X-Over. Buffy/Xander romance.

ARCHIVES: Ask me first. I just like to know where my stuff is, but I love to have it in as many places as possible.

SUMMARY: Xander gets flung into a world where he finds everything that his heart has always wanted.

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PART I - "What if you found a portal to a parallel universe?"

"You know Giles, there are times when it really sucks to be living on the Hellmouth."

Giles look at Xander incredulously. "Only times, Xander?"

Xander chuckled grimly as he and Giles patrolled down the main thoroughfare of Sunnydale Cemetery. "OK, let me rephrase Giles. There are times when it sucks WAY more than other times. And tonight is definitely one of those times."

Giles lowered his crossbow cautiously so he could remove his glasses and clean them. "Indeed Xander. It seems as though vampire activity has increased at an alarming rate of late. That is why we have Buffy and Angel patrolling on the other side of the cemetery." After replacing his glasses, Giles raised his crossbow and resumed his careful lookout for vampires.

Xander looked at Giles with a bit of trepidation. "No offense to your vampire killing ability Giles, but I really hope all the vampires decide to run like lemmings to Buffy and Angel."

Giles let down his stoic exterior to look at Xander. "To be truthful, so do I."


"Why does it seem that all the really easy slides go sour only minutes before the timer runs out?"

Maggie Beckett ran side by side with Quinn Mallory, glancing behind them every few seconds to see how far behind them their pursuers were. "I've got a better question! Just what the hell are those things chasing us?"

Rembrandt Brown was taking up the rear, running and carrying an injured Collin Quinn. "Those 'things' are vampires Maggie."

The group slowed as they neared a large oak tree in the center of the cemetery, their pursuers seemingly off their trail. Feeling safe for the time being, Remmy laid Collin down to find out exactly why he was unconscious.

Maggie bent down beside Collin and stroked his forehead, while Quinn stood guard over them. "Remmy, how on earth could you believe that those 'things' were vampires? Vampires don't exist!"

"Then how do you explain this?" Rembrandt pulled the collar of Collin's shirt apart to reveal two distinct bite marks along his jugular. "Q-Ball and me have seen vampires before! Remember that world where they tried to make Wade one of their own Q-Ball?"

A shadow passed over his face as he remembered their captured friend. "Yeah Remmy, but those vampires seem tame compared to these guys. It's a good thing we lost them."

Quinn got a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach, and turned around to find the six vampires that were following them. "You WISH you had lost us human!"


Xander and Giles were nearing the completion of their patrol zone as they neared the large oak tree. "I'll have to say Giles, I can't remember the last time we had such a quiet patrol. Looks like all the vamps decided to take the night off."

Suddenly a scream pierced the night air. "Xander, we must really have a talk about your timing. You have this verbal knack of making a bad situation worse."

Xander at least had the decency to look ashamed as he pulled out his cross and stake. "Well Giles, once more into the fray good sir?"

Giles smiled briefly at Xander's comment as they rushed toward the scream.


Buffy and Angel were just finishing up their area of patrol and were headed toward the rendezvous point walking hand in hand, when they heard the same scream that Xander and Giles had heard. They dropped each other's hand and began to run toward the oak tree to see that Giles and Xander were already on the scene. Right after Buffy saw Giles eliminate one of the vampires with a crossbow bolt, she heard scuffling right behind her. She whirled around to find Angel fighting off two vampires with another two moving towards them. Looks like Giles and Xander are on their own. I hope they'll be all right, but I can't let anything happen to Angel!


Remmy looked worriedly up at Quinn, who was holding their timer. "How much time we got until we slide Q-Ball?"

Quinn shook his head slowly. "About forty-five seconds Remmy. But I get the feeling that we won't last that long. Not nearly that long."

Suddenly, one of the vampires moving in on their position turned to dust. Quinn and Maggie quickly turned around to see Giles reloading his crossbow and Xander running towards them cross in hand. "Need some help guys?"

Remmy looked up at the teenager who was barely keeping the vampires from overrunning them with his cross. "Man, are we glad you showed up! We just need to keep these guys off of us for about another twenty-five seconds!"

"What happens in twenty-five seconds?" Giles asked as he ran up, discarding his crossbow in favor of the cross he had pulled out. "I certainly hope that in twenty-five seconds you have some means of getting us out of here, because the crossbow broke after that one shot." Xander looked at him with a pained expression. "Not to mention that the cavalry seems to have been delayed indefinitely."

"Well, we'd be glad to help you out of this jam, I'm just not sure you'll really like how we plan on doing it." Quinn looked down to the timer as the numbers counted down to ten seconds.

"Hey guy, whatever you can do, we'd be appreciative! 'Cause these crosses won't hold these vamps off forever!" Xander looked around for the fifth vampire, who he was sure was right in front of him just a second ago.

"Here goes nothing! 5... 4... 3... 2... 1..." As soon as the timer reached zero, Quinn activated the device and opened the wormhole. Shortly thereafter, Rembrandt carried the injured Collin through the vortex. "You guys coming?"

Giles watched Maggie jump through the vortex, leaving only him, Xander, four stunned vampires, and the stranger holding the device. "What choice do we have?"

Quinn smiled at Giles. "Don't worry, we'll get you back here, trust me!" Taking advantage of the stunned vampires, the three men jumped into the wormhole. Only a heartbeat after it closed behind the retreating form of Xander, the missing fifth vampire landed on his face in the space the vortex once occupied.